Download Chainfire SuperSU Zip v2.82 Latest Version for Android 2017

SuperSU ZIP Download Free Chainfire Latest Version [2017 UPDATE]SuperSU Zip:

“SuperSU” is developed by Chainfire; this is a free version for rooting Android applications. It offers faster notifications, the new user interface makes is user friendly and appealing. The option of disabling “SuperSu Zip” for each app makes it a unique rooting source.

Tablets and smartphones are the major Android devices which are rooted to attain certain control within Android’s subsystem. On Android 4.0+ applications rooting will not just offer super user access but also high speed processing within the app.

SuperSU Pro is the paid version of these features however; it helps in retaining the rooting access even while there is a system update. Advanced log configuration setting and password protection are some of the other highlights of SuperSU Zip.

SuperSU is developed by Chainfire, he is a well-recognized Xda developer and has offered various similar tools to the Android applications.

It is essential to root the Android device to enjoy the benefits of SuperSu. Once ‘SuperSu Zip’ is installed, the user will be prompted to root the device either through Android Application Package (APK) or manually. Android Application Package (APK) is offered by 3rd party rooting service; however, manually rooting is relatively simpler and can be done from device’s recovery mode.

“SuperSu Zip Download” has the optionally to grant or deny permission to a particular app for specific time period. When and who can access the apps can be easily controlled and tracked. This free android app will have the data saved even if there is any system update.SuperSU ZIP Download Free Chainfire Latest Version [2017 UPDATE]

SuperSu Application will make you the super user of your Android device; this also means that you will have the central control on your devices than the device maker. App such as Keyboard manager, Link2SD, Samba Filesharing, Dual Mount SD Widget, DroidWall and Titanium Backup requires your Android device to be rooted.

The newest and the beta version of SuperSU v2.82 SR2 is released with lot of bug fixes and technical updates. While you start with SuperSU make sure the latest version of the application is downloaded. You can install SuperSU Zip directly from the Google Play on your Android device. Paid version of SuperSU, the SuperSU Pro is available for $3.75 with the advanced functionality.



Why to consider SuperSU Pro version?

Though there is a free version of SuperSu.Zip is available, the SuperSU Pro has advanced features which make it worth for the money spent. Here are some of the key highlights of SuperSU pro.

• Full color-coded command for content logging (error/output/input)
• OTA survival mode with no guarantee
• Per-application user override
• Per-application logging configuration
• PIN protection per app
• Grant or deny root for set amount of time to an app
• Adjust auto-deny count-down
• PIN protection for complete rooting

How to Install SuperSU Zip?

It is essential to gain root access to the Android device prior to installing the Super SU app into the device. TWRP, FlashFire or CWM recovery app can be used to install SuperSu on your Android device. Instructions to install the app are:SuperSU ZIP Download Free Chainfire Latest Version [2017 UPDATE]

• Ensure the root package is copied to your Android device
• Reboot your tablet or Smartphone into its recovery mode.
• Click on “Install zip from SD card” or “Install” or and choose the SuperSU zip file

• Choose the correct zip file and then “Swipe to Confirm Flash” – this will flash the zip package
• Select “Reboot System” option once SuperSU is flashed
Yes, it is that simple! You just need to get the right order to install the device.

How to Flash into recovery mode?

Though there are many ways to flash your phone into recovery mode, the best method is to use USB debugging with a PC.

It is essential to download all recovery images and packet into the device (ensure right model of SuperSU apk is selected) before rooting. Post downloading, rooting and installation, you can access SuperSU apk through below steps:

Steps to access SuperSU.ZIP File:

1: Enter developer mode: Go to Settings Software info Build number, tap continuously 7-8 times in order to enter the developer mode (pop-up will appear at the bottom of your smartphone or tablet)
2: Switch on USB debugging mode and then unlock your phone (this may require a bootloader)
3: Link to computer using a USB cable and move the SuperSU zip packet to SD card
4: Reboot recovery mode
5: Select ‘Instal file’
6: Post successful installation, the system will auto-reboot
7: Select yes when the system asks for maintaining root status

Note: It will take a few minutes for the system to reboot and SuperSU app will be accessible on your device.

Top 10 PokeVision Alternatives in 2017 [Works 100%]

Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternatives 2017 [Works 100%]

Pokevision Alternative: The first ever widely used mapping program for Pokemon GO, the PokeVision app was the top choice for several avid Pokemon GO trainers on the web the world over.

Harboring thousands of scans by new Pokemon GO players each day, PokeVision 2017 entered Google’s hall of fame for the most searched for term for many weeks. It can be accessed from the official PokeVision HK website here.

However, all good things come to an end, as did the PokeVision apk. Niantic and Nintendo’s decision to pull the plug on several tracking sites that Pokemon GO trainers were frequently using such as the PokeVision latest apk came like a bolt from the blue, thus disabling the mapping footprint completely.

Why Pokemap Ceased?

Yet another tracking app that ceased to function was Pokemap. On January 20th, a team of representatives from Pokemap’s website regret-tingly informed their users that their unauthorized use of Niantic’s servers as well as usage of copyrighted Pokemon images were what led to the aggressive cease-and-desist mitigation measure.

Pokemap’s team has since speculated that Pokemon Go’s server issues primarily furthered this ban wave.


Pokemap’s creator remarked, “Niantic’s investigations into their server issues revealed that several standalone companies and apps were accessing their servers without actually using Pokemon GO. This caused the servers to be overloaded.

To curb unauthorized access and resolving the server load issues, Niantic disabled several third-party apps’ ability to access its API.”

Niantic continues to mitigate third-party development of Pokemon GO. However, since the ban, several other alternatives to PokeVision, Pokemap etc. have arisen.

The developers of these alternatives have since learnt from the mistakes of their contemporaries and steered clear of obvious Pokemon IP and APIs. Such apps continue to interact with and influence the flow of the game.

Here’s a list of “Top 10 PokeVision alternatives” that are available today. This includes a few online maps with Pokemon spotting, two Android and three iOS apps and sundry web-based ones.

PokeVision Alternative:

1. PokeEye:

This app comes packed with a scanner that allows the player to scan a specific according to scan radius or the different scan circles. The map can be accessed with a web browser and allows real-time tracking since it uses the GPS location of the device you are accessing the app from.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

You can also filter the map to show/hide Pokestops, scanned locations as well as certain Pokemon. In addition to this, PokeEye also comes with a Pokedex and an easy-to-use chat feature that allows you to communicate with other players in a 20-km radius.

Get it here

2. PokeGo Scan Apk:

Targeted specifically for iOS users, this is one of the last few functional apps with colorful and easy to recognize Pokemon icons.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

If you want to catch em’ all, this is one of the best scanners to do so. Most other scanners only show alternate icons and/or Pokemon numbers which renders the whole tracking process useless without a Pokedex.

Get it here

3. PokeVS:

If you were fully conversant with the ins and outs of PokeVision alternative, then the PokeVS scanner is for you. This scanner is quite similar to the original PokeVision app and hence a suitable PokeVision alternative. It is extremely easy to use; Pokemon appear the moment players enter an address and tap on the screen.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

Get it here

4. FastPokeMap:

This app provides a quick scan and track service to discover the location of any Pokemon that have already been found by other players in your area.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

The FastPokeMap team is putting in all efforts necessary to develop an alternative that provides players with a wide variety of options when compared to its peers. However, since many players scan throughout the day, certain locations turn out to be luckier than others.

Get it here

5. PokeFast:

PokeFast has figured out an ingenious way to avoid copyright infringement. Android devices show the numbers of each Pokemon around the player, hence allowing the latter to download icons to replace the numbers. Yet another feather in its cap is the fact that it is the fastest map scanner so far.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

Get it here

5 More Replacements to PokeVision

6. PokeNest:

True to its name, this app allows players to accurately pin-point the location of Pokemon nests, where some specific Pokemon types often materialize. The presence of a static dataset makes this app easy-to-use and more reliable.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

Get it here

7. PokeRadar:

Packed with interactive apps, this app is probably one of the best ways to absorb and live the Pokemon Go experience. It is available for both Android and iOS and allows players to capture Pokemon quite fast. PokeRadar stands by its signature tagline, “Made by Pokemon GO enthusiasts for Pokemon GO enthusiasts”.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

Get it here

8. Pokemesh:

This is one of the most dynamic apps in the market today that undergoes constant improvements and updates. One of its primary features is the ability to filter Pokemon by type. Although this is a freeware, they do have a dedicated donations option available as well.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

Get it here

9. PokiiMap:

PokiiMap is self-proclaimed as “PokeVision on Android” and is an ideal PokeVision replacement. It makes finding a needle in the haystack look easy as it triggers player notifications for selected Pokemon in your specific area for each scan every two minutes. In addition to this, it also notifies you when the Pokemon disappears. Although it isn’t very user-friendly, its users swear by its effectiveness.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

Get it here

10. Poke Detector:

This app is quite popular among the iOS user group. Although quite simple to use and scan for specific Pokemon, this is one of the most searched tracking apps by iOS players on search engines. The app allows a certain player to notify all other chosen players in his vicinity the moment a Pokemon is sighted. One of the best replacements to pokevision on the internet.Top Ten Best PokeVision Alternative 2017 [Works 100%]

Get it here

Last Words:

These are the most popular ‘Pokevision alternative’ for Android devices. Use all these and let us know if you face any difficulty in downloading or installing all these pokevision replacements.

Pokevision alternatives are quite helpful in finding new Pokemons in any area. Just use any of these alternative to pokevision and select your area to find new Pokemons in Pokemon Go application.

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