53 thoughts on “How to Bypass Google Account on Samsung A3, A5, A7 or Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J5, J7 or S5, Not, Tab”

  1. iam sorry but i have a mobile phone A3 samsumg 2017 and this process is not working on that phone i dont get acess to the google menu when you touch it to the mobile phone with pc kindly guide me.

  2. Fantastic advice indeed!
    Well, I was using this exact method to bypass the google logging authentication page after forgot my password.
    After I downloaded software into my PC I tried these steps but it didnt work coz I dont have the Samsung SideSinc App/Softwre after I reseted my device (samsung galaxy j1) to factory settings.
    How can I resolve this issue?

  3. Hello, I followed the steps exactly and nothing happens when I plug in the usb to my J1. I tried it on 2 different laptops too

  4. Hey Bro.. Mine is a different issue . I rooted my phone, then switched it off, then I got a custom binary blocked by fap lock. Shows that msg and goes off after 2 seconds. What should I do since I can’t put on my phone to go to this process, please help

  5. Hi,
    I have brand new Samsung A3 (2017). It also requires Gmail account. It has the Operating system 6 but the cable is not USB micro cable but an other type: USB Type C.
    Can you comment on your experiences with the A3 2017 release?

    Many thanks


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