5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives You Don’t Know About

Adobe Photoshop:

Photoshop is a great photo editing tool. Without a doubt it is the most advanced photo app for both Windows and Mac. To access this great program, you need to pay $9.99 a month. If you do not have a credit card or cannot afford the extra expense, then it may not be a practical option. Fortunately, there are free Photoshop alternatives available.

5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives You Don’t Know About:

To find a free Photoshop alternative online one can use the search box on their browsers. Or they can read the following review. We use our experience and knowledge to guide you to the top 5 free Photoshop alternatives.

Top 5 Photoshop alternatives for Mac and Windows:

#1. Gimp [Image Manipulation Program]

5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

Or its real name, gnu image manipulation program, is the top free Photoshop alternative. The top feature on that makes this Photoshop alternative attractive is its compatibility. When you download this program, it will work on Windows, Mac and even Linus. Another good feature is its tutorial. These lessons will transform a novice into an expert photo editor in no time.

Feeling creative yet do not think GIMP is up to the task. That is understandable. Yet GIMPs program allows you to use more plugins. Just like Photoshop does. One drawback to GIMP Photoshop. It may not possess as many features as Photoshop, but it has more than enough to do the tasks you want.

Downloading GIMP is simple, safe and secure.

  • Compatibility- Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Unix, SkyOS
  • Top Features- Layers, Selection editing, HDR, Re-touching, Noise removal, Lens and Color correction, Sharpening, Plugin support and more.
  • File Formats- , BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, and more.

#2. Paint.NET [Free digital photo editing for Windows]

5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

Free Photoshop alternatives are not all made the same. Unlike GIMP, Paint.NET is only compatible with the Windows operating system. But that restriction does not mean that it is not a worthy alternative to Photoshop. Of course, what makes Paint so attractive is its price. It is free.

Another attractive feature is its community is continuously working to bring new upgrades and features to you. If you are just starting out in photo editing, Paint is the tool to use to begin your journey. As you become more experienced you can increase your creativity by adding in new plugins as they become available.

This is the next generation for Windows Paint. While not as versatile as Photoshop it still possesses the basic features you need to do your photo editing magic. Just go to the official website and download your free version.

  • Compatibility- Windows 7 or Later
  • Top Features- Selection editing, Layers, Histogram, Retouching, Resizing, Noise removal, Sharpening, Color correction, Plugin support
  • File Formats- RAW files, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

#3. Pixlr [Online Photoshop Alternative]

5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

The search for the best free Photoshop alternative online just heated up with this option. Pixlr does what Photoshop does and more. It contains the same features, layouts and keyboard short-cuts as Photoshop. Plus, it allows you to work with your browser open. When you edit, you are in total control of adding or subtracting layers & special effects.

As free Photoshop alternatives to go, this is the best one you can get. That is if you want to use Photoshop without using Photoshop. The one drawback to Pixlr is that it does not bring the power of Photoshop with it. But you can still create banners, logos, do basic photo retouching and remove the background from online images. Use this link to download

  • Compatibility- Web-Based, Android, iOS
  • Top Features- Selection tools, Text overlays, Layers, Re-sizing, Red-eye removal, teeth whitener, Filters and Effects, and more
  • File Formats- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

#4. Canva [Online Graphics Design Software]

5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

If you want to be innovative with your blog post look to Canva. Even if you are a novice Canva is the creative tool for everyone. To stimulate your creativity, Canva supplies the user with free templates. These templates will help you develop your creative talent. Even with all the positive features that Canva brings with it, there are some drawbacks.

It is a free Photoshop alternative online, but it is not completely free. If you want more than the basic features, you will need to pay a small monthly fee. Plus, not all their templates are free. Then to access Canva’s great features, you need to be invited by a current user or apply for an invitation. You need to start at their website

  • Compatibility- Different Browsers
  • Top Features- Documents, Photo editing, graphs and much more
  • File Formats- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

#5. Fotor [Free Online Graphics Editor and Collage Maker]

5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

Provides you with yet another free Photoshop alternative online. Its motto is ‘simple’ but strong. To stand out from the pack a product must offer something unique. Fotor does that with its batch processing tool. This feature allows you to upload a file full of photos. Then it will sort them for you, filtering out the bad photos quickly.

One of its drawbacks though, is that it is a lot like Canva. It mimics that company even in being only partially free. If you want the full Fotor experience and tools you will need to pay for the upgrade. The fee is roughly $39 for the opportunity to become a professional-like photo editor.

  • Compatibility- Different browsers
  • Top Features-Batch processing tool, basic photo editing and more
  • File Formats- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

Last Words:

There are plenty top quality Photoshop alternatives online. Most are free or partially free. But to compete with Photoshop these free Photoshop alternatives must bring something extra. The ones described above do just that.

If you want Photoshop quality, tools and other features, you do not have to pay for them. From paintshop pro x7 to GIMP Photoshop you can find a great free Photoshop alternative online. You just need to do your research. You also need to know what tools and features you need.

This list is comprised of the 5 best Photoshop alternatives. You won’t miss Photoshop once you try them. Free is a good price to pay for Photoshop quality.

5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]
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5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]
Photoshop alternatives free download 2017 latest version. Gimp. Paint.net, Fotor, Canva and Pixlr download for Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu download free.

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