Factory Reset All OPPO Phone without Password [100% Working]

Factory Reset OPPO Phone without Password:

Today, in this method you’ll learn how to reset any OPPO Smartphone to factory settings from Pattern Lock, Password Lock, Pin code screen locked or any type of lock which you use to protect your phone. In this case, we are using Find My Device method to reset OPPO F9 android device.

Although, to remove and bypass FRP lock from any OPPO device you use TFT Unlock Tool for free. With the help of this tool, you can easily remove FRP lock and Factory Reset your OPPO device.

OPPO Hard Reset Tool:

Fortunately, this Reset Method is a universal reset method. Which means, this free method will work on all the OPPO android smartphones and tablets in 2020.

Moreover, this one method is the key to most of the matters of your smartphone. On the other hand, if in case you forget the Password, Security Code, Pattern or Pin Code of your OPPO phone, you can easily remove it and start using your phone like new after resetting it with the help of Find My Device feature.Factory Reset OPPO Phone without Password

Remember, with the help of this “Universal method to reset OPPO devices” you can easily fix the “Connect Timeout Error” error from MSM Download Tool. As, we have seen some of the users are not able to use MSM download tool correctly and therefore they are facing this connect timeout error. Therefore, we are creating this method to help those users to factory reset OPPO phone without password.


Before performing this Universal Reset method for OPPO Phone, make sure you know Google login ID and Password details of your phone. Google Login ID and Password is used when we login to Google Play Store inside the phone. You need to use the same Google ID and Password for this method to successfully “hard reset OPPO” device.


Remember, this “OPPO Reset Password” method will not downgrade the android version of your OPPO phone but this will delete and remove all the data from your phone.

Factory Reset OPPO phone without Password Using Find My Device:

In case, you are not able to reset your phone with MSM Download tool, then this is the best option of resetting the device remotely.

Remember, once you select the Erase option this is going to delete all the data on your smartphone. This service will also delete data from a connected Storage Card.

Find My Device is the only application you will required to hard reset OPPO phone without password. This feature is already install into your phone out of the box, simply follow the procedure to reset OPPO phone.

  1. Swipe Down from the Password, Pattern, Pass-code or Pin Locked Screen to access the Drop-down menu.F9 Hard Reset without Password
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi connection (Make sure Wi-Fi is connected to your phone) and also turn on Location Services option.Connect to Wi-Fi connection
  3. Now, open Chrome Browser into your Computer and go to Google.com website. Type Find my device Google in the search bar and press enter.Searching Find My Device Google
  4. Click on the first result (Find My Device – Google).Searching Find My Device Google OPPO Phone Reset
  5. in this step, you need to login with the Google Account which you used to login Google Play Store into your phone.Login with Google Account ID
  6. Enter your Google Email and Password and click on > Next.Login with Google Account ID
  7. Once you logged in, Your OPPO device will appear on the page of Google Find My Device tool. You need to choose the last option “ERASE DEVICE”.Hard Reset OPPO F9 Using Find My Device Remotely Reset
  8. Then again click on ERASE DEVICE to start the procedure of resetting OPPO phone remotely.Hard Reset OPPO F9 Using Find My Device Remotely Reset
  9. The system will ask you to Permanently Erase OPPO click on ERASE button.Erase Data from phone using Find My Device
  10. Fortunately, This will remove Password, Pattern or Pass-code lock from any OPPO phone or tablet. Just wait for few minutes until the procedure completed.Reset OPPO Phone without Password [100% WORKING]
  11. As you can see, Device has been Erased message will appear on the screen once the procedure finishes.Initial Setup
  12. Bingo, now you just need to complete the initial setup of your OPPO phone and you can start using it just like new without having any Password locked screen.


Hopefully, this Reset OPPO phone when locked remotely method using find my device feature helps you out in this situation. If you are still facing any issues, feel free to comment below.

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Factory Reset OPPO Phone without Password [100% WORKING]
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Factory Reset OPPO Phone without Password [100% WORKING]
Factory Reset OPPO Phone without Password without using Flash Tool. Unlock oppo phone without password easily. Oppo a3s hard reset and any OPPO Phone easy.

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