QFIL Tool Download All Version (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool)

QFIL Tool Download All Version (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool)QFIL Tool is one of the best tools to flash stock firmware on Qualcomm Android devices. QFIL stands for (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader) it’s a software based tool which runs on a Windows operating system. However, you can use this tool by connecting your android phone or tablet with your PC using USB-data cable.

Firstly, make sure to install the latest USB drivers for your smartphone in your computer. Secondly, you need download QFIL Tool and run it in your PC.

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool Information:

QFIL (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader) tool works as a bridge which makes a connection between an Android device and computer. On the other hand, this tool can easily flash Stock ROM and flash firmware from any Qualcomm based phone and tablet.

Features of Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool:

  1. Easy Access: Qualcomm flash Tool does not required to install in the PC. Simply, download QFIL Tool and extract the zip file on the desktop. After that, you just need to double click on the QFIL.exe icon to run this flash tool.
  2. Qualcomm Chipset Support: QFIL flash tool only support android devices which are based on the Qualcomm chipset hardware. Already understood, this tool does not support any other than hardware based android device.
  3. User Friendly: Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL Tool) is very easy to use when it comes to flash a Qualcomm based phone. As, you can directly connect your device with this tool with the help of USB data cable.
  4. Flashing Qualcomm Based Phone: Fortunately, using this flash tool makes flashing freaking easy. You can flash your smartphone with just single click after uploading the flash file. Firstly, you need to select the programmer path. Then, simply choose MBN File “prog_emmc_firehose_8937_ddr.mbn” from stock ROM location. After that, click on “Load XMI” to start the flashing procedure.

Download QFIL Tool All Version Now:

QFIL Tool v2.0.3.5 (Latest Version) Download
Flash Tool v2.0.3.4 Download
Flash Tool v2.0.2.4 Download
Flash Tool v2.0.2.3 Download
Flash Tool v2.0.1.9 Download
Flash Tool v2.0.1.8 Download
Tool v2.0.0.3 Download
Tool v2.0.0.2 Download
Tool v2.0.0.0 Download
Tool v1.0.0.3 Download
Tool v1.0.0.2 Download

Flash Qualcomm Based Android Device using QFLIL Tool:

Step 1: First, download QFIL Tool and extract the file on your desktop. Secondly, USB Debugging and Developer Mode should be enabled on your android device.

Step 2: In this step, you need to download Qualcomm Stock Firmware for your smartphone. Make sure to download the right Stock Firmware file. Once you download the file extract it on the desktop of your PC.

Step 3: Now, Power Off your android device and push Volume Down and Power Button simultaneously for 3 to 4 seconds to enter into the FastBoot mode.

Step 4: Right click on the QFIL.exe and run it as administrator.

  • Once the tool appear on your screen, you need to connect your device with the PC using USB data cable. Here, make sure to (Select  Build Type) as Flat Build in QFIl Tool. In case, you don’t see any option like this just ignore it and follow the next steps.qfil tool full setup

Step 5: For now, Click over Browse button qfil tool firehose fail

  • Then upload the .mbn Firmware File, which you have previously downloaded for your device.Qualcomm flash tool fail

Step 6: However, To upload the XML files, click on Load XML button.Qualcomm Flash Tool Download Free

  • Firstly double click on (Rawprogram_unsparse_upgrade.XML) file.Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool
  • Secondly choose (Patch0.xml) file. Make sure to upload both the files (.MBN Firmware file and Patch0.xml file) 1 by 1 in order to make flashing successful.Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool


In case, if you don’t want to loose your data then you should first upload this (Rawprogram_unsparse_upgrade.XML) XML file. If in case, you are not able to flash your device with this flash file then you need to use (rawprogram_unsparse.xml) file but this will delete all your Data, IMEI number and WiFi/Bluetooth connections.

Step 7: Finally, move your cursor to Download button and click it. Doing so, will start the flashing procedure and your device will get flashed in next few minutes.Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool Flashing

Once the flashing procedure is completed, the Finish Download message will appear on the QFIL tool window. Which means, your android device is now ready to use without any errors.Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool Flashing

Last Words:

At the end, I am sure this QFIL Tool guide is very simple to use and you have flashed your android device successfully using this free guide. In case, if you are facing any issues during the flashing procedure feel free to ask us in the comment section below this post.

QFIL Tool Download All Version (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool)
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QFIL Tool Download All Version (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool)
QFIL Tool Download and flash Qualcomm based android phone and tablet. Qualcomm Flash Image Loader Tool is free to use. QFIL Tool full setup is free.

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