7 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Smartphone

When you look at the smartphone market, there are two notable brands that are dominating it. 

Apple and Samsung barely have any competition, but they are known to try outbest each other at every opportunity they can, and smartphones are where things get really interesting.

So, imagine you are looking to purchase a new smartphone. The odds are that if you were a long-term iPhone or Android user, you are likely going to continue via a model upgrade.

But what if you want to make a switch? Or perhaps you have not bothered getting a smartphone in a long time and have finally decided to give in to peer pressure. If so, there are a fair few things to research before you make the choice. 

Android OS vs Apple iOS Platforms

7 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Smartphone

Operating systems play a prominent part, even if you are not that aware of the specifics. Android comes with Google’s open-source OS, while iPhones have Apple’s proprietary iOS.

Naturally, the two vary in features, and it takes extensive research to determine which of them is superior. You might have to give up on that aspect due to how difficult it is to give one or the other an edge and focus on other parameters instead.

Compatibility Between Apple and Android

Apple devices are known to struggle with other brands. Be it accessories, counterparts, or specific peripherals, you may find it difficult to connect an iPhone to one.

On the other hand, creating a mini ecosystem between your Apple devices is relatively simple. You can learn how to transfer iPhone to another iPhone or how to sync the smartphone with your iCloud account. If there are other Apple devices in your home, you are going to be fine.

On the side of Android, you have a device that is more or less compatible with most peripherals (except Apple), so universally speaking, Android is the better option of the two.

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

Naturally, both devices offer a plethora of different application options, but the differences come in exclusives. What you find on the Apple App Store is not available on Google Play, and vice-versa.

Most app developers, though, try to create apps that work on both operating systems, which makes sense since they want to reach as many people as possible.

Having said that, in terms of sheer numbers, Android looks to have an edge over Apple in the total available application number.

Hardware Specifications Comparison

Hardware specs are another important criteria to look at whenever you are purchasing a device. 

The smartphone market has different models, both old and new. You might also be content with a second-hand phone if you want to spend less money. 

Comparing the two, iPhones excel in terms of processing power and camera quality compared to an average Android model. On the other hand, the best Android models can match iPhones, but you need to be wary of the price.

User Interface Differences

User Interface Differences

The user interface is one of those aspects that usually come down to personal preference. You can look through various review videos and such, but unless you experience the UI yourself, you will not be able to make an educated decision.

Ideally, you should have someone who already owns an iPhone or Android lend you the device even for a bit so you can test the user interface yourself. Or, as an alternative, you could visit a store and talk to the person, telling them that you plan to purchase a new smartphone and asking if they could let you use the device for a bit.

Battery Performance

It is hard to compare a smartphone’s battery. Modern devices emphasize longevity, but if a consumer goes overboard with too many background apps and other resource-hogs, failing to maintain the smartphone’s battery in good condition, nothing helps.

Again, generally speaking, iPhones seem to have the edge over Androids in the battery department but do not be surprised if you have to recharge the phone more often than expected due to your negligence.

Security Features of Apple & Android Smartphones

Security Features of Apple & Android Smartphones

Apple is known to have a lot of great security features. There are myths about how Macs do not need antivirus software because they are not prone to malware, for example. Such suggestions are far-fetched, but they are an indicator of what people think about Apple and its innovations against cybersecurity risks.

That is not to say that Androids are noticeably inferior. No, it is just that iPhone owners have fewer things to worry about when it comes to potential online threats.

7 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Smartphone
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7 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Smartphone
7 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Smartphone. Multiple things to consider before buying a smartphone, Android vs iPhone devices 2023.

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