OnePlus 10 Pro Price, Release Date, Design and Specifications

We are back with the latest tech news; a lot has happened in the past few days. OnePlus is looking to rival Samsung’s S20 Series Momentum with their OnePlus 10 Pro and also rival the Galaxy A Series with the OnePlus Nord N25G all in 2022.

OnePlus 10 Pro Launch Date:

Surprisingly, things are changing. After the whole fusion with Oppo OnePlus is looking to do something that they have not done before. According to this latest leak on Twitter. OnePlus for some reason they are going to announce this phone in China. 2 Months before the Full global release.

OnePlus 10 Pro Price, Release Date, Design and Specifications

That means, Jan, Feb 20222 for the China announcement and then globally its going to be April and March.

This is an interesting strategy that we have seen before from other Chinese brands. Such as, Xiaomi they introduced their phone in China first, which is the worlds biggest smartphone market, before other regions. In order to stay Competitive in that Market.

Design and Camera comparison to Samsung S21 Ultra:

Now, seems like OnePlus will do the same. What you see is the actual design of the phone via on leaks, it comes with a brand-new design that we can all agree to some degree.

OnePlus 10 Pro Price, Release Date, Design and Specifications

That its definitely inspired from Samsung S21 Ultra design. Especially, if you look at the side blended camera, we have got Quad Cameras.

The cameras do look really massive on OnePlus 10 Pro but it does not have any long-range zoom. Like it has 10x optical zoom in Samsung S21 Ultra.

So could we possible see a one in sensor, we will keep an eye on the camera related leaks for the OnePlus 10 Pro. When it comes to the front its pretty much the same as before.

OnePlus is not using the under-display camera, meaning in 2022 most phone will still come with a punch hole camera setup.

OnePlus 10 Pro Specifications (According to Leaks):

The OnePlus 10 pro will have 6.7 inches of screen size, the latest Sony Cameras Snapdragon 898 Chip and possibly the bonkers 125-Watt Fast Charging.

OnePlus is looking to enhance its fast-charging speeds to a whole new level.

Of course, this is all done by Oppo. OPPO is working one new 125-WATT Fast Charging tank that significantly reduced the load and prevents overheating caused by the high current.

OnePlus 10 Pro Price, Release Date, Design and Specifications

If they actually pull this off, this phone will charge in just a matter of minutes.

This could be something user controllable, meaning if you don’t want that high fast charging you could limit to 65 WATT.

This is something that’s highly possible and tis expected to come to not only OnePlus Phones but OPPO Devices as well.

As well as Oppo Sub Brand, Realme now with the OnePlus 10 Series. We are going to see the Nord N25G as well. This is going to be a brand-new Mid-Range phone coming with a 6.43 Inches display. Specs wise, its not that different compared to what OnePlus has already done.

OnePlus 10 Pro Pricing and Competition:

Hopefully, the pricing will be really Good again, this will be a super affordable 5G Phone. In order to rival the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A Series.

Now Currently OnePlus has no plans for foldable phones, but OPPO could very likely to introduce a folding phone in 2022. And if OPPO does that, which means OnePlus has a chance to release their phone maybe towards the end of 2022 or maybe in 2023.

OnePlus 10 Pro Price, Release Date, Design and Specifications
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OnePlus 10 Pro Price, Release Date, Design and Specifications
OnePlus 10 Pro Price, Release Date, Design and Specifications. Launch date for OnePlus 10 pro and price in USA, India, Pakistan for OnePlus.

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