Microsoft own Chromecast for devices with Miracast


Long time now Chromecast becomes a small reference in accessories for our digital lives, and we are already seen  manufacturers tried to launch alternative for it. Microsoft is the last to do so, and today has unveiled its Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

This HDMI dongle has got a format almost same like Chromecast, but combines the HDMI port on one end with a small wire and coupled to provide default charging through a USB port, a small advantage over Google device, which we who seek that little cable USB to Micro USB.

Microsoft’s solution allows it we connect to a TV, monitor or projector from that time to deliver content via streaming if the source is a device that supports Miracast. Many PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 8.1 and Windows smartphones (Phone) offer that option, but so do Android devices that can benefit from this option.

As eleemosynary devices we can see the contents of our original screen that screen large format, allowing us to enjoy the wireless broadcast easily. In Microsoft highlighted the fact that when using the Miracast technology ” will not be limited to certain applications or contents display anything from your device “.

This tool allows you to boost the use of laptop, tablet or smartphone as a second screen, as once we issue the contents can move on to something else in the source device. Peripheral Microsoft has a higher price than Chromecast, however, as will be on sale in October for $ 60 , but maybe that mirroring extended interesting for potential users.