iCloud Bypass Tool For MAC [Bypass Activation Lock in 2 Clicks]

iCloud bypass tool is the best tool to unlock iCloud Activation lock from iPhone, iPad or any Apple device. This tool is free to use and it’s just required 2 clicks to bypass iPhone activation lock.

iCloud account details are very important for apple devices. The Apple ID and Password are the most important details for your iPhone. When an iPhone reset to its factory settings and after a restart you face this Activation Lock message.

In case, you don’t remember Apple ID or Password of your iPhone. At this point you can use iCloud bypass tool to remove this activation lock screen from your iPhone or iPad.

iCloud Bypass Tool Download for MAC

How to bypass iCloud Activation lock for Free:

This tool is very simple and easy to use, you just need to connect your device once you see this message: “Activation lock” This phone is linked to an Apple ID.

Then just connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac computer using the data cable. For this method, you just need to download and move “iCloud bypass tool” to your Application folder inside Mac.

iCloud bypass tool is made to bypass Activation Lock Screen on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This iCloud Bypass Tool is absolutely free to use for everyone around the world. All future software updates are free to use as well.

This iPhone activation lock unlock Tool is very easy to use to bypass iCloud Activation lock. Download tool to your Mac and move it to your application folder first, and then follow the instructions which we elaborate below to help you get a bypass for your iPhone just in few minutes.

How iCloud Bypass works – iCloud Bypass Tool?

This iCloud Bypass Tool work with all the apple devices having “Activation lock” screen after hard resetting the device.

Fortunately, Now I will show you how you can use iCloud bypass tool to bypass iCloud activation lock on devices from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s and also from the iPad .

This latest method to bypass icloud activation is different from the Custom Firmware restore iCloud bypass guide as it does not required to patch or use any firmware file to unlock iPhone or iPad.

If you are facing an iPhone Activation Lock issue on your device. This could be happen because of two reasons. Firstly, you do not remember applies id and password details. Secondly, when you buy iPhone or iPad from aftermarket or secondhand iPhone from Amazon or Ebay.

In case you found yourself in a situation like this, then don’t worry because we have an easy solution for you. The iClous Bypass Tool will help you to Bypass iPhone Activation Lock for absolutely FREE.

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock for free on iPad:

At first, we should understand the important of iPhone Activation Lock. iPhone activation lock is a very important part of Find My iPhone application. This application is purposely designed to increase the security of apple devices.

The main task of this app is to block unauthorized iPhone usage. In case, it’s stolen or lost and even one can erase all the data from the device remotely after losing its access.

This activation lock automatically activated once the owner signs into iCloud and turn on the Find My iPhone feature. After doing so, one should remember the Apple ID and Password details of their iPhone.

This helps a user to track his or her device remotely and also prevent any unauthorized access after this device set to its factory reset settings. The only possible way to disable Find My Device feature is by signing into to the iCloud account again and disabling this feature from iCloud.

10 Steps to unlock iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone:

1. Download and open BypassToolV4 folder.

2. Then click on File > and New Finder Window.

Silver application iCloud activation unlock tool

3. Then select Applications folder and then Drag and Drop Silver application to this folder.

Silver application iCloud activation unlock tool

4. After putting Silver iCloud bypass tool into the Applications, then double click on the Silver to run the application.

Silver application iCloud activation unlock tool

5. Connect your locked iPhone or iPad to the computer using data cable.

Activation lock screen of iPhone

6. Once the iCloud bypass tool appears on the screen of your MAC then you can select which device you want to bypass. In my case, I am going to bypass iCloud from iPhone 6s which has the 13.3.1 iOS Version.

To bypass iCloid from iPhone 6s, click on More Options button.Apple Tech Bypass Tool V4

7. Now select first option “Bypass iOS 13.3.1” from this section.

Apple Tech Bypass Tool V4

8. When you see the pop up window of “iOS 13 free iCloud bypass” then click on Relay Device Info.


9. This will activate TCP and you’ll see this message: SSH is set up and ready to use then click on Got it button.

10. Then click on Make it Rain button and this is going to remove “Activation Lock” screen from your iPhone.

This is going to unlock iCloud Activation Lock completely from your iPhone or iPad.

You can complete the initial setup of your phone and there will be no Activation lock anymore.


I hope you found this method helpful for your iPhone or iPad device. This iCloud bypass tool is absolutely free to use. It’s very easy to bypass activation lock using this tool. If you have any problem regarding this method, feel free to comment below.


iCloud Bypass Tool For MAC [Bypass Activation Lock in 2 Clicks]
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iCloud Bypass Tool For MAC [Bypass Activation Lock in 2 Clicks]
iCloud bypass tool for mac is a free tool to unlock Activation lock from iPhone and iPad. iPhone 6 icloud bypass and iPhone 4 iCloud bypass activation.

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