HTC Desire 530, 630, 825 HARD RESET from Recovery Mode

HTC Desire 530, 630, 825 HARD RESET from Recovery Mode

HTC Desire 530, 630, 825 HARD RESET from Recovery Mode

Whether your HTC Desire 530,630 or 825 is messed up, locked up or you’re locked out. In this guide you’ll be learning how you can do reset in a few easy steps just using the buttons on the side. You can Factory Reset your phone by using the Power button and the volume buttons.


WARNING: This will erase everything in the internal memory of the phone like : Photos, Contacts, Videos and Apps. All will be gone so make sure you backup everything you need to keep.

How to Reset the Device?

How to Hard reset HTC Desire 530 from recovery mode? This method is the same for HTC Desire 630 and HTC desire 825.

Hard Reset HTC Desire 530 in 3 Easy Steps:

First Step : So, the first step to do the hard reset for your phone first you must powered of your phone from the power button. When your phone is fully powered off, now Push and hold the “Volume down button” and the “Power button” util you see HTC logo on your screen.

2nd Step : Then you’ll see the “HTC Download Mode menu“, press “Volume Down Button to select “Reboot to bootloader” and push the power button. Then you’ll be in the Bootloader mode press “Volume Down Button” again to select “Boot to Recovery Mode” and push “Power button” to enter in recovery mode.

Thirs Step : After few seconds you’ll see a Red Triangle on your HTC Desire phone screen. Now press “Volume UP button” and “Power button” at the same time. Then you’ll be in “Android Recovery Mode“. Now here press volume down button again to select “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” and press Power Button. Then press volume down button to select yes and hit the power button.

Now press “Power Button” to select “Reboot System Now” and wait until your phone will restart.

When the HTC Desire 530 restarted you can do the initial setup of your phone to setup like new.

Last Words: 

This is the complete guide for Hard Reset HTC Desire 530 Phone from recovery mode, If you still need any help regarding this issue feel free to comment below.