Top 5 Universities In United States Where You Can Study For Free In 2019

Top 5 Universities In United States Where You Can Study For Free In 2019| Study in United States for Free | Scholarship Programs:

Top 5 Universities In United States Where You Can Study For Free In 2019

There is not doubt that the United States is one of the most exorbitant nations in which to get higher education. But don’t feel low about it, as fortunately there are tons of opportunities to get funding for your higher studies.

Being an international student, you are not qualified for funding intended especially for United States nationals. Nevertheless, as US universities give more priority to nationalization, this has grown the opportunities of getting international scholarships to study in the United States.

This article is going to be about the top 5 universities in the US for undergraduate education free of cost for international students.

There are 3 different kind of funding which typically international students get in the US for their undergraduate studies.

1. Financial Aid- Which is need based

The very first is known as Financial Aid which is need based. Typically for this scholarship program they are going to ask you for all your financial documents including financial documents of your family.

2. Merit Scholarships:

Second is Merit Scholarships which is totally based on Self-Explanatory.

3. Athletic Scholarships:

This one is called Athletic Scholarships which is especially for top athletes.

Now before describing the list of top five Universities that you are willing to know about. I want to tell you the basis on which we have chosen these particular Top Five Universities.


1. Amount of funding given:

There are hundreds of universities in the US that will give you anything between $5,000 and $10,000 per annul. But we have been researching about the cost of studies in the US. That’s how we came to know that $5,000 or $10,000 wasn’t of too much help when it came to financing your undergraduate education in the US.

Therefore we have chosen “Quantum of scholarship” as our first criteria while selecting these top 5 universities list. So, these 5 universities will either give you a full scholarship on your full tuition or it might extend your living cost, personal cost, book costs and etc.

Moreover sometimes you may even get a stipend up to $2,500 in addition to all of these.

2. Number of Awards:

The second criteria on the basis of which i have chosen these 5 universities is the number of awards they give every year.

Of course there is not point bringing to you universities that give one or two scholarships and there are several of those that you want to keep in mind. Universities that give a large number of scholarships or have an instituted scholarship program. Some of these universities even give financial aid up to 500 to 600 students per annul.

3. Loan Free Scholarships:

the third criteria on the basis of which I have chosen these universities is that all of financial aid and scholarship is loan free when you graduate you have absolutely no debt component that is there for you to have repaid.

4. Ranking:

The last criteria that I have used to choose these five universities for you is ranking because we know you guys love the best schools. But I want to add a word of caution here that because these schools are really good and they give financing the are really very selective. Admissions to these universities can be extremely difficult.


5. Williams College:

Williams College is ranked among the top hundred colleges and is one of the premier liberal arts colleges in the US.

It is located on the east coast between New York and Boston and gave scholarships to about 50 to 100 international undergraduate students.

Williams College states that it has a need-blind admissions policy, you are going to encounter the terms need blind and need aware a few times when you start looking for scholarship programs. Both of these terms are very different from eachother.

A need-blind admission policy is a great admission policy because they give you admission when you qualify irrespective of whether you have applied for financial aid or not.

Where as a Need Aware admission policy on the other hand is one where take for example if two students apply to that need-aware. University and they have similar profiles then they would prefer the student that didn’t for financial aid.

So Williams is a need-blind college which is great and they give financial aid to their international undergraduate students.

For More Details Visit: WILLIAMS COLLEGE 

4. Columbia University – LOCATED IN THE NEW YORK CITY:

Top 5 Universities In United States Where You Can Study For Free In 2019

Columbia is an ivy league university located in New York and it ranks among the top 20 universities in the world.

Columbia University has a need aware admissions process which means that while it is very generous with financial aid towards the undergraduate student body. It is going to bias you if you apply for aid which means you stand a better change of getting admission if you are not applying to aid.

However if you are super qualified and you get through that difficult admission process then they are extremely generous with their aid and they guarantee that they will meet 100% of the demonstrated need.

For More Details Visit: Columbia University

3. University of Chicago:

Top 5 Universities In United States Where You Can Study For Free In 2019

University Chicago is one of the top 1- universities in the US and is particularly strong in the economics area. University of Chicago frequently features in the list of collages that gives the maximum amount of international aid to undergraduate students.

But like Columbia University of Chicago is also need aware which means you could get disadvantaged if you apply for that aid. However if you are super qualified and you make it through that admission process you are going to get a generous financial aid which could including your entire tuition cost. Your cost of living, books and personal expenses in addition to the financial aid.

For More Details Visit: University Of Chicago

2. Amherst college:

Amherst college comes as the top (25) Twentyfive colleges in the United States and is located in the state of Massachusetts. Amherst has a needblind admission policy which means they will not look at the financial need of the student and they will grant the admission to you if they want to. Last year Amherst gave about 50 to 100 international scholarship and almost 50% of their entire incoming undergraduate batch is on some scholarships or the other.

So that’s why Amherst features at number 7 on your list.

For More Details Visit: Amherst College

1. Washington University at St Louis:

Top 5 Universities In United States Where You Can Study For Free In 2019

Washington University at st. Louis is one of the top hinder universities in the world and is a leading university especially in the field of medicine and life sciences.

Washington University has two institutes scholarship programs that together give up to 50 scholarships to deserving international undergraduate students. The two scholarships are:

1st: Anoka Rodriguez scholarship.
2nd: Danford scholars program.

When you are applying for the scholarship you need t put in the application form under the common app for Washington University at st. Louis.

So, once you fill out the application for this college additionally you would need to fill up a separate application for one of the two scholarship programs that you are willing to apply.

On the other hand, you will also need to write a separate essay and may also have to give another letter of recommendation. All the details are already on the website.

This scholarship program could range from a partial tuition all the way to a full tuition plus a stipend of $2500.

For More Details Visit:

1st: Anoka Rodriguez Scholarship Program
2nd: Danforth Scholarship Program