Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should be the winning horse

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The Winning Horse Of Samsung

It has something like the Ferry tale the history of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with the evolution of “frikadas” a category creator and be one of the biggest trendsetters in mobile telephony.

From Asia to Europe a larger screens extends and reaches even threaten tablet market growth. More sales remain around 5 – 5.2 inches, but if something go IFA convinced this is that Samsung should go for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as his winning horse, as their first line telephony even above the Galaxy range .

Competition in the flagship, competition in the phablet


In 2013 Samsung could not get his S4 was the best of the year. LG, Apple, HTC and Sony signed the same or better products; This course has been better S5 level (especially the camera and screen), but it certainly is difficult to speak of difference in the market or clear leadership by any actor.

Above the 5.5 inch the situation is quite different. phablets In high-end (if it is still appropriate to distinguish this category and if that figure is correct to make a difference), the feeling is that is Note One year ahead of the competition . If the magnificent Note that we left the 3 add still better screen, camera S5 and first class finishes, this difference increases.