• azalea

    so for us people that aren’t even getting the “share” option…we jus screwed or what??? I see so many that have this issue but this admin never responds to them. It would be really nice to atleast get a response…

  • rick

    Press down hard copy and paste come up not copy paste and share

  • lalit kasbe

    im not getting opting for encrypt on my moto g4 play

  • Bob

    Hi, Former bberry user forced to android now. Can anyone tell me their experience after this bypass in that are you able to use another account to access playstore for app d/l without that account being connected to the phone? Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Samantha

    Dude, I have been going bonkers over hackers and didn’t realize a hard reset would create this issue, after days of searching the net and youtube videos, I have found you, and I couldn’t be more thankful! Thank you so very much for saving me the money so I wouldn’t have to replace it. Almost two year old daughter thanks you too seeing as that’ll be just more $ to go to her birthday and christmas!

  • Omanshu Gupta

    You guys are fab.

  • Kurt

    Hey guys,I am trying this on a moto g4 play and was wondering how long is the encryption process?

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