24 thoughts on “Bypass Google Account FRP Sony Xperia Z5, X, XA, Android 6.0.1 Latest Method (Marshmallow)”

  1. hi there ive followed the instructions dowbn to google account email and name but there is no email or name section got from top down
    your photo , captcha , error , setup wiz , setup wiz again , google acc manager at bottom nothing else

    can you plz help

  2. When I got to “Google Account Manager” and typed “Google Account” I don’t have the option with “Type e-mail and password”, if I click on all the other ones the apps stops from working, what do I do from here?

  3. When I go to open “quick shortcut maker download.apk” is says for security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtaines from unknown sources. Gives me to options: to cancel (I can’t do anything from there) and to settings where it takes me to “Lock and Screen security”? I have no idea how to go from there. Please help!

    • Make sure you’ve enabled “Unknown Sources” from the settings, before installing the APK. The Unknown sources must be enabled to use Quick Shortcut Maker, you may uninstall the application and reinstall it, to get the option for enabling “Unknown Sources” first.

  4. Hi,

    I manage to get to step 3. I typed in Google Account Manager.. But the option for ‘type email and password’ isnt showing? and when i click on another for example ‘Your name’ it will say error connecting? Any help so i can progress

  5. followed all the step outlined here and on youtube as well…

    got the quick shortcut maker installed…

    when looking for type name and passwork under google manager… cannot be found

    but it says error…

    are they blocking this somehow???

    please help


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