Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price, Release Date and Specifications

Today, luckily we have got the actual hands-on experience of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Some very important Galaxy S22 leaks that you need to see. Regarding the Snapdragon versus Xnus AMD Division.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date, Price and Specifications Leaks

But before we get into everything its all here. Samsung’s entire 2022 smartphone line-up plans are leaked by a South Korean Elect and this just reveals everything.

Samsung Galaxy 2022 Entire Lineup in cluding Samsung S22 Ultra:

According to this information, Samsung has planned 67.2 million units for their flagship phones and out of which we have 50 percent for the Galaxy S 22 series.

The Samsung S22 being the most produced model followed by the Ultra and then the Galaxy S22 Plus.

Now we have 20 for Samsung’s most important phones for next year the whole foldable line-up and out of which the Z Flip 4 will be the most produced unit.The rest of the stuff is for the mid range Galaxy phones. With Galaxy A43 getting a whipping 28 share followed by the A33 and the Galaxy 13 then comes the Galaxy A73 and the remanning M Series.

Samsung Galaxy Chipset Plan with Samsung S22 Ultra and Samsung S20 Fe:

There we go, a big very big league indeed. Showing off the entire 2022 plan for the Galaxy S22 series and of course Samsung’s Foldable and A Series.

It doesn’t get more crazier than this but actually it does. Samsung plans for Snapdragon Slash Exynos and distribution 70% of Galaxy S22 models will now be powered by Snapdragon 898 chip. While only 30 will be powered by the Exynos AMD Chip.

This is such a breaking news, a sudden unexpected change of decision according to multiple south Korean sources.

Snapdragon 898 will now run in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. That means, only Europe and possibly UK will get the Exynos 2200.

While the rest of the world including the Asian region and Samsung home country will get Snapdragon 898.This is something that no one expected. As Samsung always uses exodus in more markets but things are completely switching up.

Snapdragon 898 vs Exynos 2200:

On the other hand, some users are not happy, because they are not getting the Exynos model.

But don’t count the Snapdragon out yet, because according to Ice Universe: The performance of Snapdragon 898 GPU is far more than initially expected.

So, its actually going to be a huge jump competed to the previous generation, while the SNES 2200 is expected to be 50% faster than the Exynos 2100 from last year.

Its still going to be a really tough battle against the Snapdragon 898.

But now, we have got to wait and see about that but currently it seems like it can go either way.

Imagine even with AMDs help if Samsung couldn’t beat QUALCOMM then its going to be very disappointing once again.

Right now, these are all rumours based on Preproduction numbers, so no one really knows about the final performance and heat management. Because that’s going to be the big decider of the winner between these 2 chips.

When it comes to long term performance, the XNS2200 will not get officially announced until November 19th. As Samsung itself officially responded on twitter so likely in December for the Galaxy S22 and S20 Plus.

Samsung will use 12% more Premium Material for its plastic design, likely even better matte finish.

Hopefully with this decision we can expect a good starting price for the Galaxy S22.

Samsung S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra Design Leaks:

We also have actual image for the front screen of the entire Galaxy S22 line-up. As you can see, it has the rounded look for the S22 and S22 Plus, whereas the Ultra is a proper note beast.

Before we see the official announcement for the galaxy S22 Series in February. Samsung has S21 Fe plan and here we have the hand-on look of the actual phone in its full glory.

Plastic build quality as expected, but surprisingly the front bezel is looking a lot slimmer than the Previous S20 Fe.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price, Release Date and Specifications
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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price, Release Date and Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price, Release Date and Specifications. Samsung S22 Ultra and S22 Fe Price and complete Specs detail in 2021.

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