Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Download Without Box 2018 [100% WORKING METHOD]

    Z3X Samsung tool Pro download to unlock your android device for free.  The FRP lock i.e. Factory reset protection was introduced by Google to protect the smartphones from undesired resets. This lock introduced with the Android Devices featuring Android 5.1 lollipop and more. Fortunately we can use “Z3X Samsung Tool Pro” to remove the FRP lock from any android device using some easy steps.

    In lieu of curbing the fraudulent activities like stealing of devices etc. FRP lock came pretty handily. It would be wise to say that, stealing a device became less engaging with factory reset protection.

    However, the problem arises when the owner of a device wants to reset the device. It is highly possible that you’ve forgotten the Google ID or the password of the device.

    Well, in that case, you’ll simply be having a dead device in your hand. You’re required to be in possession of a valid Google ID & password which were used to login to your device earlier. Now, let’s say you’ve forgotten the credentials, what to do? How to do FRP bypass?

    Well, what comes as a fascinating fact is that, an array of “Z3X Samsung Tool Pro” are available on the internet to ensure a seamless FRP bypass. The FRP bypass tool holds significant importance when we talk about unlocking your bricked device.

    FRP lock provides a security shield to your device when it might get stolen. It’s a good way to keep your files and folders private. But, it would be pretty cumbersome to retrieve all of it, especially when you’re having an FRP locked device. You can make use of Samsung Tool Pro to unlock your device and bypass the FRP protection.

    How does z3x Samsung Tool Pro really work?Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Download Without Box [WORKING METHOD]

    Once you have performed a factory data reset, it is highly known that all the data would be wipes-off from your device. Now let’s say that FRP lock was enabled in the first place, what now? Well, your device is bricked if you’ve forgotten the Google Credentials.

    Problems will surely arise if you wish to sell your device to any third person. If you’re looking forward to bypassing the lock screen, Samsung users can leverage the potential of Z3X Samsung tool Pro without any hassle.

    In this article, we’ll talk about the best possible way to unlock your smartphone and bypass FRP lock by making use of a Samsung tool pro. The below-mentioned steps might come handy if your phone has been locked and you’re looking forward to an easy shortcut to the menace.

    Step 1:

    The first step can be downloading the z3x Shell [COMBINATION FILES] and installing it on your personal computer or laptop. After a successful installation, you can open the software.


    Step 2:

    Now, as a user, you’re required to write Combination in the Search bar and then, click on Find Button to initiate a successful FRP bypass process.Samsung Tool 26.7 FRP Lock Reset - How to download Combination Files

    Step 3:

    Finding your Samsung device model number is the next step, you must make sure that your device model number is listed in the list of devices.

    Both, latest as well as older Samsung devices model numbers are generally supported for this process. So, you can easily find your model number as well.

    Step 4:

    Once you find your Samsung Phone Model, Double Click on it. Then it will let you to the Downads5.z3x-team.com and Combination File will appear on the Browser.

    Click on (:) to choose the file destination and then click on Start Download.


    Step 5:

    Now, You need to download “Z3X Samsung Tool Pro” and install it into your computer. After installation, open the Samsung tool pro software and search for your device model number.

    Z3X Samsung Tool Pro Download
    Samsung Tool 26.7 FRP Lock Reset - How to download Combination Files

    The next step is to click on Flash and opening the combination file after the new window appears. Make sure that you’re uploading the right combination file which was downloaded earlier and mentioned above in Step 4.

    Once you uploaded the combination files of your Samsung device, click on the Flash Button.

    Step 6:

    The flashing process is quick and once it’s done,Samsung Tool 26.7 FRP Lock Reset - How to download Combination Files you are required to go to desktop and look up for My Computer.Click on Manage after pressing right click on My Computer.[Updated] Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Phones - 2017

    As soon as new window appears, click on Device Manager and there you’d find your connected Android device. You might also see Samsung Android ADB interface, if you’re seeing the same, move on to next step.

    Samsung Tool 26.7 FRP Lock Reset - How to download Combination Files

    Step 7:

    After that click on Unlock Tab and then Rest FRP in the Z3X Samsung tool Pro.2016-10-20_4-38-26_4 It’s almost certain that a message would appear on the screen saying that ADB must be activated before initiating an FRB bypass process, Click Yes.If you see this message in the image, click Yes again to proceed to the next step.

    Step 8:

    It is possible that a message might appear after you confirm the process that you’ve selected an incorrect model and FRP bypass might damage your phone. Well, in that case, you can click No.Then roll-back and click on RESET FRP again and continue further. This message won’t appear again and your Samsung device will be totally unlock from Factory Reset Protection as you can see in the image below.

    Verdict for Z3X Samsung Tool Pro:

    The above-mentioned steps ensure a seamless FRP Bypass process, when it comes to retrieving your precious data in a lucid manner, we can say one should opt for an FRP Bypass option.

    One must make sure that their Android Device is charged before initiating an FRP Bypass process. Also, make sure that your device is connected to the personal computer.

    FRP Bypass is a crucial tool which can help over 95% of the worldwide smartphone users tackle the menace created by FRP locks.

    Saving yourself a headache and opting for a ‘z3x Samsung Tool Pro’ can save you the precious time. Always remember that, just because you’ve not encountered the FRP issues, that doesn’t mean you might never experience it.

    In the worst case, you should know how the “FRP bypass” process works. Google had launched the feature to curb the menace of device stealing, but, an array of smartphone enthusiasts around the world have faced the FRP brick/lock problem.

    Resetting the device and getting a seamless boot is a gone thing now, you must possess valid Google Credentials or use the ‘z3x Samsung Tool Pro’ to unlock FRP.


    Complete Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) in 2018

    Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) Apps and ExamplesComplete Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2018

    The word ‘Augment’ means to make something greater by adding to it. Augmented Reality (AR) is adding graphics, sounds and touch into our already existing reality to enhance user experience.

    When I think of Augmented Reality, I think of the scene with the AR video game from the movie ‘Her’ by Spike Jonze, which is the futuristic reality I want to be living in. Video games have been a channel of entertainment to humans for decades.

    Video game developers, have changed the entire user experience in the past few decades. What started as a simple game of Pong, the first ever video game has evolved into better graphics (photo-realism), game-play and overall entertainment with technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

    There is not much difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It is usually spoken about interchangeably. Augmented Reality seems to thin the lines between reality and photo-realistic computer-generated images.

    Virtual Reality VS Augmented Reality:

    Virtual Reality is able to transpose the users with google VR blocks etc. Here are a few examples of VR gadgets: Oculus Rift Samsung Gear VR Google Cardboard. Augmented Reality is where our current reality is enhanced by adding graphics, sounds and touch for an enhanced user experience. Here a few examples of AR gadgets; CastAR, Laster SeeThru, ORA-S, GlassUP.

    While Virtual Reality is more immersive “Augmented Reality apps” leaves the control to the users with more possibilities. VR and AR are both gaining popularity but in this article, we are going to focus on augmented reality.

    AR is a very interesting topic of discussion as it is an addition to existing reality to enhance and entertain the user experience. AR is changing the way users experience reality.

    Augmented Reality is also expected to make remarkable changes in the video game industry. Aspiring students need to learn machine learning to learn about AR, So the students need to apply for JEE Main Exam to get admission in one of the best Engineering colleges.

    Types of Augmented RealityComplete Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2018

    • Marker Based Augmented Reality also known as Image Recognition uses a camera and recognizes a visual marker like QR code to generate a result when the QR code is read.
    • These applications are built to recognize markers part of the real world. These markers are easily read and do not require heavy technology or power for recognition.
    • Markless Augmented Reality is the most widely used form of AR. It is also known as location-based or GPS augmented reality which uses your geographical information to create an augmented reality. This is usually used in smartphones for mapping directions, finding nearby establishments and other location-centric mobile applications.
    • Projection-Based Augmented Reality works by projecting an image with light onto real life surfaces. This type of AR allows human interaction and communication with change in light. The interaction is recognized by comparing expected projection and altered projection. This is also the type of Augmented Reality where a 3D object can be projected to thin air with light.
    • Superimposition Based Augmented Reality either partially or fully changes the reality with an augmented object. It is important to recognize the augmented object otherwise it is hard to experience the augmented reality without knowing the object.

    How does Augmented Reality work?

    Complete Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2018

    The objective of Augmented Reality Examples is to bring computer-generated images into the user’s reality. AR can be displayed on various displays from all screens like monitors and hand-held devices or glasses. Few of the AR gadgets are Google Glass and other heads-up display (HUDs) which can be put in front of your eyes.

    With the growth in realities technologies, the hardware required to implement augmented reality is reducing and can be implemented with a basic piece of technology like smartphones. The key components to Augmented Reality are:

    • Sensors and Cameras: Sensors are required in AR as they need a channel for the signal to be picked up and the sensor acts as this channel. Cameras are also used for the same purpose but to pick up visual signals. These sensors and cameras are usually placed outside the augmented reality device. The AR device takes this information then formulate a digital object to generate an appropriate object.
    • Projection is a process where a mini-projector often found in wearable headsets. This can turn any real-life surface into an interactive surface. The information taken by the cameras and sensors are analyzed processed and a computer graphic is projected on any surface like a palm, wall or another person.
    • Processing: All AR devices are mounted with mini-supercomputers packed into a gadget. These devices work a lot like the modern-day smartphone. These include CPU, a GPU, flash memory, RAM, Bluetooth/WIFI, GPS, and more. Advanced AR devices like Microsoft Hololens with an accelerometer.
    • Reflections: AR devices are placed with mirrors which are used to reflect the image and create an augmented reality. These mirrors are small curved mirrors and holographic lens.

    Augmented Reality Applications – Pokemon GO!Complete Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2018

    There are a lot of Augmented Reality applications in the current market. Recently popular Augmented Reality application is Pokemon Go which had a huge rise of users in July 2017.

    With a 65million monthly users, it was the biggest trend that brought users out on the streets to this augmented reality game of capturing Pokemon. Similarly, here are a few Augmented Reality applications like Ink Hunter, Wallace, Google Translate, Amikasa and Pokemon Go.

    Ink Hunter – Tattoo Deciding Application:

    Ink Hunter is a tattoo deciding application which helps in deciding where to put your tattoo. Tattoos placed using AR is almost as realistic and life-like as a real tattoo without actually going under the needle. Initially, this application only supported black and white tattoos but with the latest updates, it allows color tattoos as well.

    This application works on the basis of an app-editors who work on making a database of tattoos. For now, this application is available on the iOs but it has plans to expand its market to android and windows phones.

    Google Translate is a regular translate application by Google but it has an Augmented Reality feature. This AR features uses the camera to snap a photo of foreign text.


    Languages Support in AR – Augmented Reality

    Complete Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2018

    The application supports various languages which will recognize the language of the text and translate to your language of understanding. This can be very useful when travelling to a foreign country where they don’t speak a language you understand. This could help in understanding signs, menus and other text.

    Pokemon GO! is at the top of all Augmented Reality lists as it has taken over the augmented reality games. It is a game that quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. And gave users a reason to walk around and catch Pokemon. This game uses location-based augmented reality and move around in your avatar.

    This game also uses the camera of the smartphone to view the real scene and shows the augmented images of Pokemon that can be captured by users. According to a Twitter user, “Pokemon Go is already more popular than Tinder, another app where you find monsters in your area”.

    The Augmented Reality has a lot of advantages like:Complete Guide to Understand Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2018

    • Cost Saving
    • Increase in User Engagement
    • Improve in Brand Loyalty
    • Increase in Sales
    • Enrich Content
    • Improved Notoriety

    With all these advantages, Augmented Reality is the future. It is already growing in a large scale but with advancement in technology, AR technology is also improving. Field in which AR technology can be used:

    • Tourism
    • Business
    • e-Commerce
    • Automobiles
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Air and Space
    • Marketing
    • Journalism
    • Real Estate
    • Skilled Trades
    • Retails

    Disadvantage of Augmented Reality

    Each technology with an advantage has a disadvantage. In the same way, AR has disadvantages listed below:

    • It is not feasible as it should be available on devices available to all users.
    • It can narrow down the target audience which may lead in losing users as it already has a narrow demographic
    • Privacy control will be also be a problem as it merges the lines of reality and what’s augmented.

    Scholarship Programs 2018 in the USA – TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    Scholarship Program 2018 in the USA – TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES

    Scholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    The United States of America is a dream destination for any student to study. The problem is, University education in the US is not cheap. It costs a lot, and therefore it is costly for most of the students wanting to go there to study.

    And it is one of the reasons why scholarships to study in the USA are always in much demand. Scholarships help reduce the burden of the cost to a great extent, and some scholarships even cover dorm and food expenses.

    MBA – Master of Business Administration

    There are so many different scholarships to choose from, but one can be assured that all of them will be contested heavily. The key to landing a scholarship is knowing which one suits your profile the most. The following are some of the best scholarships offered by some of the leading universities for MBA or BBA degree in the USA:

    1. Stanford Graduate School of BusinessScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities not only in the USA but also in the entire world. The Stanford Graduate School of Business (SGSB) provides need-based scholarships to students who want to study business, but do not have the necessary financial means to do so.

    The eligibility criteria for the scholarships is pretty straightforward; one must have the admission letter from the SGSB and of course must prove that they are in need of financial aid to pursue the course.

    The school also provides a separate scholarship for students from Africa. As for as the last date for application goes, there is none because students can apply for the scholarships only after they get the admission, so students can apply anytime they want after they get admitted.

    Nearly half of the students who are a part of the MBA program in Stanford study with the help of scholarships, the African student scholarship gives as much as 150,000 $ in financial aid per student.

    2. UCLA School of ManagementScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    University of California, Los Angeles or UCLA as it is more popularly known offers a wide range of scholarships and fellowships for meritorious students as well as for those who are in need of financial help.

    UCLA says that majority of the students pursuing MBA or other related courses in the university have made use of the financial assistance on offer. The scholarships are well-funded thanks to the large alumni and donor base. Applications for the various scholarships have to submit on or before the deadline day for admissions, any application after that would not be considered.

    The merit-based scholarship covers the tuition fee and other related expenses for two years while the scholarship provided for students from a poor financial background covers the same expenses for one year.

    3. Harvard Business SchoolScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    Perhaps the most prestigious business in the whole world, the reputation of the Harvard Business School or HBS is unparalleled. The HBS provides many different fellowships to students who are in need of it.

    All of the fellowships are granted based on the financial position of the student and not on merit. The committee takes into account the income of the student three years before joining the business school; if the income falls within the desired range, the student is granted the fellowship.

    The last date for applying for the fellowship is same as the last date for admission into the courses. As mentioned above, there are some different fellowships on offer including the Robert. S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship which grants as much as 20,000 $ to first years.

    4. MIT Sloan – Business SchoolScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    MIT Sloan is one of the best business schools in the United States. The institute offers quite a few number of fellowships and scholarships. None of the scholarships are based on merit but are rather given to a particular set of students who fulfill the criteria to be eligible for the scholarships. Some of the scholarships provide monetary aid while others provide aid in the form of tuition fee waivers.

    There are no deadlines for applying to the scholarship programs as the deserving candidates are automatically selected during the admission process. Some scholarships require students to participate in some extra activities such as social work, while others do not require the students to do anything.

    5. University of PennsylvaniaScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton offers a wide variety of scholarships to students who hope to pursue their business degree from the university.

    Some scholarships such as the Joseph Wharton Fellowship is granted to students with extraordinary academic records while others such the ROMBA Fellowship requires the student to be from a particular committee.

    None of the scholarships offer a fixed award but rather a dynamic one based on the merit or needs of the student. The deadline for the submission of applications for these scholarships is same as the deadline for the admission to the university.

    6. Yale School of ManagementScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    The Yale School of Management offers both merit-based scholarships and other scholarships that are granted based on various criteria like financial position, the community the student belongs to, etc.

    Once the admission process to the school is complete, deserving students are automatically granted the opportunity to avail one of the merit-based scholarships offered by the university. There is no application process for the scholarships as they are automatically awarded by the university during the time of admission.

    7. New York University or NYUScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    The New York University offers some of the most lucrative scholarships when compared to the other universities on the list. The scholarships are designed in a way to cater to the needs of a diverse group of students and usually offer quite a generous amount of money.

    The college also offers other forms of financial assistance to existing students based on their performance in the previous year.

    The Dean’s Scholarship is perhaps the most popular of all the scholarships on offer as it waives of the entire fee amount and provides a stipend as well. The William. R. Berkeley scholarship does a similar thing but instead of the stipend, offers students 18,000 $ for their housing expenses.

    8. Columbia UniversityScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    The Columbia University offers both need-based and merit-based scholarships. The scholarship amount starts from 10,000$ per year to the full waiver of tuition fees for a year.

    Also, in certain cases, the university may extend the period of scholarship to another year or more. Students need not apply for the scholarship separately as deserving students are selected automatically during the time of admission.

    9. Chicago UniversityScholarship Programs 2018 in the USA - TOP 9 UNIVERSITIES Details

    The scholarships offered by the Chicago University are purely based on merit. The amount provided by the scholarships vary from student to student as it is granted based on various factors.

    Like with most merit-based scholarships, there is no need for a separate application. The downside to these scholarships is that it is challenging to be considered for one due to the massive competition that one has to face.

    And those were some of the most lucrative and prestigious “scholarship program 2018” in the USA. Hopefully, after reading through it, you have a clear picture of what you have to do to pursue education degree 2018 in the US.

    Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    Best smartphones to buy in 2018: A Reality Check! [TOP 6]Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    It would be evident to say that bezel-less displays garnered all the limelight in the year 2017. Well, we can say, smartphones are evolving at a rapid speed providing an array of exclusive options and variants to geeks. 2018 will be a year of novelty, tech adventure bundled with advanced functionalities and amenities.

    There are a commendable number of smartphones in the queue of upcoming smartphones 2018. In this article, we’ll talk about state of the art future phones 2018 that encapsulate aspects like dual-lens camera, better GPU and contains the potential to rock the international shelves.

    Let’s begin our list of best upcoming smartphones that encapsulate a booming potential for a grand launch in 2018:

    1. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    When it comes to staying dormant in smartphone segment for a while, Samsung can’t just sit ideal. What comes as an amazing fact is that, the company is going to launch the best upcoming smartphone, a lush successor of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the market.

    The all-new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have already created a buzz in the market. The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 can be your best pick when it comes to buying the best upcoming smartphone.

    The all new future phones 2018- Galaxy S9 is reportedly available in two different sizes. The phones would feature infinity display like their predecessor. According to some reports, S9 and S9 Plus might run Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The device comes handy with a great edge-cutting design and an exuberant appeal.

    2. iPhone 9:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    The latest iPhone X marked the Apple’s 10 years of existence, now the company is all set to rock the expectations of the users with their best smartphone to buy in 2018 i.e. iPhone 9 in the market. Although iPhone X was costly, the all-new future phone 2018 iPhone 9 will feature an Aluminium build rather than a stainless-steel back for the purpose of reducing the price.

    The phone might retain 19:9 display and will also make use of Face ID rather than Apple’s Touch ID. So, when we talk about new phones coming out 2018, iPhone 9 garners the limelight here.

    For those, who are looking for an upcoming premium smartphone, the iPhone 9 can be your best pick. Blended with quality and Apple’s support, the device can rock your smartphone endeavors.

    3. Nokia 9:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia’s latest smartphone, Nokia 9 is scheduled for a grand launch in 2018. The device would be featured with a Qualcomm 835 Snapdragon chipset. If you’re looking forward to the best smartphone to buy in 2018, then Nokia 9 can be your out of the box pick. The phone has been powered by Adreno 540 GPU and features a 64 GB of inbuilt storage.

    Carl-Zeiss will feature an exclusive lens inside the camera of the new Nokia 9. This would empower the device to attain 4K shooting ability with a dual-camera setup, the camera will be a 12 MP type. Nokia is breaking the stereotypes for future phones 2018 by launching the catchy and bezel-less Nokia 9 in the market.

    The all-new upcoming smartphones 2018Nokia 9 would feature Android Oreo 8.0 and also an IP68 water and dust protection rating. Nokia 9 fills the void of best upcoming smartphone which is affordable in nature as well.

    With an 18:9 display ratio, the phone would provide an array of splendid display resolution and pixel per density. The best upcoming smartphone Nokia 9 will support revolutionary 360-degree Ozo audio recording as well.

    4. Xiaomi Mi 7:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    Xiaomi is revolutionizing the “future phones 2018” domain by launching its exclusive device Xiaomi Mi 7 in the new phones coming out 2018 segment. The all-new device might feature a Snapdragon 845 chipset under its vicinity.

    The best upcoming smartphone can be on shelves in January 2018. Mi 7 will feature a 6 GB of RAM blended with 3350 mAH of battery life. When it comes to building, the device sets new benchmarks amidst “upcoming smartphones 2018”.

    It will feature a glass back for the purpose of enabling wireless charging on the device. Talking about the camera, the device will feature an aperture of f/1.7 rating, hence, making it the best smartphone to buy in 2018. This would also make bookish effect amongst the images possible.

    5. Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    For all the tech enthusiasts out there, there is a great news. If you’re wondering about the new phones coming out 2018, then your wait is over. Sony is going to unveil their all-new premium best upcoming smartphones in the market.

    Sony Xperia XZ1 is soon going to rock the international shelves. The phone will feature a bezel-less design with a 5.7-inch 4K display, splendid right? Sony Xperia XZ1 falls under the domain of future phones 2018 and can be launched in the end days of February 2018. Talking about the hardware, the device would feature two variants, one with 4GB of RAM & 64GB of internal storage.

    Another variant would feature a RAM of 6GB blended with 128 GB of internal storage. The “Best smartphone to buy in 2018”, Sony Xperia XZ1 would exclusively feature a Snapdragon 835 chipset, thus revolutionizing the new phones coming out 2018 domain.

    6. OnePlus 6:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

    OnePlus has rocked the foundation of smartphone markets all around the world with their exclusive and rich-tech packed devices. Well, if you’re wondering about which is the best smartphone to buy in 2018? then, that would be OnePlus 6.

    The all-new device would come handy with a 5.7-inch bezel-less all-screen display. The resolution specs of the device stand at 1440 x 2560 pixels respectively. When it comes to processor, the all-new device features a 2.6 GHz Octa Core processor in the list of new smartphones coming soon. With an inbuilt storage of 128 GB and powered with 8GB of RAM, the all-new OnePlus 6 will run Android 8.0.

    The battery capacity of the device rests at 3500 mAh. Talking about the camera specifications, amongst all future phones 2018, OnePlus has an eye-catching camera, with a 16MP front camera and a 23MP of the Dual-rear camera, the device is going to rock photography endeavors.


    If you’re looking forward to the best smartphone to buy in 2018, then we hope this list would be of great help for you. The “upcoming smartphones 2018” encapsulates a great deal of potential to revolutionize how we interact with our smartphones.

    OnePlus 6 can be a significant option for Android lovers. While for Apple geeks, iPhone 9 can be the key. If you’re a bit on the cost-effective side, then Xiomi Mi 7 will fill the void as well.

    If you’re looking forward to a great display quality, then Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium can be your out of the box pick. As trends and technologies among future phones 2018 are vibrant, you must take an informed decision about the device you wish to purchase.

    We have outlined the new smartphones coming soon, you must research thoroughly before buying your best upcoming smartphone. We hope you’ll benefit from the research and you’ll not regret your 2018 smartphone purchase.



    An online game is a video game that is either played through the Internet or other computer network. Online multi-player games for Android are everywhere, on modern gaming platforms, including PCs, mobile devices and consoles.

    This includes first person shooters and strategy games. The progression of this game parallels the evolution of computers and computer networking. Therefore, the new technologies improving the elementary functionality needed for playing video games on remote server.


    The design of online games ranges from simple text based environments to the integration of complex graphics and virtual worlds. An online game attracts players from a variety of ages, nationalities and occupations.

    The online games are not meant for designated age. Anyone with interest can enjoy and play the game. The android game enhances logical thinking and keeps you engaged.

    If you want to play some really amazing and fun online games, and you don’t want to invest in high – end PC, you need not to worry. It’s possible to access some of the most amazing and best android games on your android phone.  The android multi-player games 2017 download is all that you need to connect and have fun with other game players from around the world. You can play via Bluetooth/Wifi.

    One can play on one single device, and you can connect and play with people on other platform like windows phones and ios. There are several perfect best online games android 2017 that you can enjoy and play with anyone you like.

    Below are the top 5 multi-player games for android.


    The Shadowgun Deadzone game was developed by the developer who made Dead Trigger. This game has the most amazing graphics like a console game and a lot of special effects. It’s not just like any average smart phone game. The most interesting thing about the game is that it cross platform. This means you can be able to play with people on iOS online. This gives you a chance to challenge your friends even with an iPhone and show them who the real boss is.

    This type of game is a third person shooter that borrows heavily from gears of war franchise. The person was employed for elimination of the maniacal intellect who leads the army to mutants.

    The whole mission is to eliminate a mad scientist who has created the army of mutants. The game involves getting into the fortress where by you get to meet the opponent,   the game entails hiding and acting together tom settle the scores. Physical controllers are also used on this game.



    This is another thrilling, fun and frantic racing game that you can play with android players or iOS. This game is more like an arcade racing game using different power ups, perks and boosts during the racing.

    This game is more fun and enjoyable, while racing you can perform insane aerobatics and jumps to attain the highest notch up. This game isn’t complicated and it’s easy to play. The secret of the game is all about going fast and crazy.

    As you play the Ranging Thunder 2 game the experience is awesome. The game is perfect and the most exciting and adrenaline pumping racing game play. It is stimulating, and among the best online games android 2017.

    The graphics are similar to those in the first play station. However the controls are wholly adjusted to android devices. The device can be used as a navigation steering wheel to tilt the car to the sides.



    The hearthstone game is more of a card game player. If you are fun of a card game player, you will definitely fall in love with this game. This is a turn based card game between two opponents. They use constructed decks of thirty cards along with selected unique powerful hero. This online multi-player game is one of the most fast pace and exciting card games. It’s available on multiple platforms and features several modes of play, including casual and ranked matches.


    Daily quests are also featured to help players earn gold and cards. This gives you a chance to play and enjoy the game with from everywhere.

    In order for you to enjoy the game more, it’s good to keep your account connected. This will help you get all your cards and decks in one place no matter where you use it.

    This game is fun, though for you to win any match it requires real strategy. The game has new content that involves the addition of the new cards sets and game play. This takes the form of their expansion or the single player adventures.

    The game rewards the player with the cards when you complete the game. The hearthstone game was designed to avoid drawbacks of other types of card games.

    This is done by removing any possible participant from an enemy during the game. The game has been favourably swotted and is known to be among the best android games with good financial stability.



    This is another android multi-player online game that gives you a chance to team up with people from other plat forms.

    You have a chance to connect with iPhone users and get on a new mission in Arcane Legends. Through interacting you are able to build your character, complete quests and loot items, kill monsters, and become the best warriors to ever live.

    The game is a drudge and tears multi-player mobile game. It was developed by space time studios.  While playing the game, you can attack head on or decide to join parties of other friends against other players as you move in the most exciting modes. The most interesting part of it is that you have to become a star in the game. Aim to be one of the three great heroes and overthrow the evil. In the game you have a chance to choose a giant and courageous warrior; you can create your own group and remain united with your friends to conquer the common enemies.

    In this case each player gets a trained pet to help the in the battle. The game is great and has good multimedia illustrations with very bright effects.



    This is a funny, laid back and untailored racing game. If you love fun then this game is the best for you. This is a side-scrolling racing game with furry animals. The game helps you connect with other players from all over the world.

    You can request your friends for a furry race or match with random strangers for the same. This is quiet fun as you see furry animals run and jump to avoid obstacles. Finishing the race before everyone determines the champion.

    You can have more than four people participating in the game. The game is not complicated and helps you take your character forward.


    This taps corresponding buttons in time to make the animals slide under obstacles. The animal also climbs walls, jump and complete other aerial tricks. It’s more fun when you pick up power and move to destroy opponents with the help of traps.

    The fun run multi-player game for android is all about controlling a cute animal that’s running along a hard track. Whereby the animal is expected to out run numerous rivals, avoid traps and emerge the winner.

    Drones You Can Buy With A Budget Of Less Than $100 2017

    Best Under-Budget Drones To Buy Under $100 In 2017 [WORTH IT]Ultimate Buyers Guide On The Drones You Can Buy With A Budget Of Less Than $100:

    Inexperienced pilots should consider buying Cheap Drones to improve their flying skills. The cheap drones are available in the market, some of which go for less than $100. These drones can easily enable inexperienced pilots to gather deemed experience which is paramount in handling high-end drones for aerial photography in their piloting journey.

    There is a wide variety of drones in the market and it might be hard for buyers to decide the best drone that will suit their needs. Below, I have outlined some of the best drones that you may consider to look at and purchase the one that best fits you. These drones are of high quality and very pocket friendly at a price of less than $100.

    Top 7 Best Drones That Cost Less Than $100:

    1. UDI 818A HD+Best Under-Budget Drones To Buy Under $100 In 2017 [WORTH IT]

    This is the most top rated drone that you can get under $100. It is highly durable and easy to handle for beginners. Prior analysis indicates that it has durable and reliable props that makes it comparatively safe in case of a crash.

    Key Features:

    • One key 360 flips
    • Durable props which covers the entire machine and frames.
    • High quality HD camera
    • Has a sports headless mode


    • 9 minutes flight time
    • Can cover 50-100 meters
    • Has a camera that can record 30 frames per second
    • Has 360 flips key that are attractive to onlookers
    • Easy to handle for beginners


    • Does not have a mechanical stabilizer making it vulnerable to give dis-satisfactory results at time.
    • It has a light weight which may make it difficult for you to control it on windy days.
    This drone enables you to enjoy a range of benefits and it has received numerous positive reviews on Amazon. It is therefore an ideal machine for beginners who possess the ability to utilize it to have lots of fun and blissful moments. It has very few cons and its price is very pocket friendly making it worth for you to give it a try.

    BUY FROM AMAZON At Price: $57.99

    Buy Now

    2. Hubsan H107D X4:Best Under-Budget Drones To Buy Under $100 In 2017 [WORTH IT]

    You can buy this amazing drone on Amazon at a cheap price of $79.99. Don’t mistake the low price for poor quality. Hubsan H107DX4 is made of high quality materials and offers numerous benefits that you can enjoy as you enhance your piloting skills.

    Key Features:

    • 2MP mountable camera.
    • Painted propellers and LED lights
    • High quality FPV
    • Has a transmitter with a 4.3-inch screen

    • Covers an impressive range of 100 meters
    • Takes a maximum of 30 minutes to charge
    • Can cover a flight in a duration of 6-8 minutes.
    • It easily determines its flight by utilizing the painted propellers and LED lights.
    • Has an impressive capacity to record frames using the 2MP mountable camera
    • Highly durable and has a reputation of lasting for many years.


    • When the camera is on, it can only last for 5 minutes in the air at maximum.
    • The battery and camera are non-removable making it hard to replace them in case they are malfunctioning.
    • Lacks the ability to function under windy conditions limiting it to operate perfectly for indoor flights only.

    Hubsan H107DX4 is a perfect choice for beginners especially those who prefer indoor flights. It is one of the machines that goes for the lowest price possible and at the same time offering fantastic flights which you can’t afford to ignore as a beginner. It has been analysed critically and have been proved to be safe and effective.

    BUY FROM AMAZON At Price: $75.06

     Buy Now

    3. Syma X5C-1 – Quadcopter under $100:Best Under-Budget Drones To Buy Under $100 In 2017 [WORTH IT]

    The updated version of Syma X5C-1 is one of the best-selling drones you can find in the market. It has a heavy weight and comes with an in-built microphone; features that has earned it numerous positive reviews on Amazon.

    Key Features:

    • HD camera and in-built microphone
    • 3.7V 500mAH LiPO battery
    • Heavy weight


    • Heavy weight that enables it to endure windy conditions
    • Lasts for at least seven minutes in the air and it can even last longer when you remove the wire and add an extra battery.
    • Very versatile to be controlled in any direction; up, down, right or left.
    • High quality battery for effective support of its performance.
    • You can make it lighter by disconnecting the camera wire to enhance your piloting skills further.
    • Low price yet it is very safe since it comes with a camera, landing gear and prop guard.


    • The battery takes a large amount of time of at least 90 minutes to charge.
    • It may shut down at low voltage and plunge to the ground.
    • The camera quality is not tailored for professionals.

    This is an amazing machine for beginners whose features enables you to enhance your skills without purchasing another drone. With improved skills, you can remove the camera, landing gear and prop guard to reduce the weight of the drone and increase its motility and flight time.

    BUY FROM AMAZON At Price: $49.95

     Buy Now

    4. Holy Stone HS170 Predator:Best Under-Budget Drones To Buy Under $100 In 2017 [WORTH IT]

    Holy Stone HS170 Predator is among the best alternative drones you can use to improve your drone flying skills. It is a best-selling drone on Amazon under quad-copters category at a price of less than $50.

    Key Features:

    • High quality RC camera
    • 6-axis gyro stabilization system.
    • Headless security system


    • The RC camera covers a wide range of around 50 meters.
    • Flies for a minimum of 6-8 minutes.
    • Has a rapid charging battery.
    • Resists windy conditions using the 6- axis gyro stabilization system.
    • Good fit for both amateur adults and kids on trips and family vacations


    • The controller is very bulky
    • Can be difficult for beginners at times
    • May bounce and flip on landing.

    The features of this drone enables you to have enjoyable flights where you can perform flips and tricks as you take beautiful videos and pictures. It offers responsive performances making it to be very recommendable.

    BUY FROM AMAZON At Price: $39.99

     Buy Now

    5. Rabing RC Quadcopter:Best Under-Budget Drones To Buy Under $100 In 2017 [WORTH IT]

    This drone is designed in an exotic style which makes it very attractive and you cant help noticing it even at night. It uses FPV software to provide visual flight experience.

    Key Features:

    • Modern 6-axis gyroscope system
    • Real-time transmissions
    • Headless mode.


    • Allows videos and pictures transmission to the phone
    • Can automatically detect the direction of the controller
    • Versatile
    • Has stable Rc
    • Looks beautiful at night
    • Long flight time of 8-9 minutes.


    • It takes long to charge the battery( at least 100 minutes)
    • Unsuitable for windy conditions since it has a light weight
    • Low quality camera
    Rabing RC Quadcopter functions best when the weather is calm and it is easily controlled using an app. It hovers in the air silently and it is one of the best drones you can purchase online on Amazon and other websites.

    BUY FROM AMAZON At Price: $79.99

     Buy Now

    6. Tarantula X6:Best Under-Budget Drones To Buy Under $100 In 2017 [WORTH IT]

    Tarantula X6 gives a relatively stable flight which is facilitated by its 6-axis gyro. You can even find a cheaper model which comes without a camera.
    Key Features:
    • Mountable GoPro camera
    • Replaceable motors
    • 7.4 1200mAh Lipo battery


    • Easy to fix
    • Covers a distance of 100 meters on average
    • Can stay in the air for a long duration of around 12 minutes


    • Erratic prices
    This drone has been positively reviewed over the years and you may find it important to make it part and puzzle of your flight since it is very pocket friendly.

    BUY FROM AMAZON At Price: $59.99

     Buy Now

    7. BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter:BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

    Blade Nano comes in a sleek design and it has been reviewed over time as an epitome of an entry-level drone.

    Key Features:

    • Sensor assisted flight envelope technology
    • Ability to respond quickly and swiftely to commands.
    • Sleek design.


    • Very agile and stable
    • Quick recharge time
    • Suitable for both beginners and veterans
    • High speed and precise control


    • Has a low flight of less than 7 minutes
    • Sensitive to windy conditions.
    Blade Nano is one of the best drones that drones enthusiasts can use to have fun.

    BUY FROM AMAZON At Price: $59.99

     Buy Now


    There is a wide range of drones under $100 that you can purchase, the above being at the top of the list.

    However, choosing the drone that best fits you may be the key to experiencing an enjoyable flight. You can easily afford the drones which cost less than $100 and have an amazing time as you look forward to enhance your skills and switch to high-end thrones.

    5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives You Don’t Know About

    5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]Top 5 Free Photoshop Alternatives

    Adobe Photoshop:

    Photoshop is a great photo editing tool. Without a doubt it is the most advanced photo app for both Windows and Mac. To access this great program, you need to pay $9.99 a month. If you do not have a credit card or cannot afford the extra expense, then it may not be a practical option. Fortunately, there are free Photoshop alternatives available.

    5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives You Don’t Know About:

    To find a free Photoshop alternative online one can use the search box on their browsers. Or they can read the following review. We use our experience and knowledge to guide you to the top 5 free Photoshop alternatives.

    Top 5 Photoshop alternatives for Mac and Windows:

    #1. Gimp [Image Manipulation Program]5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

    Or its real name, gnu image manipulation program, is the top free Photoshop alternative. The top feature on that makes this Photoshop alternative attractive is its compatibility. When you download this program, it will work on Windows, Mac and even Linus. Another good feature is its tutorial. These lessons will transform a novice into an expert photo editor in no time.

    Feeling creative yet do not think GIMP is up to the task. That is understandable. Yet GIMPs program allows you to use more plugins. Just like Photoshop does. One drawback to GIMP Photoshop. It may not possess as many features as Photoshop, but it has more than enough to do the tasks you want.

    Downloading GIMP is simple, safe and secure.

    • Compatibility- Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Unix, SkyOS
    • Top Features- Layers, Selection editing, HDR, Re-touching, Noise removal, Lens and Color correction, Sharpening, Plugin support and more.
    • File Formats- , BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, and more.

    #2. Paint.NET [Free digital photo editing for Windows]5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

    Free Photoshop alternatives are not all made the same. Unlike GIMP, Paint.NET is only compatible with the Windows operating system. But that restriction does not mean that it is not a worthy alternative to Photoshop. Of course, what makes Paint so attractive is its price. It is free.

    Another attractive feature is its community is continuously working to bring new upgrades and features to you. If you are just starting out in photo editing, Paint is the tool to use to begin your journey. As you become more experienced you can increase your creativity by adding in new plugins as they become available.

    This is the next generation for Windows Paint. While not as versatile as Photoshop it still possesses the basic features you need to do your photo editing magic. Just go to the official website and download your free version.

    • Compatibility- Windows 7 or Later
    • Top Features- Selection editing, Layers, Histogram, Retouching, Resizing, Noise removal, Sharpening, Color correction, Plugin support
    • File Formats- RAW files, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

    #3. Pixlr [Online Photoshop Alternative]5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

    The search for the best free Photoshop alternative online just heated up with this option. Pixlr does what Photoshop does and more. It contains the same features, layouts and keyboard short-cuts as Photoshop. Plus, it allows you to work with your browser open. When you edit, you are in total control of adding or subtracting layers & special effects.

    As free Photoshop alternatives to go, this is the best one you can get. That is if you want to use Photoshop without using Photoshop. The one drawback to Pixlr is that it does not bring the power of Photoshop with it. But you can still create banners, logos, do basic photo retouching and remove the background from online images. Use this link to download

    • Compatibility- Web-Based, Android, iOS
    • Top Features- Selection tools, Text overlays, Layers, Re-sizing, Red-eye removal, teeth whitener, Filters and Effects, and more
    • File Formats- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

    #4. Canva [Online Graphics Design Software]5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

    If you want to be innovative with your blog post look to Canva. Even if you are a novice Canva is the creative tool for everyone. To stimulate your creativity, Canva supplies the user with free templates. These templates will help you develop your creative talent. Even with all the positive features that Canva brings with it, there are some drawbacks.

    It is a free Photoshop alternative online, but it is not completely free. If you want more than the basic features, you will need to pay a small monthly fee. Plus, not all their templates are free. Then to access Canva’s great features, you need to be invited by a current user or apply for an invitation. You need to start at their website

    • Compatibility- Different Browsers
    • Top Features- Documents, Photo editing, graphs and much more
    • File Formats- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

    #5. Fotor [Free Online Graphics Editor and Collage Maker]5 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux [UPDATED]

    Provides you with yet another free Photoshop alternative online. Its motto is ‘simple’ but strong. To stand out from the pack a product must offer something unique. Fotor does that with its batch processing tool. This feature allows you to upload a file full of photos. Then it will sort them for you, filtering out the bad photos quickly.

    One of its drawbacks though, is that it is a lot like Canva. It mimics that company even in being only partially free. If you want the full Fotor experience and tools you will need to pay for the upgrade. The fee is roughly $39 for the opportunity to become a professional-like photo editor.

    • Compatibility- Different browsers
    • Top Features-Batch processing tool, basic photo editing and more
    • File Formats- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

    Last Words:

    There are plenty top quality Photoshop alternatives online. Most are free or partially free. But to compete with Photoshop these free Photoshop alternatives must bring something extra. The ones described above do just that.

    If you want Photoshop quality, tools and other features, you do not have to pay for them. From paintshop pro x7 to GIMP Photoshop you can find a great free Photoshop alternative online. You just need to do your research. You also need to know what tools and features you need.

    This list is comprised of the 5 best Photoshop alternatives. You won’t miss Photoshop once you try them. Free is a good price to pay for Photoshop quality.

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