GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

    Wanna try the very tiny Giga Brix BXCEH-2955 that Provides extremely useful components in a very small size.

    GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

    Gigabyte Mini-Computer

    Can a box of small dimensions become a powerful computer? It can easily carried in any pocket or purse, We are not talking about any kinda notebook: Yeah We’re actually introducing the minicomputers, with the equipment that use ultra-compact system and using peripherals found on any PC like : keyboard, mouse and LCD(Monitor Screen).

    There are several models for example Intel has the NUC, We also tested that model some days ago in England, In recent weeks we tested the Model Brix BXCEH-2955, Gigabyte, a minicomputer with aluminum enclosure. Its dimensions: 56x107x114 mm and with the weight of: 550 grams.

    It has a unique configuration and we analyze which features are very important in this version, Intel Celeron 1.40 GHz Windows 2955U Pro 8.1 64-bit Processor, 4 GB RAM, 134 GB Hard Drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. And of course its other versions support up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 2 TB of HDD.

    This Mini-computer can be purchased diskless for 205.839 US Dollar. If we add a rigid 500 GB and 4 GB of RAM will have to add another 92.959 US Dollar. Gigabyte also offers in England another variant with a Core i7 chip and a suggested price of $11,000.

    GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

    The distribution of ports and connectors on the BXCEH-2955 is intended to have them placed equally on the faces of the desktop. In the previous vertical side has two 3.0 USB ports and a headphone output. On the other side of the faces has also got the two USB 3.0 ports, an RJ-45 connector for MiniDisplayPort output, HDMI output, input current and a security slot.

    The minicomputer can easily connect to a smart TV through an HDMI cable, so there are transmitted pins on both side for audio and video. When we turn on the computer interface looks exactly like any Windows device. We can  connect a mouse and keyboard, and these can recognized instantly and installing additional drivers is not necessary for these devices.

    Beyond this, and as expected, the device works same like a PC(Personal Computer), because it is in every sense: the only difference is the size of the motherboard and cabinet, allowing a very compact device, which can be very suitable for smaller places, It can be use for the office work PCs as well.

    Manufacturers claim it is purposeful and desirable, because it would not suffer damage internal components due to the high temperature. It is expected that this product, like any PC, can remain permanently on. Moreover, it does not leave much time connected a USB flash drive, as this is not very friendly with the heat.

    The Brix BXCEH-2955 brings a metal bracket and screws to hang behind a LCD or Monitor. Gigabyte have 3 years of warranty for this product.

    Lollipop Android 5.0 : Tips and Tricks

    We show some of its most useful options as we await the new version in 2015

    If you have a “smartphone” with Android , you have already installed the operating system update . Lollipop 5.0 is here to stay in our lives but not for long. Android Lollipop 5.1 is already cooking and will be available in early 2015. Meanwhile , notes the following tricks to not feel strange when managing your own device and make the most of .

    Google has changed some things. A new interface design, changes in the notifications panel, etc . Still, the system is equipped with more security and, as we will not go back in time, you have to make the change. Therefore, we give some clues to their new, more useful and fun features .

    A play!
    If you are one of those who spend several hours by public transport daily, kills your time with the game that has been dubbed ” Flappy bird “. Just follow this path: Settings – Phone Info – Android version . Pressed repeatedly in the latter option and then the Lollipop circle appears. If you click several times, it will change color. When you leave a couple of seconds your finger touching the screen, you can start playing.

    Lock screen
    You know you do not need to call you unlock the screen? Simply slide your finger from left to right. If you want to do, do the same but from right to left a photo.

    And if you slide up and down, you can access the phone settings more quickly to activate airplane or connection via WiFi, and more so.

    Battery saving
    This option is especially useful when your phone is minimal. Slide the top and click the battery icon. This will show the hours you have left and the applications that consume more battery power . If you is low, click the icon of the three buttons and active “Battery Saver” , then an orange top and bottom band they will show on the phone.

    Lollipop Android 5.0: tips and tricks to get more out
    They have improved but your new display can not be to your liking. You know that now is a locked phone . To read them, just click on them or unlock the screen. Then the little icons are displayed in the upper left edge.

    If you want to change it, follow the path: Settings – Sound and notifications . In ” With locked device “Thus you can adapt to your liking by choosing” Show all notifications “or” No show notifications “.

    Lollipop Android 5.0: tips and tricks to get more out
    If you are a fan of Facebook and WhatsApp , but not Twitter , for example, and you do not want it shown notifications popular microblogging network when you smathphone is locked, select ” Notifications of applications . ” Choose the ones you want to block or prioritize clicking on each of them.
    Mode ‘Do Not Disturb’
    You have a meeting? Do you go to the cinema to watch a movie? Changes the way your phone to your needs. Tighten the volume key and see the display shows you the options “Nothing”, “Priority” and “All” . If you have a meeting with your boss, you better select the first option for an hour. If the meeting is lengthened, active ‘indefinitely’.
    If you go to the movies but expect a call or a message, select ” Priority “and set you enter only calls and messages” Everyone “,” Contacts Only “or” One prominent contacts “.

    Lollipop Android 5.0: tips and tricks to get more out
    You can change the time of these modes by selecting the “+” or “-” buttons to select time and 15 minutes, 30 or an hour instead of ‘indefinitely.

    The silent mode is an option that no longer exist in this release. Something that has raised some criticism. If we add the connectivity errors in this version (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), the excess memory and battery consuming or failure notifications , ” OK Google “and some “app” that suddenly closed , among other faults, not unreasonable that Lollipop Android 5.1 is on the way.

    What is Cloud Computing It’s features and examples?

    It is a term that is defined as a technology that offers services via the internet platform. Users of this service have access to free or pay all depends on the service you need to use.

    The term is a trend that responds to multiple integrated features. One of the examples is “cloud” service is provided by Google Apps that incorporates a browser to store data on their servers. Programs must be online servers and can access to services and information through the Internet.

    Features of Could Computing

    One of the main differences Could Computing is no need to know the infrastructure behind it, becomes “a cloud” where applications and services can easily grow (scalar), run fast and almost never fail, without knowing the Details of how this “cloud”.

    This type of service is paid according to some metric of consumption, not for used equipment itself, but for example in electricity consumption or use of CPU / hour as in the case of Amazon EC2. Among other features we can mention:

    • Auto Reparable: In case of failure, the last backup application automatically becomes the primary copy and a new one is generated.
    • Scalable: The whole system / architecture is predictable and efficient. If a server handles 1,000 transactions, 2 servers will handle 2000 transactions.
    • Governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines various policies and what are the expected performance times and if peak, create more instances. For AWS still wonders if the SLA is suitable .
    • Virtualized: Applications are independent of the hardware on which to run even more applications can run on the same machine or an application can use several machines at once.
    • Multipurpose: The system is created in such a way that allows different customers to share infrastructure without worrying about it without compromising your security and privacy

    Examples of Cloud Computing

    There are several large companies that are dedicated to providing these services, promoting easy access to our information, low cost, scalability and many features that makes us think of the comfort they give us, among them include:

    • Google Apps : offers the service of business applications such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Docs, etc.
    • Amazon Web Services : the services offered are the Amazon EC2 ™, Amazon S3 ™, ™ SimpleDB, Amazon SQS ™.

    Microsoft Azure : provides operating system services, hosting, systems development.
    Rackspace , a famous web hosting company, is behind Mosso a company which offers basic hosting package and from this is scaled as needed (without migrating servers).

    Recently Rackspace acquired JungleDisk , a popular client for Amazon S3 and in the future will be integrated with CloudFiles, another service Mosso .

    Integrating services and views against

    The Cloud Computing provides an interesting picture regarding the integration of technologies, RWW refer to a new era that integrates three layers: SaaS, Cloud Computing, Core Technology where explain the importance of such integration.

    Moreover Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project leader claimed to be against the use of “cloud” :

    One reason why they should not use web applications is that you lose control … it’s as bad as using proprietary software.

    Both views are valid think the first is a way to integrate the options have to take advantage of current technology and respond to trends. However, Stallman are right with your posture because with this kind of trend all information to third party services it provides, somehow losing control.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

    Among the advantages of Computing Clound can be mentioned:

    • Access to information and services from anywhere.
    • Free and paid services according to user needs.
    • Companies with ease of scalability
    • Processing power and storage machines without installing locally.

    Among the disadvantages we can mention:

    • Access all information to third parties.
    • Dependence on online services.


    Masters in Business Accounting Information – MBA and BBA Degree

    Masters in Business Accounting Information

    Masters in Business Administration is for anyone looking to improve their market value, give more impact to projects and companies in which it is located or greater trust in virtual communities haunting.

    Online Education and MBA will remain, due to complex educational and employment system in which we live, always remember that first of all you are what you do. Everyone has incredible talents, have lived unique experiences and have a particular genius in their work areas. Is an important responsibility to grow creatively communicate better bases.

    MBA and BBA Degree

    Imagine arriving at a job interview at a closing sale, to present a lecture. If you run into an excellent performance, people will seek, investigate, want to know more about you and your environments, sure. Therefore advantage of these opportunities and try to create a digital presence as strong as the experience you offered them.

    To achieve it is good to have a space that summarizes all of your personal experience. Simple, synthesized and easy to find. And that allows you to administer your own.

    Online Education For Business and Accounting Degrees

    Among the key recommendations is Ghost with NodeJS, a project that is focused on strengthening publications, brand and content creation. The option is to download the project from your site, build your web application and deploy it on your server.

    Although important , if not know how to program, they will offer an “in-house” space within their servers and you can buy “themes” in the Marketplace , to start in minutes without ever having faced any line of code. Additionally we will provide analytics to know visits, conversions, etc.

    There is also Jekyll with Ruby, if you’re a fan of GitHub sure you will like it much as you can put together a spectacular free blog combined with the Pages module .

    A third option is DjangoCMS with Python. Here exploit the benefits of Django, the framework, to create robust web applications , focusing on content. If you’re a fan of this language, is an excellent choice.

    How to Apply for Masters Degree Online?

    Finally, WordPress is also a mature platform with many improvements in their latest versions. We recommend know all its architecture, community and good practice, so you have a positive experience. Now, remember link them to a web domain .

    We recommend generate one that has to do with the identity you want to promote, in the best case, your name ( ) , but is optional.

    If you are not convinced and still look complicated, is , a site where you can connect all your professional identity quickly and agile. Here you can share a small “brief” and your links to your social networks. It is not as manageable as above, but it is a viable option.

    Degree Information for MBA Online

    Having a social traction with communities in your industry is a vital factor. One tip is to open a site in Facebook Pages.

    Use it to generate, share information, activities and events in your area. Manages Twitter and professionally púlelo. Although you can use it without problem personally, not bad also approach it to areas that you love.

    LinkedIN is a social network you should spend a lot of time. Fill in multiple languages and use it to expose all you have. Many HR departments prefer to know your professional summary in this way.

    GitHub and Behance are developing and designing communities respectively. If your profile is here, it is important to have a user and display your work.

    MBA University of California, Berkeley

    Learn to build, record and write content for your area. Although there are countless places to promote debates, analysis and information on any topic, most people only consume online. But there is a small percentage of people who are dedicated to creating. When one part of this segment stands fast.

    Engaging content has great benefits. Consolidated- all your knowledge, learn to synthesize and know what people really need.

    You will force you to read, to think, to investigate, to help. And remember, if the visits are important, so is the conversion you generate (conversations, invitations, opening businesses, etc.). Did you consider opening your YouTube channel? We hope so.

    Masters in Business Accounting

    Forget that mentality that have a Fanpage is only for celebrities, you have to not generate a brand because you have nothing to show that this alternative is superb. Having a portfolio is synonymous with leadership, to take account of the community, to share, to propose.

    By now, people stand and doors open thanks to these small details. Be one. Show us your portfolio in the comments and tell us how it has benefited you. It will be a pleasure to read you.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should be the winning horse

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung

    The Winning Horse Of Samsung

    It has something like the Ferry tale the history of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with the evolution of “frikadas” a category creator and be one of the biggest trendsetters in mobile telephony.

    From Asia to Europe a larger screens extends and reaches even threaten tablet market growth. More sales remain around 5 – 5.2 inches, but if something go IFA convinced this is that Samsung should go for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as his winning horse, as their first line telephony even above the Galaxy range .

    Competition in the flagship, competition in the phablet


    In 2013 Samsung could not get his S4 was the best of the year. LG, Apple, HTC and Sony signed the same or better products; This course has been better S5 level (especially the camera and screen), but it certainly is difficult to speak of difference in the market or clear leadership by any actor.

    Above the 5.5 inch the situation is quite different. phablets In high-end (if it is still appropriate to distinguish this category and if that figure is correct to make a difference), the feeling is that is Note One year ahead of the competition . If the magnificent Note that we left the 3 add still better screen, camera S5 and first class finishes, this difference increases.

    Battery with 600,000 cells to test large-scale energy storage

    battery cells 600,000, Calidornia battery cellWhat do more than 600,000 battery is a facility of 2,000 square meters Edison Company? Well maybe a lot more prosperous future for alternative energy in the world of Technology.

    The Tehachapi Energy Storage Project just open in California by Southern California Edison (SCE) in collaboration with the Department of Energy of the USA as the first part of a plan for cleaner energy integration in the global network of the area , where there important alternative energy facilities, including wind.

    Pilot for a more efficient integration of renewable energy
    The main disadvantage with producers that are wind or solar energy is that production can not be managed the same way as in a classical nuclear or thermal. And the future, even with zero energy cost, is there.

    Batteries (in this case manufactured by LG Chem) are the only current way to store that energy from SCE and tested for two years with this giant installation of 32 MW / h to collect superfluous energy renewable installations to optimize around integration into the global network that provides electricity to a small area.

    To be able to store electricity on a large scale is doable is a long way, but we are glad that the first steps will seriously and giving.

    Microsoft Kinect commitment to create artistic experiences

    Microsoft Kinect Cubes, Cubes kinect, Kinect Micrsofot Exprerience, Cool Kinect, Awesome KinectFrom its inception until today, Kinect has registered as an artist more ways than making voice assistant or serving as an intermediary to use our body as a system of control. Kinect didn’t got much prominence. Perhaps it is fitting that Microsoft is going over this facet and Redmond are going to decide to go for it.

    We have seen many projects using Microsoft Kinect as support for artistic creations of all kinds before. However, projects were rarely monitored by Microsoft itself. Now with Cube’s aim to encourage this type of use and disclose your system for recognition as more than just an accessory to speak it when we are playing Xbox.

    Bailes connect virtual


    Cube is a cube with four faces, in the words of Microsoft, reveals several people who are not in the same space. In this case it is two people who are face to face with the bucket and through a system of four Kinects (one per side) to project real-time music and images as body movements.
    The idea is to create a common virtual space where we go putting music and visual effects by moving our body with more people.

    The feeling that creates the cube is quite immersive and no, it is not done with four big screens but with projectors and plastic panels to display images in each of the faces.

    Microsoft’s goal with this project is clear, position in the creative world and take a picture wearing or dragging for years: the archetypal man with suit and tie Office lover. Give a creative image and open the doors to Microsoft Kinect due to their limited success in Xbox consoles.

    At present the debut of this Cube has occurred in the festival Decibel on electronic music, innovation and technology in Seattle. See if in Redmond are encouraged to continue to replicate and if such proposals more often.

    Soft Body Robots Just Put The Right Suit

    When Will Smith fighting robots, is usually associated with large structures or strong humanoid forms. But something as soft as the foam can also be the body of a robot using a skin or bespoke suit created by researchers at Purdue University. They made Soft Body Robots just using the Right Suit.

    With this development, the technology is not in the robot itself but on the skin or coat in dressing, so any element can potentially benefit from this textile material that has included a flexible polymer that is capable of contracting and heat relax by applying an electric current, Depending on the placement of the lines of polymer can achieve a movement or other.

    Researchers also have sensors integrated into the suit, which opens the way to winning touch in future developments.

    One objective is in space. This development is being conducted in partial collaboration with NASA, who sees in this technology the foundation for future robotic suits for its astronauts combining low weight and possibility of modification of their properties and functions in real time and in response to needs.

    Also future rovers to other planets complex areas could benefit from either soft or rigid, and incorporates movements demand.

    Blackberry Revealed The Blackberry Passport Phone

    Excuse the apparent obviousness of the owner. Logically Blackberry is not going to get an iPhone, nobody doubts it. What I think is newsworthy is the second point. Take a look at the new Blackberry Passport Phone that yesterday exposed by the Owner of Blackberry. Don’t you guys perceive something special about it?

    Obviously hard to ignore the quadrature of the device, the highlight of the Passport Phone is the Blackberry is gonna try this time: the best mobile with qwerty keyboard for productivity , leveraged its software and services, so you guys can play war games easily through this product

    RIM’s Dilemma

    In life and miracles of Blackberry we outline a path, that of the previously called RIM, which was cut short in his meteoric career from the professional sector to the consumer by the confluence of touch phones with a great experience and ecosystem with messaging systems multisystem.

    With Blackberry 10 and its first devices planted what was to be his grand strategy to react: a system with a very new interface , especially touch phones in high-end as the Z10 or Z30 and the claim, as I recognized managers of the Canadian company to “pick up disillusioned with the lack of innovation Apple iPhone”.


    We know how this movie ended, Blackberry with an even greater crisis and acceleration, mass layoffs, output markets, steps back and not complicated to get the sale to its main suitor, Lenovo horizon.

    Passport, a blackberry for those who like the blackberry with Passport Phone what you have put on the table is a return to the sources, a faithful and caring for your market first, professional. Instead of thinking “how like us they do not want physical keyboards” have decided to go for those who do are the natural target audience.

    There are several things I like, a priori, the device: screen, battery, qwerty keyboard, the integration of Android apps via Amazon store… but mostly I like Blackberry has forgotten to make an iPhone after conclude, rightly, that Apple is not going to be winning Apple.

    Samsung cable to share the load between mobile devices

    Samsung creates a cable to share the load between your mobile devicesUsers of mobile devices remains on the battery life as one of the major problems of these products. There are solutions that allow you to get out of any trouble, such as interchangeable batteries or external batteries, and now Samsung have devised a new option.

    This is the Samsung Power Sharing Cable , a cable that allows owners of Galaxy devices transfer energy between your devices and any other (either the Galaxy or family) so they all nourished by the energy of the first if necessary.

    To access this option have to have a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch compatible (including the Galaxy S5, S Galaxy Tab 10.5, Galaxy Tab 8.4 S, Alpha Galaxy, Galaxy and Galaxy Note Avant 4), and an application – now available on Google Play – especially aimed at managing the operation. Among other things the tool allows you to select the amount of energy we want to transfer to another device.

    Actually that load sharing can be transferred to other devices that use Micro USB connection to recharge, so it is not strictly necessary that the other device is the Galaxy family. The cable costs $ 20 , and now remains to be seen if other manufacturers release a solution compatible with more devices, either the origin or destination of these energy transfers.

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