How to Boot Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge into Download Mode Easily 2017

How to Boot Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge into Download Mode Easily 2017
How to Boot Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge into Download Mode Easily 2017

This tutorial will help you to Boot Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung S7 Edge in to “Download Mode”. Some few easy steps and you can put your Samsung S7 phone into Download Mode easily.

What is DOWNLOAD MODE? Why you need to boot your phone into Download Mode?


Well, Dowload Mode is a sub-menu of all the Samsung phones, If you are looking to install latest Android offical updates manually with the help of ODIN app.


Before Booting up in to Download Mode you should create a backup for all your important data and contacts.

In case you installed a custom ROM on your phone and you wanted to flash a Latest Android update, for doing this you need to boot your Galaxy S7 phone into Download Mode.


Don’t forget to charge your battery at least 60% before performing this Download Mode method. Because the less battery will prevent the Samsung S7 phone to powering off while your phone is in the Download Mode.

Download Mode:

You can use Download Mode to Upgrade or also Downgrade the phone software with ODIN. If you are having troubles with your present Android Version and you wanted to change it to other one. So, you need to put your Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge phone into Download Mode.

How to Boot Samsung Galaxy S7 into Download Mode:

Step 1: “Power Off” your phone

Step 2: Press “Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button” At the same time

Step 3: Once you see “WARNING ICON” on you screen let go all the buttons

Here it will show you this message: A custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications. If you want to download a custom OS, press the “Volume UP KEY”. Otherwise, press the “Volume Down KEY” to cancel.

VOLUME UP : Continue
Volume Down : Cancel(restart phone)

If you still wanted to cancel the OS Upgradation you can press “Volume Down” key to cancel this procedure.

Step 4: Press “Volume UP” to Boot your Samsung S7 phone into “Download Mode”

Now you phone is in Download Mode, You can connect your phone to the Computer or Laptop with the Micro USB Data cable and update your phone to the New Android Official Update.

How to Exit from Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy S7?

Step 1: Press “Volume UP + Home Button + Power Button” at the same time

Step 2: Keep holding the keys for “5 Seconds”

After that you phone will be restarted and you can start using the Samsung S7 phone with the latest Android update which you’ve installed in the device.

Last Words:

I’m sure this guide works for you to put your phone into Download Mode. If you are facing troubles regarding Download Mode for Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Ask me in the comment below.

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