LG G4: How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off – Safe Mode In LG G4

LG G4: How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off - Safe Mode In LG G4

LG G4 Safe Mode: How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off – Safe Mode In LG G4

LG G4 Safe Mode

So many questions receiving regarding this issue like:

How do i get my phone off safe mode for Lg G4?

How do i get safe mode off my phone LG G4?

How do i get my LG G4 out of safe mode?

LG G4 safe mode boot:

So, in this article we are gonna talk about LG G4 Safe Mode option. Lots of people think it’s not safe to run LG G4 cell phone in Safe Mode but there is nothing wrong in this. For some reasons.

Like if you are in some kinda boot-loop or some issues going on with your cell if your phone is booting continuously or automatically then you can run your mobile in to Safe Mode because of any system error or Software and Hardware issues. So let’s start :

So, First talk about how to Get in to Safe Mode with LG G4 all you need to do just grab your G4 device and its must be turn-on to performing this method.

LG G4 Get in to Safe Mode :

Hold the Power Button of your device and the menu will appear on the screen for Power Off then just Hold Power Off option for a second and then it will give you the option to “Restart in Safe Mode” so simply tap on “Ok”.

Now the phone will restart in Safe Mode, Which will be written down on the lower left hand side something like this “LG G4 Safe Mode“.

Alright, So now you can do whatever you need to do with your cell phone because its working in Safe mode now.

Next Step – How to get LG G4 phone out of safe mode or remove safe mode?

How do i get out of safe mode? How to disable safe mode?

Okay, now you are in Safe mode and you don’t know how to get out of it. Simply follow these simple steps to get out of safe mode.

Again all you need to do is hold the power button and the same options will appear on your screen which appeared when you make your LG G4 in to the safe mode, now this time you’ve to select the second option which is “Select And Restart” and click OK.

Once it reboots its gonna reboot normally again, and the phone will be no longer in safe mode. So that’s how you get your LG G4 into and out of safe mode easy and simple guide. Hope this guide help you out.


So now you know how to enter in to safe mode in LG G4, LG G4 Safe Mode guide. I hope this method for boot LG G4 in to safe mode helped you and now you’re not facing any problem with your phone. If you need any help you can comment below.

LG G4: How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off - LG G4 Safe Mode
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LG G4: How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off - LG G4 Safe Mode
LG G4 Safe Mode, LG G4: How to Boot into Safe Mode or Power the Device Up in Safe Mode, How To Enter and Use Safe Mode on LG G4, Restart the Device in Safe Mode.

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