How to Update or Install “Stock Firmware” on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo G903F (Android 5.1.1)

Latest Firmware Install, Samsung Galaxy S5 neo, Update, Install firmwareQuestion: How to update Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo with Smart Switch?

There is a complete and easy guide in which I am going to teach you how to update or install “Stock Firmware” on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo G903F (Android 5.1.1) Version. Using “Smart Switch” software.

If you are having any issues with your phone, You can also use this method to restore your phone to original firmware perfectly.


Things You Need For this Update S5 Neo Method: You need a Computer, Mac or Laptop, internet connection, Samsung Smart Switch software and micro USB data cable.

Phone must to be Power ON for this procedure!
Through this tutorial you can fix “Custom binary blocked by FRP”.
And, this software allows you to do full backup and restore to your phone as well.


Phone battery must be fully charged. After Reset or Update Galaxy S5 phone all your important data will be gone. So, better remove the SIM card and Micro-SD Memory Card and make a full backup of your phone memory before applying this operation.

6 Steps to Update or Install Firmware Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F Android 5.1.1:


1: Turn on Computer and Download and Install Smart Switch Software to Update and Install Firmware

2: Once the Software installed open it and Connect your S5 Phone to the Computer using “USB Data Cable”. It will show 3 different Options “Backup”, “Resotre” and “Outlook Sync”. So, from here before installing the latest Software Version you can Backup your all data.

Samsung Galaxy S5 neo, update latest firmware, install3: When Phone is connected to Smart Switch Software, Click on “MORE” at the top right corner of the Software at your Computer screen.

How to install firmware in samsung s5 neo4: It will show “Emergency software recovery and initialization” click on it.

5: After that “Emergency Software” screen popup will appear on the screen. It will show 2 different Tabs “Emergency Software Recovery” and “Device Initialization”. Click on the 2nd tab.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo latest Firmware Update6: Then after Selecting “Device Initialization” it will show a message : Device initialization will… Click on OK from this page. Afterwards the message will appear

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo latest Firmware Update“This device can be initialized to its “Original settings”. All settings and data will be deleted and the latest software version will be installed. Do you want to proceed with the software Update and initialization?”


Samsung S5 Neo Update and Install FirmwareJust click on “OK” again it will show an other page, click OK and again select OK on the next page. Now it will ask you to create a Backup before updating “Latest Firmware”. You can create Backup or Skip Backup if you have already created.

How to Install Latest Firmware Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoThe processing method will start once you created your Backup or after clicking Skip Backup. It will take couple of minutes to complete the Update stock firmware.

How to Install Latest Firmware Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoOnce the Software Update and initialization for Galaxy S5 Neo are completed. The device will restart now just remove the USB data cable and wait for the S5 Neo to restart completely.

How to Install Latest Firmware Samsung Galaxy S5 NeoLast Words:

After that you can do the initial setup of your phone and the Latest Update Firmware is now completely installed in the phone.

This was the complete tutorial to How you can install or update “Stock Firmware” on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo G903F (Android 5.1.1) Version. If you still need any help feel free to comment below about your problems.

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