• John Smith

    Can I delete the APK after this procedure?

    • Hi John Smith, Yeah buddy you can delete the application after bypassing the FRP lock. It won’t make any harm to your device whether you delete it or not.

      • John Smith

        Thank you very much for your answer. I love this site.

      • Kelly

        How am I suppose to download the apk from bypass on my phone if I can’t get pass the setup phone because it’s Google locked after I reset my phone please help

        • Hi Kelly, You’re not supposed to download the apk using your locked device. There are several “Free guides” that shows how you can first unlock the device so that you can download the apk, and some of the free methods also shows the apk can be downloaded using your PC and after that you can use OTG cable to use the “Frp bypass apk” to deactivate and remove FRP lock from your device. Use the search box (at top right corner) to get access to all free guides just related to your device model or company.

  • Very nice very very good

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