University Teachers for Academic Educational training effort towards Excellence

University Teachers for Academic Educational training effort towards Excellence

University Teachers for Academic Educational training for MBA and BBA

University Teachers for Academic Educational training effort towards Excellence, To realize the commitment connected with teachers to high quality and adherence to academic excellence training, he delivered Monterrey University or college Teachers Awards along with the UDEM Research Award 2015 within the traditional annual Academic Clausura.


The ceremony ends the cycle each year for teachers and researchers using this university it occured on Thursday Dec 3 at noon at the UDEM Theatre, the location where the awards were presented through the Rector J. Antonio Dieck Assad; Fernando Mata Carrasco, Academic Vice Chancellor; and Isabella Navarro Grueter, rector connected with Integral Formation.

The rector Dieck Assad summoned school faculty to further than discharge their duties in order to be powerful motors of innovation, sustainable development and social justice in a variety of areas, are guides institutional activities under a process of asset prices.

Masters Degree in MBA and BBA

The manager explained that teaching practice can be a challenge for vocation and commitment that is required for their perform goes beyond offering students “data”. “It involves constantly interacting with our students to produce these different skills which will be useful for your very own and professional living; and arouse his or her reflective, research, collaborative and critical about what is happening around us attitude “established.

With regard to his part, the Vice Chancellor Carrasco Mata stressed that it must be imperative that your Mexican educational model count on a daily basis with more academics teachers capable and professionally.

But, above all, more human lecturers, who have a top sense of interpersonal responsibility and leave their mark about the young” “One from the main challenges connected with education in Mexico could be the recognition of the society towards the teaching profession.

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Skills required to develop teaching process skills, you certainly are a very misleading topic however, teachers realize that teaching be takes working hard, “he said.

Inside third edition connected with UDEM Research Merit The award corresponded to Rafael Baltazar Reyes Leon Chacon, in the region of Health Sciences; Irving Matías Alberto Cruz, in the division of Engineering and Sciences; Philippe Stoeslé and Francisco González Salazar, in the region of Social Sciences; Victor Zorrilla Garza, in the region of Education and Humanities.

Carlos Enrique Atoche Kong, in the region of Business Concerning Teaching Quality from your office of Integral Training, the winning trades were Ricardo Padilla Alejandro Abarca, in the first place; and Mariana Rodriguez Serrano, within the second. In that will area, in the group of Outstanding Performance Integral Training, first place was awarded to Roxana Sandoval Peñaloza, while second place attended Laura Lucila Carrillo Perales.

Doctorate Degrees in MBBS

In the community of Internationalization, in their mode of university student mobility, the winner in the degree of higher education will be Hector Luis Villarreal Garcia, and in the degree of comprehensive development Vicerrectory will be Miryam Camille Kordic Moon.

In the same category in the region the Directorate connected with School Education, the award attended Adriana del Carmen Holguin Gorena; and in its form in your own home in School Education, was for Karen Olivia Villarreal Solano.

The prize pertaining to Teaching Quality from the Department of Institution Education had as winners within the category of Associate Professor, Imelda de Leon Sepulveda throughout First, Mireles Karla Josefina Gonzalez throughout second place. Inside category of Teacher of Plant that will same area were being winners.

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University Teachers for Academic Educational training effort towards Excellence
University Teachers for Academic Educational training effort towards Excellence

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