Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix [Without Deleting Data 2018]

Being a Samsung user, must have undoubtedly faced the problem of custom binary blocked by FRP Lock. Therefore, the aim of this tutorial is to address this common issue and answer some of your basic questions regarding this very disturbing lock for android users.

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We will try to make it easy for you to learn How to fix Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock problem on Android phones like Huawei, HTC, LG, Alcatel, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Sony Xperia and other android variants.

Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock will no more be a problem for you if you just follow the steps given in this post.

A complete Tutorial for Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix:Custom binary blocked by frp lock

Samsung is beyond doubt one of the most loved and one of the top-rated smartphone company in the world at the moment. They are not new in the market and have introduced several android devices ever since the smartphones started coming to the market.

Therefore, it has gained immense trust from people around the world. However, custom binary blocked by FRP Lock is one of the most significant problems that any Samsung user faces.

You would definitely know about this issue if you ever made an attempt to install any type of Custom ROM or anything like that on your Samsung mobile phone.

As you would probably already know, installing TWRP recovery is a must if you want to install Custom ROM. But custom binary blocked by FRP Lock does not let you do that. Therefore, before much delay, let us try to solve this problem.

Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix:

To begin with, it is a important step to know that all Samsung devices have a binary counter (in case you don’t know it already). As a result, when you install a custom recovery like TWRP in order to install a custom ROM, the binary counter starts to increase.

This results in the instigation of the factory reset protection to lock the device because they detect that there is an increase in the number of the binary counters.

When this happens, you will notice that a message would flash on your screen whenever you open your smartphone. Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock will be the message that would flash on your mobile screen.

You don’t have to worry if this message is flashing on your phone because we are here to guide you in finding custom binary blocked by FRP Lock Fix and this will solve all your problems forever.

The best thing that you will observe about this solution is that it is straightforward and possibly anyone can do it by following these simple steps. However, you must ensure that before you start following this procedure, you need a computer with the application named Odin3. Once you have Odin3 on your computer, you are ready to go. Here is how you do the rest:

  • The first and foremost thing is to download the Odin3 application which is readily available online. You can even choose to download it from this link specified below: Download Odin3
  • Then you need to download the Official Stock ROM using SamMobile website.  After you download the file, you need to extract the content from the zip folder on your computer.
  • Once you have the Odin3 setup file ready, you need to start the process by double-clicking on it.
  • Installing it on your computer is not a difficult task at all. You will be able to do it in a heartbeat.
  • Once everything is ready, you should get your smartphone into download mode, to do that just Press the Home button, the Volume-down key and the Power button. Make sure you press all three of these at the same time. You can easily do it for some 2-3 seconds by holding them together.
  • Once you do this, your smartphone will be ready, and it will now be put in the right mode to download. At this point, you might also get a pop-up with a warning, but you must proceed further after ignoring the warning.
  • As the next step, you will be required to click on the volume-up button in order to enter into the mode to download. This is the point when you must be on your computer and start the Odin application.
  • Next, you need to connect your smartphone, and you will notice that the Odin app would detect your phone. At this point, select all the required files on your phone.
  • You can find the required files in a Custom Rom zipped folder. It is the same Official Custom Rom zipped folder that you downloaded from SamMobile website during the setup process a few steps ago.
  • After you’ve made sure that all the required files have been selected, you need to press the start button that you will find in the app.
  • After this, you will see the software update in progress on your screen. When that happens, you can easily see the latest updates and progress on the screen of your device.

Following all these steps will ensure that after the passage of a few minutes, the entire setup process will be entirely complete. All you have to do now to complete the process is to disconnect your smartphone.

Once it is completely disconnected, you can restart it. After this process, you will not find the messages custom binary blocked by FRP Lock or any other lock messages from FRP being displayed on your device.  

The problem of the custom binary block by an FRP lock is quite common, and you need not stress if it occurs. All you have to do is be thorough in following the procedure stated here, and you are sorted!

Last Words:

This post was dedicated to discussing and solving the right process to the problem of custom binary blocked by FRP Lock. Following this process meticulously, in a step-by-step manner would definitely help you eliminate the problem at hand. If you wish to know more about this problem, you can click here.

Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

Best smartphones to buy in 2018: A Reality Check! [TOP 6]Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

It would be evident to say that bezel-less displays garnered all the limelight in the year 2017. Well, we can say, smartphones are evolving at a rapid speed providing an array of exclusive options and variants to geeks. 2018 will be a year of novelty, tech adventure bundled with advanced functionalities and amenities.

There are a commendable number of smartphones in the queue of upcoming smartphones 2018. In this article, we’ll talk about state of the art future phones 2018 that encapsulate aspects like dual-lens camera, better GPU and contains the potential to rock the international shelves.

Let’s begin our list of best upcoming smartphones that encapsulate a booming potential for a grand launch in 2018:

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

When it comes to staying dormant in smartphone segment for a while, Samsung can’t just sit ideal. What comes as an amazing fact is that, the company is going to launch the best upcoming smartphone, a lush successor of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the market.

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have already created a buzz in the market. The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 can be your best pick when it comes to buying the best upcoming smartphone.

The all new future phones 2018- Galaxy S9 is reportedly available in two different sizes. The phones would feature infinity display like their predecessor. According to some reports, S9 and S9 Plus might run Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The device comes handy with a great edge-cutting design and an exuberant appeal.

2. iPhone 9:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

The latest iPhone X marked the Apple’s 10 years of existence, now the company is all set to rock the expectations of the users with their best smartphone to buy in 2018 i.e. iPhone 9 in the market. Although iPhone X was costly, the all-new future phone 2018 iPhone 9 will feature an Aluminium build rather than a stainless-steel back for the purpose of reducing the price.

The phone might retain 19:9 display and will also make use of Face ID rather than Apple’s Touch ID. So, when we talk about new phones coming out 2018, iPhone 9 garners the limelight here.

For those, who are looking for an upcoming premium smartphone, the iPhone 9 can be your best pick. Blended with quality and Apple’s support, the device can rock your smartphone endeavors.

3. Nokia 9:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia’s latest smartphone, Nokia 9 is scheduled for a grand launch in 2018. The device would be featured with a Qualcomm 835 Snapdragon chipset. If you’re looking forward to the best smartphone to buy in 2018, then Nokia 9 can be your out of the box pick. The phone has been powered by Adreno 540 GPU and features a 64 GB of inbuilt storage.

Carl-Zeiss will feature an exclusive lens inside the camera of the new Nokia 9. This would empower the device to attain 4K shooting ability with a dual-camera setup, the camera will be a 12 MP type. Nokia is breaking the stereotypes for future phones 2018 by launching the catchy and bezel-less Nokia 9 in the market.

The all-new upcoming smartphones 2018Nokia 9 would feature Android Oreo 8.0 and also an IP68 water and dust protection rating. Nokia 9 fills the void of best upcoming smartphone which is affordable in nature as well.

With an 18:9 display ratio, the phone would provide an array of splendid display resolution and pixel per density. The best upcoming smartphone Nokia 9 will support revolutionary 360-degree Ozo audio recording as well.

4. Xiaomi Mi 7:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

Xiaomi is revolutionizing the “future phones 2018” domain by launching its exclusive device Xiaomi Mi 7 in the new phones coming out 2018 segment. The all-new device might feature a Snapdragon 845 chipset under its vicinity.

The best upcoming smartphone can be on shelves in January 2018. Mi 7 will feature a 6 GB of RAM blended with 3350 mAH of battery life. When it comes to building, the device sets new benchmarks amidst “upcoming smartphones 2018”.

It will feature a glass back for the purpose of enabling wireless charging on the device. Talking about the camera, the device will feature an aperture of f/1.7 rating, hence, making it the best smartphone to buy in 2018. This would also make bookish effect amongst the images possible.

5. Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

For all the tech enthusiasts out there, there is a great news. If you’re wondering about the new phones coming out 2018, then your wait is over. Sony is going to unveil their all-new premium best upcoming smartphones in the market.

Sony Xperia XZ1 is soon going to rock the international shelves. The phone will feature a bezel-less design with a 5.7-inch 4K display, splendid right? Sony Xperia XZ1 falls under the domain of future phones 2018 and can be launched in the end days of February 2018. Talking about the hardware, the device would feature two variants, one with 4GB of RAM & 64GB of internal storage.

Another variant would feature a RAM of 6GB blended with 128 GB of internal storage. The “Best smartphone to buy in 2018”, Sony Xperia XZ1 would exclusively feature a Snapdragon 835 chipset, thus revolutionizing the new phones coming out 2018 domain.

6. OnePlus 6:Best Upcoming Smartphones to buy in 2018 [TOP 6 Worth Checking]

OnePlus has rocked the foundation of smartphone markets all around the world with their exclusive and rich-tech packed devices. Well, if you’re wondering about which is the best smartphone to buy in 2018? then, that would be OnePlus 6.

The all-new device would come handy with a 5.7-inch bezel-less all-screen display. The resolution specs of the device stand at 1440 x 2560 pixels respectively. When it comes to processor, the all-new device features a 2.6 GHz Octa Core processor in the list of new smartphones coming soon. With an inbuilt storage of 128 GB and powered with 8GB of RAM, the all-new OnePlus 6 will run Android 8.0.

The battery capacity of the device rests at 3500 mAh. Talking about the camera specifications, amongst all future phones 2018, OnePlus has an eye-catching camera, with a 16MP front camera and a 23MP of the Dual-rear camera, the device is going to rock photography endeavors.


If you’re looking forward to the best smartphone to buy in 2018, then we hope this list would be of great help for you. The “upcoming smartphones 2018” encapsulates a great deal of potential to revolutionize how we interact with our smartphones.

OnePlus 6 can be a significant option for Android lovers. While for Apple geeks, iPhone 9 can be the key. If you’re a bit on the cost-effective side, then Xiomi Mi 7 will fill the void as well.

If you’re looking forward to a great display quality, then Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium can be your out of the box pick. As trends and technologies among future phones 2018 are vibrant, you must take an informed decision about the device you wish to purchase.

We have outlined the new smartphones coming soon, you must research thoroughly before buying your best upcoming smartphone. We hope you’ll benefit from the research and you’ll not regret your 2018 smartphone purchase.