iQOO 11 5G Android 13 FRP Bypass Without PC [NEW UPDATE]

Looking for a FRP bypass solution for iQOO 11, which actually works? If that so, you’re luckily on the right place. Right now, this is one of the best free guide that will help you to bypass Google Account or remove FRP lock from your iQOO 11 device. By just following few steps you’ll be able to remove Factory Reset Protection from your smartphone.

What is FRP lock and how you can unlock FRP using iQOO 11 Smartphone?

Factory Reset Protection aka “FRP lock” is a useful feature which helps to protect your data if anything bad happens. For example, if in case your phone stolen or lost and you’ve set a Password, PIN code or Patter lock on your phone. Then, obviously no one will be able to use it until they factory reset it.

After a Factory Reset, your phone will be locked by this FRP security lock feature. That means, your iQOO phone will ask for the Google account details which was previously synced with your iQOO 11phone.

Unfortunately, if you are the real owner of any Android Phone and you don’t remember the Google Account details “Gmail ID and Password” then you won’t be able to use your phone again.

As we know, after setting up a Google Account in your iQOO 11 phone it automatically activates FRP aka “Factory Reset Protection” feature. Which means, if you perform a Factory Data Reset or Hard Reset to your phone. You need to enter the Gmail ID and Password of that Google account in order to complete the initial setup of your phone after a hard reset.

At the same time, you don’t remember or forget the Google account details which you used to login with in your iQOO phone. Then, you use this method to “unlock FRP” from your smartphone.

But luckily, we have many solutions to “remove FRP lock” for any Android phone and remember these free methods are for the real owners only. You can easily bypass FRP lock from iQOO 11 smartphone using this guide.

How to disable FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from iQOO 11:

As we already know, your iQOO 11 android device will automatically activate FRP lock security feature as soon as you synced a Google account with your iQOO 11 phone. In simple words, in order to use your phone again you need to remove that previously synced Google account. Fortunately, this is possible with the help of this Step-by-step method.


This guide is specifically made for real smartphone owners. do not apply this method on stolen phones.

iQOO 11 FRP Bypass without PC Bypass Google Account:

  • Turn on iQOO 11 android phone by pressing Power Button.
  • Connect iQOO 11 to a home Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap on Add Network button ==> this will open Keyboard in your phone.
  • Click on Theme Icon ==> then tap on Menu Icon ==> and select Settings.Bypass Google Account Verification Vivo
  • Now you need to select Help and Support ==> then choose Bug Report ==> and select MessagesBypass Google Account Verification Vivo
  • Put a mobile number ==> then type inside chat and send it to that number ==> then click on
  • A pop-up window will open ==> click on Open ==> then select Visit webpage.
  • However, YouTube app will appear on your iQOO 11 FRP Lock
  • Now, go to any video and find a link in the description ==> then click on the link to open Chrome Browser internet.Bypass Google Account Verification Vivo
  • Right now, you need to open this link in the Chrome browser and download Settings Shortcut
  • Once download completes, Install and open this application in your iQOO 11 FRP bypass.Bypass Google Account Verification Vivo
  • Doing this, will redirect you to the Settings of your phone. Go to Face and Password ==> select FACE ==> then choose Add a Face.Remove Google Account Verification Vivo
  • Inside lock screen password, select Pattern ==> then create any lock screen pattern ==> then tap on Done.Unlock Google Account Verification Vivo
  • Once you complete adding Face lock to your phone.
  • From here, move back to the initial setup of your phone then enter the pattern lock ==> and click on SKIP button.
  • This will skip the Google Verification Screen from your phone.Remove Google Verification from Vivo
  • FRP Bypass iQOO 11 successfully completed here. This iQOO 11 is running on Android v12.0 Pie.


Congratulations, you can now complete the initial setup of your iQOO 11 android phone and you’ll see the new Google account has been added successfully. That means “FRP bypass iQOO 11” is completed successfully and you don’t need to face that error again.

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