CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) in United States

CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) in United States

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About Monday 18 April, we started to apply the UPN credential as part of a process that generates better security for students, faculty and personnel. Process in which we expect the contributions of the community to build up the most efficient and friendly manner.


The National Pedagogical University, urges students to choose a commission which a dialogue is founded university, with the confidence that it must be through this path rather than confrontation as we shall address the institutional challenges.

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We identify the efforts of the student assembly held today, to find greater manifestation and participation and also to exhibit, among other things, matter about setting a flea market it does not match academics life.

The UPN reestablishes its position that the university is academic space and should stay away from commercial interests, so installing the open air market tomorrow will not be allowed.

The UPN reaffirms its obligations to preserve educational services, security and respect where users enjoy the tranquility essential to develop their educational activities.

Fernando Solana Morales dies, founder of the National Pedagogical University

Today the National Pedagogical School lost one of it is most significant founders, Mister. Fernando Solana Morales, marketer of the project of creation of the State Pedagogical University.

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33 years ago, the year of creation of the UPN, Don Fernando Solana, Minister of Education, gave his support and direction of the group that drafted the Rule of Creation of our university to be printed in the Official Record of the Federation July 29 of that season.

On March 15, lates 1970s, Don Fernando Solana Morales read his opening talk courses UPN and recently attended the laying of the first stone of precisely what is now our Ajusco Unit,head office of the rectory and the Academic Council UPN.

Below we reproduce several of the ideas expressed by Mr. Fernando Solana Morales at the solemn starting ceremony of the classes at the National Pedagogical University. At 10: thirty five hours of March 12-15, 1979, in the auditorium Jaime Torres Bodet Memorial of the National Start of Anthropology and Background:

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“Mr. President of the Republic, Mr Chancellor of the Pedagogical University: Mister. Secretary General of the National Union of Education Workers, Teachers and College students Lords, Ladies and Men,

The nation urgently needs the quality of the education provided in their schools to increase. South america teachers wish to get over their professional level and open new horizons because of their realization as educators so that as human beings.

Pedagogical University or college is the key project of one of the main targets of the academic plan of President Lopez Gatera.

The quality of education depends, before anything otherwise the quality of the teaching that designs and teaches, quality and responsibility of these who manage the education system, the quality of researchers pedagogy and academic sociology; in brief, it is determined by the quality of our work those in charge of the education system.

CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) in United States
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CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) in United States
CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) in United States

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