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MSM Download Tool OPPO Latest Version:

MSM Download Tool free download and install the latest version to flash OPPO a71, a7, a37f, a3s, f5, OPPO a71 2018, a37fw and many other OPPO smartphones. The MSM download tool is very easy to use but the installation of this tool is a bit difficult.

Fortunately, with the help of this article you can easily overcome those difficulties which you face during the installation of “MSM download tool” and also the problems which you face during flashing your Oppo phone.

However, to remove and bypass FRP lock from Android device you can use MediaTek Universal Tool v2 for free. This tool can easily remove Factory Lock and bypass Google account from any MTK Android device.

As a matter of fact, usually when we try to flash OPPO device by using this software we face many errors. In order to overcome these errors which we face while flashing OPPO device I created this method.

With this in mind, you can get rid of the most common problems and errors which occurs in MSM download tool installation.

Some common Errors which we face during the installation or flashing with the MSM Tool OPPO:

  • Connect Timeout!
  • Microsoft Status shows as offline, even after using a fast internet connection or fast WiFi connection.
  • While clicking on the “START BUTTON” it shows no response even after the tool is already in use.
  • MSM Download Tool Crack
  • Fix MSMDownload Oppo A71 Qualcomm Snapdragon Connect Timeout
  • Fix MSMDownload Unauthorized and Hidden Start Button
  • MSM Download tool Username and Password
  • And the message which appears while flashing any Oppo phone using MSM download tool: “You must use authorized accounts such as A3S, F5, F7, F9 etc..”

For this reason, I’ve created this free method which you can use to flash Oppo phone without facing any of these errors listed above in MSM Download Tool.

Latest Method: Factory Reset ALL OPPO Phone without Password

In case, if you forgot the Pattern lock, Screen Lock or Password of your Oppo phone. For this reason, you can use this tool to remove all these kind of locks from your Oppo smartphone in 2020.


First thing to remember, the flashing process will delete all your Pictures, Videos, Documents and all kind of data from your phone. On the positive side, You must remove the Sd-Card in order to secure the important data of your memory card.

MSM Download Tool Oppo 2019 Download Free

Step-by-step guide to flash Oppo device using MSM download Tool latest version:

1. First, Download MSM Tool NOAuth, OPPO All TOOl and ROM for your OPPO phone.

There are two ROM files, First one is for 2 GB Ram and 16 GB ROM variant. Second one is for 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM Oppo variant.

After downloading the Flash file or ROM for your Oppo model download these files:


In order to successfully flash your Oppo android device and safe your self from facing any unwanted errors during the flashing procedure. You should connect your Computer or Laptop to a “Mobile Hotspot” connection.

In other words, you should connect the internet with a Mobile Hotspot instead of using a WiFi connection. Specifically for flashing Oppo phone with the help of msm download tool. If you connect with a WiFi internet connection, the chances are you won’t be able to flash the device completely.

WiFi Hotspot Connection MSM Download Tool

This is our personal experience, so please connect your internet connection with a Mobile Hotspot and then follow the next steps.

2. Extract Oppo All Tool 2018 file, Open the folder then go to Oppo All Tool.

MSM Download Tool Oppo Latest Version 2019

  • Double click on CodeMeterRunTime setup and install it.

Running CodeMeterRunTime setup

  • Once the installation completes, click on Finish button.

Installation of CodeMeterRunTime setup

  • This time, Click on “^” this icon from task-bar and then double click on “1 CmContainer Connected” icon.

1 CmContainer Connected icon to open Code meter run time software

Now click on “File” and then click “import License..” button.

CodeMeter Control Center

The license file is located in the “OPPO_ALL_TOOL” folder. Select the file and click on Import button.

CodeMeter Control Center importing license

3. Now go back and extract the ROM file which you downloaded before.

ROM file for Oppo A71 2018

  • Get inside the folder of ROM file. As you can see, If you try to open the MsmDownloadTool from this folder it will show “Connect Timeout!” error.

Connect Timeout! Error Occurring in Oppo A71 2018 Fix

  • The Start button is not available and hidden, which means you can not click it. On the other hand, the tool is showing as “Unauthorized” and we need to fix these errors.

Start Button Hidden and Unauthorized MSM Download Tool Fix

4. Again go inside the OPPO ALL TOOL 2018 folder.

Going inside the Oppo all tool 2018 folder

  • This time, you need to open the “ENABLE” software and click on the “Enable” button on the pop-up window.

Open the ENABLE software

  • After doing this, you can see the Start button is available and it is clickable but the MSM download tool is still unauthorized.

This makes Start Button clickable and remove from hidden to expose

  • Close the tool and click on YES button to quit it completely.

Close the Oppo Download Tool

  • Now go back and extract “MsmDownloadTool_NoAuth” winrar file.
No need to enter the Password (I’ve removed the Password from files)

MSMDownloadTool_NoAuth File Password

5. Then again go back to the ROM FLASH FILE folder, and “CUT” these 2 files which shows in the picture below.

Moving the ROM files to the MSM Download TOOL folder

  • Open the “MsmDownloadTool_NoAuth” folder and paste those 2 files in this folder.

MSMDownloadTool_NoAuth Folder Extract with Password Fix

3 More Steps To Flash and Remove Pattern Lock, Password Lock and Pin Lock:

6. Just after that, Double click on the “MsmDownloadTool_Djawir” to open the “MSM Download Tool”.

MsmDownloadTool_Djawir File working fix

  • As you can see the “Start Button” is clickable and the “Unauthorized” error is also removed. The status of this tool is now showing as “Internet/Online” and it is ready to use without any unwanted errors.

7. Now Power Off your Oppo device, and then Push “Volume UP+ and Power Key for 10 secs” to activate the Download Mode in your Oppo phone.

Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable and this will show as connected in “COM8” 2nd bar of MSM download tool.

MSM Download Tool Unauthorized, Start Buttin Hidden or not clickable fix

  • At the same time when you see this message on your screen: “Will format the user data partition, the user’s data will be lost!..” Then click on “YES” button to start the procedure of flashing Oppo smartphone.

Procedure of removing Pattern lock, Screen lock, Pin code password lock from Oppo device using MSM download Tool

8. Once the downloading system done and shows as “Download Success” in the MSM tool. This means the “Screen lock, Password lock or Pin lock” has been removed from your device.

Successfully removed Password Lock, Pattern lock, PIN code lock from Oppo a7 2018 device using MSM DOWNLAOD TOOL

  • After that Oppo device will restart to its initial setup.

Initial Setup of Oppo A7 2018 Phone After flashing

Therefore, You can easily complete the initial setup and you will be able to use the phone without having any password or pass code.

More Helpful Free Methods:

  1. Oppo A1k FRP Bypass Google Account Unlock FRP Oppo CPH1923
  2. OPPO F9 FRP Bypass Complete Method To Remove Google Account
  3. Oppo F11 FRP Bypass without PC Unlock FRP Oppo F11 Remove Google Account


How do I use MSM Download tool?

Step by step guide which will help you to unlock Oppo phone using MSM download tool. This tool is absolutely free and we follow the whole procedure and added all the screenshots to this post. This will help you drastically while using MSM download tool to unlock your Oppo phone.

How do you use MSM Tools?

MSM Tools is also known as MSM download tools, this is a software which helps to unlock Oppo phone. We have published a complete step-by-step guide, follow every step carefully and unlock Oppo device now.

How do I unlock my Oppo phone?

1. Download and install MSM Tools Software to your computer.
2. Go to the free guide page which has posted on our website.
3. Follow each and every step very carefully.
4. Oppo phone will unlock easily.

MSM Download Tool Oppo Latest Version 2020 Download FREE
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