MSI has just launched its latest and smallest Mini-PC so far: The MSI Cubi, This is a smallest desktop PC based on Intel NUC models and bring excellent technical qualities in a very tiny size, It can be fixed on your palm smaller than your lunchbox, Moveable and easy to use, Ideal for office, personal use and even for a media center.

Thanks to the new range of Intel low power processors, It is now possible tare market products like the MSI presents today. It is a powerful machine with low power, low energy usage and with a huge storage capacity. Furthermore it can be placed behind a monitor with the support of “VESA” frame, This frame is almost unnoticeable for others because it has a very accurate size for the Cubi Mini-PC.

Small, smaller, super small :

Smaller than a notebook or your laptops numberic keypad, MSI Cubi is the smallest mini PC class with a case of 0.45 liters provides all the elements of a normal desktop PC. With curved edges, a smooth, subtle ventilation and input and output ports conveniently placed under the MSI Cubi is not only smaller, but also the smartest in its class.


Unique Intel Brodwell Platform :

MSI Cubi has got cool processors Intel 14nm Broadwell, with a total power consumption of less than “15W”, 30% less compared to the previous product. The integrated Intel HD Graphics, Intel CPU provides great performance in multimedia applications.

High speed and large storage :

Based on a modular design, the MSI Cubi provides the ability to install an additional hard disk, For giving a high capacity data storage. Users can easily replace the lower deck with an extended module, Cubi actually providing more space for those who want even bigger storage. It incorporates an mSATA drive and the possibility of adding a HDD 2.5 ” So that users can enjoy high data processing speed and large storage capacity at the same time. Isn’t it awesome a device that can be move anywhere at anytime, In-fact you can put it in your pocket or in your purse and use it anywhere, anytime.

Easy management and security :

With the support for Intel vPro technology, Cubi offers lots of benefits regarding security. It can be functioned remotely to start and manage your system, Cubi is an awesome device for your business.

UHD screen and VESA mount support :

MSI Cubi ain’t only a perfect business partner, it can also be served as an excellent HTPC with support for displaying content ultra-high definition 4K vision, So that you guys can entertain with the HD quailty at your home. With the dual screen support (via HDMI and Mini Display) can connect two monitors simultaneously for efficient day at the office. Last but not least, MSI Cubi can be mounted on a wall or on the back of a monitor to the VESA standards to take the most efficient use of space.