University Nursing BSN Program (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Degree Program

Galen College of Nursing RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program

University Nursing BSN Program (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Degree Program

University Nursing BSN Program (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Degree Program, BSN Degree Nursing Students: As nursing students it is important to understand the origins and roots of nursing. If you are a registered nurse you probably seen the value of “BSN Degree”.

So that more and more “Hospitals” and “Health Facilities” to now say they prefer to hire “BSN Prepared Nurses”.

College of Nursing believe a BSN Degree is also a great way to expand your horizons in terms of professional growth and lifelong learning.

RN (Registered Nurse) to BSN (Bachelor Or Nursing) Degree Program:

So, Galen College of Nursing is proud to introduce the “Galen RN to BSN”, the program that focusing on helping students to become the best Nurse that can be.

What makes the Galen RN to BSN Different and Better?

First, the way it’s structured: College offering 8-Week Modules that let student to complete their course work in 16 months.

The Galen RN to BSN let you do most of your course work online as your schedule allows, but you will not be alone.

When student “Enroll” Galen assigned him a “Student Support Liaison” that will stay with you every step of the way. The Galen College online learning environment is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Custom build from the group up equal to real-world expertise into a truly innovative curriculum. A Curriculum Co-Developed by nationally recognized industry experts and Galen Faculty.

Online University RN to BSN Program At Galen College Of Nursing Degree Program:

Galen College of Nursing Rn to BSN providing “Online Program”, the content they provide in their “Online Lectures” videos is so Rich.

Extensive video, Simulation, 3-D Graphics, and unmatched level of interaction. It takes “Online Education” into a new dimension.

Galen College of Nursing RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program

An other feature unique to Galen’s RN to BSN is the “Area of special focus” to leadership courses and give student the chance to do a deeper dive in an area that can enrich your resume and prepare you for your expanding role as a BSN.

Galen’s College of Nursing BSN:

Galen offer very affordable tuition more affordable than many other schools, they also offer special rates to “Galen Alumni” and the “Military”.

The Galen RN to BSN Program advanced highly interactive content-rich courses, special areas of focus that help student pursue her nursing passion.

Flexibility to fit working students lifestyles, “Affordable Tuition” and constant support to help you get a “Nursing Education” like no other, that’s pure nursing.

FOR MORE INFO: UVA | School of Nursing

Online RSN Degree Program 2018

Royal School of Needlework (RSN) is known for its RSN Degree Program that has unique courses in hand embroidery for textile art interiors and fashion. The B.A. Honors Degree at RSN is validated and accepted by The University of Creative Arts. In this course, they provide a unique blend of contemporary techniques of hand embroidery as well as traditional techniques.

You can kick-start your career in fashion, textile art and embroidery after studying at the Royal School of Needlework. Some of the many highlights of this online RSN degree program are as follows:

  1. You get direct knowledge from experts in the field.
  2. You have access to the handling collection and the RSN library.
  3. You learn about latest concepts and design.
  4. You get to take courses in textile art, interiors or fashion and learn about all the latest happenings in this field.
  5. You also get to work on live projects with famous designers, fashion houses or galleries.
  6. Various kinds of courses including Diploma Courses, Day Courses, Online Education, Distance Education, Certificate Courses and much more are available for you to learn the technical hand embroidery at RSN.

Why Choose The Online RSN Degree Program?

Apart from being one of the most renowned courses for hand embroidery, RSN provides various opportunities and international exposure to its students through placements and internship. Thanks to the professional connections of the people at RSN, almost all the students get absorbed in popular fashion houses, with fashion designers and galleries. Some of the other reasons and that makes the RSN degree course stand out are as follows:

  1. The unique BA Honors course specializes in hand embroidery.
  2. Exclusive exposure to the fashion industry guaranteed
  3. Access to  all kinds of practical rooms, libraries, and resources
  4. Supportive faculty and peer group for active learning
  5. A hands-on learning experience with industry experts and by working on live projects
  6. Visiting international faculty and international conferences to instigate deeper knowledge of the subject
  7. A highly technical way of teaching
  8. All-around development of the student to prepare them for the job market

Qualification In Order To Apply For The RSN Degree Program

There is no minimum age to apply for a degree program at RSN. Each and every application is considered individually to assess their readiness and ability to study in the university. However, some minimum entry requirements need to be considered before applying for this program. These are as follows:

  • New UCAS Tariff Points of 112 which is equivalent to 280 tariff points if you consider the older version
  • Or you need to pass the foundation diploma (level 3) at UALAB in designing and art
  • Or you must have passed BTEC/UALAB extended diploma for level 3
  • And must have passed GCSE with the grade C or above that includes communication skills and English Level 2
  • There can be other requirements that will be considered case by case for all the applicants.

Fees Of The Course And Funding Options

Typically, the tuition fee for EU/UK students is set at £9250 per annum. You would also be required to pay a studio fee for the first two years. It will help you understand and use high-quality technical stitch without spending a lot of money and resources on them. All the technical stitch units at our university are the core units.

There is a nominal fee of £130 for the first year and around £60 for the second year. By paying this nominal fee, you get access to all the materials and technical units. During the course, you are also expected to pay for specialist materials in case you want to practice. The theory units, visits, and trips also need to be paid by you. However, the cost of all this depends on the project and subject that you choose.

That said, we also offer you a wide range of funding options and financial support from the government as well as the University of Creative Arts. This funding assists you with your tuition fee and other study-related expenses. You can always get in touch with us through emails, phone calls or by visiting the administrative department of the university to learn more about financial assistance available for the students.

International Students  

If you are an international student willing to study at the Royal School of Needlework, you are most welcome to send in your application. If you have enough funding to pay for the tuition fee and show your living expenses, the UK Visa and immigration agency do not hesitate in giving you a long-term visa because of the highly trusted name of our university.

English Language Requirement

Since all the courses of the University of Creative Arts are taught in English, you need to meet the high-level requirements of the English language. In order to prove your skills in the English language, you can take the Secure English Language Test (SELT) or IELTS exam. You can take these exams one month prior to your application so that you have time to improve your score in case the exam doesn’t go well in one go.

Support Your Learning With RSN

You must not hesitate in applying for the RSN degree course even if you have a disability. However, we recommend that you declare it as soon as you are notified of your enrolment and acceptance in the university. If you are already a student and need additional support due to your disability, you can contact the student help department so that you can get appropriate and desired additional support. In many cases, you might also be eligible for Disabled Student Allowance to help you with your sustenance. We support equal opportunities to everyone. Therefore, it will never be a reason for us to disqualify you as an applicant.

To sum up, the online RSN degree program is designed to help all the students who are interested in taking courses in hand embroidery, fashion, and textiles. It provides a perfect mix of theory and real-life practical knowledge and training to prepare you to excel in the job market.

Galen College of Nursing RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
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