• Ken

    Everything went fine for s8 frp bypass but the internal memory drop from 64gb to 16gb…. how can i get back my remaining 48gb?

  • Yudi

    Thanks a lot it works

  • Petra

    I have a a S8 SM-G950U. It is an At&t phone. I have trouble finding the firmware specifically for it. Can you please help?
    You gave and example of T mobile and it will obviously not work. For now I am downloading the first one which says USA.

    Please suggest.

    • Hi Petra, You may download all the files of firmware related to Samsung S8 At&t variant from this page: HERE

      • Petra

        Thanks, It worked great.

        I have 2 follow up questions –

        1. Can I put a custom rom on my SM-G950U AT&T? If so which one do you suggest?
        I want a good custom rom becasue I do not want all the bloatware that comes along with AT&T firmware.

        2. When I use the firmware you gave me, will my phone be still locked to AT&T? I unfortunately do not have another sim to test it out.


      • Dash

        where do i put the respective files .thers 5 to download but only 4 slots to use.and when i used the csc it kept giving me a message that says “ims error,” and ….”edge error”

        • Hi Dash, You should not use “CSC_OXM…” file instead of this, select “HOME_CSC_OXM…” file. Which I’ve already mentioned in one of the image of this article while uploading the files to Odin.

      • bravo_sapper21

        I have Sm-G950u At&t i tried things on the youtube but no success hope you can Help me thank you

  • Dan

    Hi, does all models of the samsung s8 work with this method?

  • thms

    Thank you you are great 🙂 this fixed my s8+. I lost my password. I have been calling Samsung service center they could not help.But how do I prevent it to happend again?
    Is there a option in settings that i can disable?

  • Juhani Mols

    The upper part of my screen is broken, so I can not turn on usb debugging, It’s only a small part of the screen that is defected, but I can’t go to settings, because the little square is on the broken part of the screen. Any way to solve this?

  • Adil H

    How do I root my S8, after I’ve bypassed the FRP?

  • Anthony

    You are a life saver man it worked perfectly thank you!!!!

  • carlo

    Hi, is this also working if OEM lock ist activated ?
    thank you!

  • Adil Mahboob

    i have samsung galaxy s7 sm-g930f after hard resetting it is asking for gmail id i entered the gmail id but after few seconds it says that an unknown error occured please try again after 24-hours
    please tell me about this

  • Ivaylo

    it didn’t work for SM-G955U (S8 Plus).
    I followed everything step by step, flashed the latest software but with no luck. After the initial restart the phone once again wanted a google account / password 🙁

    Can I try to do the “RealTerm” ? Actually I did but on Android 7 there is no “Create Contact” button so maybe I should flash Android 6 first and then try the “RealTerm” ?

    • Hi, At this point you’ve to downgrade from Android Nougat to Marshmallow or any other lower android version and then you can apply the same method. Downgrading the phone to the lowest version is recommended as with time Android is fixing loopholes that are used presently for bypassing, with some security updates. Therefore latest Android devices show error while bypassing the FRP, you can then implement the this latest method to fix the problem and it won’t make any trouble.

      • Ivaylo

        thanks for your response. But I could not find Marshmallow for G955U I believe this phone was stock Android 7.0 ?
        I could downgrade to the first and initial Nougat and then try everything on this guide or I need to find Marshmallow, downgrade and then use the “latest method” from the above post?
        Thank you again.

        • Hi, You should find Marshmallow android patch as I’m 100% sure that will work without any complication and then you can follow the guide from the above comment. On the assumption you couldn’t make it, you may downgrade to the initial patch of Nougat and then implement the above-given solution for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus to fix the problem. Good Luck! 🙂

          • Ivaylo

            Hi, I could not find Marshmallow patch 🙁
            Anyway, I’ve tried to downgrade to the initial Nougat patch and then followed the guide on this page.
            Maybe the problem for me is that after the flash process when the phone boots I get “data corrupt” and only a “RESET” option. available so when i hit reset the FRP once again is active.
            Is there any way to prevent this “data corrupt” massage?
            Thanks once again for your responses.

  • Nelson

    Hi. Do you have a firmware for S8+ SM-G955N?

  • bex

    which one should i use for g950U?

  • Khan

    Trying the procedure on Samsung S8 SM-G950 UK – works great.

    Thanks for the post. Well explained and to the point.

  • John Park

    when I download odin, and click on “AP” nothing comes up when I try to find the combination fule, even when I have downloaded the combination for my specific S8.

  • John Phillips

    Great tutorial, and this FRP thing must really be an issue with all Samsung Devices, geez. So, my wife’s S8 from Xfinity is in this state. I can’t find the exact software version: G950USQ1AQEH. I have found the exact version but it ends with an “F” instead of the “H”. I don’t want to proceed without knowing for sure. Other than your tutorial, I’ll admit that I have NO experience in this area. I’m comfortable that I can follow your instructions as long as I am certain about the SW Version. THANKS!!

    • John Phillips

      Can anyone tell me if firmware G950USQ1AQE”H” can be safely replaced with G950USQ1AQE”F” in order to unlock from the FRP Lock??? “F” says it’s for Carrier “UNKNOWN (XAS). Does anyone know what carrier is represented by the “XAS”?

      My Carrier is Xfinity Mobile – I see no specific firmware for this carrier on SAMMOBILE.com .

      Getting desperate . . .

  • yutsu

    hello everyone!
    i wanna know if i can use these COMBINAISON FILE for any other models so i see you specify for four models only. In about the others models you don’t have combinaison for them?

  • Diego

    I went through the procedure twice and my Samsung s8 is showing 16 gb internal memory not 64 as it should!!!! Fuming!!!

  • Suren

    Hi I downloaded firmware Vodafone Australia when I open bl (bootloader) it’s says
    Md5 error and binary is invalid please tell me how can solve this problem

  • Athos


    I would like try tour method but I wouldn’tlike to lose the knox .
    Is impossible to say me that there is not risk to increase Knox.

    Thank you very much

  • Pls i reseted my Samsung Galaxy s7, now the was locked saying that the reset was abnormal and i should long in to my Google account and wich I’ve forgotten the password. Pls I need help.

  • Gary

    if my 950U is on v2 bootloader, am I able to downgrade to a v1 firmware? There isnt yet that I can find a v2 combo file for the 950U.

  • Contforall

    Thanks a lot. It worked very well on S8 950F. After I downloaded all the files all lasted only 25 minutes. Finally I had to do a factory reset to recover the entire memory (from 16GB to 64GB).
    Once again THANK YOU!

  • Dave

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • damion

    every ime I got to install my firmware onto s8plus it fails on hidden file in the home csc file how do I fix

  • Paul


  • Nizam

    Combination rom for model G955N???

  • Olamilekan

    Thanks Bro… Work for my s8+

  • Bob

    Thanks a lot, it’s still work, no problem

  • Bob D

    Hey im in a little trouble here, i have the Samsung galaxy8+ (sm-g955f) purchased somewhere in denmark, tho denmark does not show up as a country i can sellect, is there a way around this or maybe some other fix to this ? 🙂

  • Anurada

    Everything are ok. Tnk tnk ynk u very much brother

  • dudulman

    Very nice.

    Works perfectly with my S8 (SM-G950F) from france.
    Flash with the lastest firmware Samsung 2017 11 21.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Kenneth

    What if your s8 plus is not connected to an carrier,for example buying it from Samsung themselves,so my phone is not locked to any network.how can i by pass the frp if i cant find an international firmware for my Samsung galaxy s8 plus SM-G955F?and i have the custom rom downloaded,when it wont work?please help

  • C. Rock

    Hi, I’m having issues locating the “HOME_CSC” file for my ATT SM-G892A. Do any of you have this file for my model that you could share? Thanks.

  • Odin tool se frp remove karene ke liy kon see file use karnataka hota hi
    Samsung tab t285 (file ka name )

    Please send file name
    Link send kardo

  • Fauzani

    dude thanks for the trick! frp is baypassed in the first time , but when i login to the play store with my gmail , frp is locked again in the download mode, which means I can’t install any custom recovery or custom rom. any solution?

  • Ravey


    Question about Firmware installing. I was first Custom ROM Combination installed.
    And i was changed Settings in Developer Option.

    Now i make Phone in Download MOde, I have neu Firmware in ODIN. Phone is Connected etc. But when i pushed Start, comes in two or three Seconds “PASS” and Phone restarting. and Starts Custom ROM Combination.

    Can you say, why not come a Installation of new Firmware.

    In other Phones was ok, but here it the new Firmware installation will not started.

  • Chio

    I have te same problem as Ravey. Can you please help us!!
    Thank you so much

  • Jarhead

    Hey my carrier is gci. Is there a firmwire for that carrier?

  • Charls

    Hi, i’ve flash Custom ROM COMBINATION, i’ve activate USB Debug,
    but when i flash STOCK ROM (G950FXXU2CRED_G950FTIM2CRED_TIM), odin do this in 00:02:

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1205)..
    File analysis..
    skip file list for home binary
    Home Binary Download
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    Remain Port …. 0
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

  • Charls

    I’ve update odin and now the flash work, but when “SYSTEM” finish flash he say me “hidden.img” FAIL

    Please help me 😀

  • EOD

    Hi, i have some problems to update Odin ” Combination” files, gives me Failed. 🙁 how i can resolved ?


  • I have a SM-G950U through verizon and was wondering if there is any combination files for that model. Didnt see any on here and am not tech savy enough to find a diff one that would work unless it explicitly says it lol

  • Nuno Filipe Silva


    I did it all but wen finished its only boot to factory binary, and cant boot to normal iniciation.


  • Joyou

    I downloaded the combination file but can’t find it when I got to AP on ODIN?

  • shabath

    when i try it shows a red button with FAIL

    what should i do about this?

  • xSeka

    i f***** love you, had few problems on the way with odin failing to open the specified file but then i realized that i had a problem with “HOME_CSC” file so i had to upload just the “CSC” file and it worked. thanks for the guide man!

  • Christopher Connell

    What about the Galaxy S8 Active, does this work?

  • Shilpa Sharma

    How to unlock Samsung S8+, please help.

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