• Garsone Randkin

    works well with sm-a710f i think this is the most suitable procedure than samsung frp tools. by the way thanks it works for me at last.

    • Yep, Samsung FRP Tool methods are also good for many users. Unfortunately some of the users are having issues with them. So, I made this guide to help them out if they couldn’t accomplished the results with FRP tool methods. I hope this will work for them. Happy Day! 🙂

  • RIley

    No pop up is happening on my J320w8 when I connect the phone with sidesync

    • Update your Samsung USB Drivers, Go to “Device Manager” through properties of “My Computer” and check if the Samsung device is connected or not.

  • Rex

    successfully applied on J7 it worked for me thank you sir.

  • White Maldive

    Restored settings completely, thanks for posting

  • Ruth Lewis

    when i plug in usb cable on step 1 after opening sidesync i dont get the chrome etc prompt…can u please help me….

  • Jean Junior Lemaire

    my galaxy never give me popup, I have the firmware, the odin3 and the sidesync but after update and restart and sync my phone i never see the popup and i install my samsung driver the latest,

  • Jean Junior Lemaire

    I just need help

  • luffyson

    need help my samsung s7 edge does not pop up when i plug in computer for sidesync on my computer. usb drive is updates.

  • Random Person

    Did not work. The pop up to enter chrome never appears.

  • piny_apple

    okay so someone gave me bricked note4, and so i used odin and proper hardware worked fine, and now im on this..the samsung store will not let me download the app ive got the files to do so but it wont let me download it

  • Jennifer

    Please help. I have a Samsung Galaxy grand prime SM-G530W. I did the earlier steps but I don’t get the chrome pop up.

  • Darren

    I never get the popup on a s6 edge. Any help is appreciated.

    • You can use other guides for Samsung S6 Edge, Just search for you device model on the search bar and you’ll get many methods to apply. One should work for your model number.

  • Arthur

    Hi! when i download the lollipop firmware and used odin. it is stucked in settingup connection and then i tried sidesync and no pop up for chrome.. i also tried using google assist and went to the settings and reset the device with a 6.0.1 firmware still in it and it doesnt remove the FRP .. what should i do. im using note 5 SM-N920S Korean version. Thanks!!

    • Try using different Google Manager Version. Apply the method again with any other Google Manager Version. For example “7.0, 5.1.1 or any other”.

  • Pamela

    Mine doesn’t PASS……only FAIL! I have model sm-G550FY…. I desperately need help. My eyes are bad and I’m going blind 🙂

  • Karen Brown Young

    Hi. Do u have a method for those without a pc? Thanking you in advance…

  • Aasif Malbari

    Hello, I did everything properly as you mentioned above. My phone is samsung j5 2016. When I connected usb to my device I did not got any pop up. Please help.

  • Hello how do I do it on my Samsung galaxy j7 perx

  • charles leake

    Greetings, I followed the procedures S documented I got the green pass prompt , I disconnected the phone and closed out Odin.

    However it appears that my phone seems to be luck on the boot up screen it flashes the Samsung logo but I cannot get it to boot up past that point. Also when I connect a power cable I don’t see any power indicator light. In addition when I plug the USB into my laptop it is not seen by the computer.

    The only thing that I can do is access is the download screen on my SM-G93 5-T Samsung S7 edge

    Any help would be much appreciated

  • charles leake

    Successfully Installed s7 edge SM-G935T previoud Build #
    As instructed. Device stuck fladhing Samsung galaxy S7 edge boot screen.

  • kj

    I have Samsung Galaxy s5, I bought from someone. He deleted all his Pictures, Music, etc, but forgot to do the factory reset. I found this when I realized another fingerprint was still registered. I did reset, but when I started to set up, got to screen requesting previous owner’s Samsung login. Samsung will not helpo, as they will not accept the receipt as proof of purchase, although it has all other information the IMEI was not on it. Is there anything I can do?

  • KingMaddy

    Brother i need serious help !!!!!! (Tab 6 Sm-t280 Without sim version)
    how can i remove frp realterm method does not works and when i try to connect it with sidesync nothing happens i have latest drivers everything working good but no pop up for chrome what should i do

  • avi

    does this work for the tab a i have a bunch of tablets to bypass

  • Charlie

    I have no computer and I have a Samsung SM-j320vpp clean imei number but Google verification will not verify. Can you please help I don’t mind paying for your time. Thank you

  • Rodrigo

    Works like a charm!

  • Mathew Linington

    thank you very much it worked flawlessly

  • Tom

    Hi admin, I have a S G S7 Active G891A & I’m wanting to try 1 of your tutorials but before I decide which 1, I need to know do I have to have an active Sim? If needed can it be any active Sim?
    I have the old AT&T 1 does it need to be in the phone while attempting 1 of your tutorials which all look quite intimidating.
    I’m not to tech savvy with pcs & have never attempted anything like your tutorials & feel like pulling my hair out trying to decide which 1 I should choose.
    I’ve talked on a phone to the previous owner & she gave me 5 emails with possible pswds.
    All 5 emails are welcomed, but of course the Possible pswds are almost guaranteed to be wonky.
    I’ve talked to her a few more times for any other suggestions to no avail.
    She bought it brand new.
    So if I’m able to use a friend’s pc whom also has never considered doing anything like your tutorials.
    Which of your tutorials is better suited for us newbies?
    How long does it take
    Do I need to delete the files after everything’s done on my friends pc
    Thank you for being freely available

  • Kudzai

    i got a samsung j5-10 and im failing to bypass the frp ts just a dead end ..HELP

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