Download FRP Bypass Tools, APK and Bypass FRP Files for FREE

FRP bypass tools, APKs and FRP files download all in one from this page to unlock your android device for free.  The FRP lock i.e. Factory reset protection was introduced by Google to protect the smartphones from undesired resets.

This lock introduced with the Android Devices featuring Android 5.1 lollipop and higher versions. Fortunately, we can use Bypass FRP tools, APK and Files to remove the FRP lock from any Android device using some easy to follow guides.

In lieu of curbing the fraudulent activities like stealing of devices etc. FRP lock came pretty handily. It would be wise to say that, stealing a device became less engaging with factory reset protection.

However, the problem arises when the owner of a device wants to reset the device. It is highly possible that you’ve forgotten the Google ID or the password of the device.

Well, in that case, you’ll simply be having a dead device in your hand. You’re required to be in possession of a valid Google ID & password which were used to login to your device earlier. Now, let’s say you’ve forgotten the credentials, what to do? How to do FRP bypass using FRP bypass tools, APK or FRP files.

Well, you are lucky to be on this page and reading this. As, this website includes all the possible solutions to unlock and remove FRP lock or Google account from any Android device.

Below are the FRP Tools, Bypass FRP APK and FRP files you can download any of them for absolutely free. Make sure to follow the complete guide in which you will find out how to safely remove FRP lock from your phone or tablet.

List of All Bypass FRP Files and Apks, Open Android Settings and Remove Google Verification:

Package Disabler Pro

Notfication Bar

File Shortcut (Galaxy Store)

Xshare App (Galaxy Store)

iOS Launcher (Galaxy Store)

Galaxy Store

Alliance Shield X (Galaxy Store)


Set Lock Screen

Click to Open Alliance Shield X app  

FRP Tools

Click to Open Galaxy Apps 

Click to Open S9 Launcher

Youtube Apps

Click to Open Youtube Apps  

FRP Tool

Click to Open GPS hidden settings Galaxy Apps 


Click to Open My files App   

Open Google Search App

Click to Open Google Search App  

Click to Open Dialer app  

Click to Open Calculator app  

Click to Open 3C All-in-one Toolbox app 

Chrome Apps

Click to Open Chrome Apps 

Quickshortcut Apps

Click to Open Quickshortcut Apps  


2. Download Important Applications:

3. Google Account Manager All Versions:

(All versions available from Android Ice cream 4.0.3 to Android 10)

4. FRP Bypass Tools for PC:

5. Download all FRP Unlock Box Free Version Tools

(Do Not Required A Box or Dongle)

6. Download all Box Version Tools

(Required A Box or Dongle)


All of the FRP file and FRP tools are available to download for free on this page. You can also open applications directly by one click. This will help you to easily remove Google verification and FRP lock from any Android device with the help of many different methods and solutions available on our website. Use the Search Bar to find a working method for your device.


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