SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, Samsung A7 (2016)

SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2016). Samsung A7 Secret Codes, Samsung A5, A3 Secret Codes 2016
SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2016)

Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7 2016

Do you want to know everything about the Samsung Phone? From Everything I mean to say the IMEI number, S/N (Serial Number), Main Version, Device Information, Sound Quality, Speakers, Screen Colors Quality, Vibration and much more.

So, If you are planning to buy a Second-Hand Samsung Galaxy A3 or Samsung A5 and Galaxy A7 2016 Phone from someone or any Mobile Shop, and you have a doubt about it wether the Phone is capable of buying? Is there any problem with the software? Is this the Original Samsung Phone?

Of course, You want to check the Sound quality, Speakers, Screen Colors, IMEI, S/N number and other useful things which is important to check before buying a second-hand phone from someone.

In this guide I’ll tell you some of the Most Important and most useful “SECRET CODES” for Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung A5, Samsung A7 2016.

Remember these codes work for all the Samsung (A Series) in 2016. You can use these Codes to check “Hardware” and “Software Version” also of your phone to diagnose the Phone problems or to ensure that your Phone is working correctly.

Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy A5, Galaxy A3, Samsung A7 2016:


How to write the “Secret CODE” on your Samsung Phone?

It’s very simple, Go to “Home Screen” and Open the “Phone Dialer” and type your CODE.

1st CODE: Type *#06# For “IMEI NUMBER” (S/N Serial Number)

If you want to check the IMEI Number of your Samsung A3, A5, A7 phone type this CODE and the IMEI and S/N (Serial Number) Will appear on your Screen

2nd CODE: Type *#1234# For “Software Version”

Do you want to know what’s the “Software Version” of your Samsung phone? Then type this CODE and the “Software Version Details” will come up on screen

3rd CODE: *#12580*369# For “Software and Hardware info” (Main Version)

With this CODE you can easily get the “Software and Hardware Info” just type it and you’ll have all the details on your mobile screen


4th CODE: Type *#7353# For “Quick Test” (Test Whatever You Want)

Now this CODE is very helpful to know each and every important thing at the same time on the same place. Like if you wanna check the Melody of your phone you need to go to the “Music” folder or “Tunes” of your phone manually.

At the same time you also wanted to test the “Speakers, Vibration, Camera, VT Camera or Bluetooth” and other things.

So, for that you don’t need to go for the different options in your phone just type this “Secret CODE” and you can easily “TEST” every option at the same time on the same screen.

Everything You Need to Know Abut your Phone’s Hardware:

There will be 12 different options to “TEST” your Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. After typing the code these options will appear on your ” Phones Screen” listed below:

1. Melody

2. Vibration

3. Speaker

4. Dimming

5. Camera

6. VT Camera (Front Camera)

7. Bluetooth

8. TSP Grid Mode

10. Accelerometer Senor

11. Proximity Sensor

12. Light Sensor

Now you can easily Test all the “Hardware and Software” Settings

You’ll Love This CODE:

5th CODE: Type *#0*# For “Test Mode” (Another CODE to Test your PHONE)

This Code is also used to check several settings on Samsung A3, Samsung Galaxy A5, Galax A7 Phone.You can check the Screen, Speakers, Bluetooth, Dimming, Vibration, Touch, Low Frequency and much more.

6th CODE: Type *#0011# For “Service Mode”

Service Mode, by typing this code the Service Mode of your phone will appear to your Screen

7th CODE: *#0228# For “Battery Status” (Check the Status of your Battery)

Battery Status: Quite important to checkout the Battery Status of your phone. It will show you the “Current Volume” of your battery and “Average Value” details

8th CODE: *#0808# For “USB Settings” (Change the USB Settings)

If you want to change the “USB Settings” so just enter this “Secret Code” and you’ll have different options select the one which you want and just tap “Reboot”

9th CODE: *#34971539# For “Camera Firmware Standard”

This Code will let you know the information about “Camera Firmware” so if you wanted to access that just enter this code in the dialer.

Last Words:

Interestingly helpful Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy A5, Galaxy A3 and also works for Samsung Galaxy A7 2016.

If you found this guide helpful don’t forget to share it with your friends. Having any troubles, Feel free to comment below.

SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, Samsung A7 (2016)
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SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, Samsung A7 (2016)
SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 2016. Most Useful For Checking IMEI NUMBER, Software Version, Quick Test Service Mode, Battery Status 2016

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