73 thoughts on “Bypass ERROR in “Type Email and Password” on Google Account Manager | Remove FRP on Samsung Galaxy Phones”

  1. Bought a Huawei Phone from a street seller with previous owner’s google account without been removed..
    I did a factory reset and got stuck on previously logged google account verification message, was about to gave up when I came across this advice. I followed all instruction given here and I have successfully unlock the phone.

    Thanks you very much

  2. I have followed all steps for my galaxy sm-j700T.. all Google account managers will download but will not install. I get “this package appears to be corrupt”. and so I cannot use “G.A.M” -type email and password feature because whatever is already on here does not show that option
    In its place it just says error. So now I’m stuck. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks for your step by step turtorial!
    So far i managed to reach the “error”-part, donwloaded every “google account manager” i could find. (After the first didn’t work i tried the next one and so on…)
    Still the same result – error…

    Any tipps, please?!

    • Hi, In this case i would suggest you to downgrade your android device to any lower patch like Marshmallow or even Lollipop. Then follow the same guide and it will work for you without any errors. You can then upgrade the android patch after bypassing FRP lock from your device.

  4. Hi, I have a aquaria U lite with the August 1 of 2017 update. Any of the 7.x.x version of Google account manager fixes my “error” message help, by the way I’m writing with that U lite right now lol.

  5. I get your “download is starting” message, and a “starting download” popup but then it doesn’t go any further. tried all versions. I’m here because I could not find “type email and password” option.
    Thanks for your help


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