Soft Body Robots Just Put The Right Suit

    When Will Smith fighting robots, is usually associated with large structures or strong humanoid forms. But something as soft as the foam can also be the body of a robot using a skin or bespoke suit created by researchers at Purdue University. They made Soft Body Robots just using the Right Suit.

    With this development, the technology is not in the robot itself but on the skin or coat in dressing, so any element can potentially benefit from this textile material that has included a flexible polymer that is capable of contracting and heat relax by applying an electric current, Depending on the placement of the lines of polymer can achieve a movement or other.

    Researchers also have sensors integrated into the suit, which opens the way to winning touch in future developments.

    One objective is in space. This development is being conducted in partial collaboration with NASA, who sees in this technology the foundation for future robotic suits for its astronauts combining low weight and possibility of modification of their properties and functions in real time and in response to needs.

    Also future rovers to other planets complex areas could benefit from either soft or rigid, and incorporates movements demand.

    Blackberry Revealed The Blackberry Passport Phone

    Excuse the apparent obviousness of the owner. Logically Blackberry is not going to get an iPhone, nobody doubts it. What I think is newsworthy is the second point. Take a look at the new Blackberry Passport Phone that yesterday exposed by the Owner of Blackberry. Don’t you guys perceive something special about it?

    Obviously hard to ignore the quadrature of the device, the highlight of the Passport Phone is the Blackberry is gonna try this time: the best mobile with qwerty keyboard for productivity , leveraged its software and services, so you guys can play war games easily through this product

    RIM’s Dilemma

    In life and miracles of Blackberry we outline a path, that of the previously called RIM, which was cut short in his meteoric career from the professional sector to the consumer by the confluence of touch phones with a great experience and ecosystem with messaging systems multisystem.

    With Blackberry 10 and its first devices planted what was to be his grand strategy to react: a system with a very new interface , especially touch phones in high-end as the Z10 or Z30 and the claim, as I recognized managers of the Canadian company to “pick up disillusioned with the lack of innovation Apple iPhone”.


    We know how this movie ended, Blackberry with an even greater crisis and acceleration, mass layoffs, output markets, steps back and not complicated to get the sale to its main suitor, Lenovo horizon.

    Passport, a blackberry for those who like the blackberry with Passport Phone what you have put on the table is a return to the sources, a faithful and caring for your market first, professional. Instead of thinking “how like us they do not want physical keyboards” have decided to go for those who do are the natural target audience.

    There are several things I like, a priori, the device: screen, battery, qwerty keyboard, the integration of Android apps via Amazon store… but mostly I like Blackberry has forgotten to make an iPhone after conclude, rightly, that Apple is not going to be winning Apple.

    Samsung cable to share the load between mobile devices

    Samsung creates a cable to share the load between your mobile devicesUsers of mobile devices remains on the battery life as one of the major problems of these products. There are solutions that allow you to get out of any trouble, such as interchangeable batteries or external batteries, and now Samsung have devised a new option.

    This is the Samsung Power Sharing Cable , a cable that allows owners of Galaxy devices transfer energy between your devices and any other (either the Galaxy or family) so they all nourished by the energy of the first if necessary.

    To access this option have to have a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch compatible (including the Galaxy S5, S Galaxy Tab 10.5, Galaxy Tab 8.4 S, Alpha Galaxy, Galaxy and Galaxy Note Avant 4), and an application – now available on Google Play – especially aimed at managing the operation. Among other things the tool allows you to select the amount of energy we want to transfer to another device.

    Actually that load sharing can be transferred to other devices that use Micro USB connection to recharge, so it is not strictly necessary that the other device is the Galaxy family. The cable costs $ 20 , and now remains to be seen if other manufacturers release a solution compatible with more devices, either the origin or destination of these energy transfers.

    Samsung not rely on selling laptops in Europe


    Neither the Chromebooks that seemed a little out of the crisis PC sales have convinced Samsung to abandon the European market. So, Basically Samsung not rely on selling laptops in Europe in this case we couldn’t say much about the future.

    According underway in PCAdvisor, Samsung has confirmed that It’s  now gonna stop selling laptops in Europe, which does not mean that this segment continue developing or introducing new models for other markets where they see more hope.

    The fact is that, as has happened with Sony, the Korean giant prefers to combine efforts in segments like smartphones soaring, and leave a more complicated for them as the portable market, those that are holding sales crisis, including Apple and leader, Lenovo.!!

    Microsoft own Chromecast for devices with Miracast


    Long time now Chromecast becomes a small reference in accessories for our digital lives, and we are already seen  manufacturers tried to launch alternative for it. Microsoft is the last to do so, and today has unveiled its Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

    This HDMI dongle has got a format almost same like Chromecast, but combines the HDMI port on one end with a small wire and coupled to provide default charging through a USB port, a small advantage over Google device, which we who seek that little cable USB to Micro USB.

    Microsoft’s solution allows it we connect to a TV, monitor or projector from that time to deliver content via streaming if the source is a device that supports Miracast. Many PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 8.1 and Windows smartphones (Phone) offer that option, but so do Android devices that can benefit from this option.

    As eleemosynary devices we can see the contents of our original screen that screen large format, allowing us to enjoy the wireless broadcast easily. In Microsoft highlighted the fact that when using the Miracast technology ” will not be limited to certain applications or contents display anything from your device “.

    This tool allows you to boost the use of laptop, tablet or smartphone as a second screen, as once we issue the contents can move on to something else in the source device. Peripheral Microsoft has a higher price than Chromecast, however, as will be on sale in October for $ 60 , but maybe that mirroring extended interesting for potential users.

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