Android Multi Tools Download for PC Latest Version V3.0 2020

Android Multi Tools is a very useful tool to remove Password, Pattern lock, PIN Code from android devices. First thing, we all know the importance of Password lock or Pattern lock in our phone. Therefore we all use it to secure our device from any unwanted access.

At the same time, we can also forget Password, Pattern lock or Pin code which stops us to access the device’s data. Practically, all of us have experienced it at some point.

Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to remove the password lock or pattern lock in order to access the device data once you forgot its lock. Secondly, we can flash our device to remove the password or pattern lock. But doing so, you will end up losing all the important data of your device.

Android Multi Tools Download for PC Latest Version V3.0 2019

Android Multi Tools V1.02b and V3.0 comes very handy to remove Password or Pattern lock quickly from your android phone or tablet. Good thing about this tool is that you can unlock the device without actually flashing it and even without losing your important data.

Android Multi Tools Information and details:

Android Multi Tools v1.02b and version 3.0 latest one helps you to reset the pattern/password/pin code lock of your android device. In order to use this tool you can remove any kind of lock from your phone.

Fortunately you can simply follow the steps to overcome any kind of difficulty you are facing regarding your phone.

This android tool have bunch of helpful features as well. It gives option to check the status of your android phone or tablet. Users can also remove the face ID using this tool.

The great thing about this android multi tool, if you ever forget the password or email of your Gmail account. You can easily remove Gmail ID or Google account with the help of this tool.

Fortunately, you can also use this tool to completely wipe out the data, videos, pictures or any kind of unwanted data which persists of viruses from your phone.

Some of the other useful features of multi tools: fast boot is accessible with just single click, the ability to wipe out overall data or removing the cache. Another feature is to launch a terminal in the android device using just one click. In short, this is the best unlock android tool and it comes without any Box or Password.

Which means, you don’t have to pay a single penny to unlock your device from any kind of lock which is making trouble for you.

Download and Use Android Multi Tools (V 1.02b) and 3.0b for Free:

  1. Android Multi Tools works best with the Android SDK to perform the operation properly. Therefore before the installation of Android Multi Tools, my suggestion is to download and install the Android SD into your PC.
  2. After installing the Android SDK, you can then continue and download Android Multi Tools V1.02b into the PC (Personal Computer) or laptop.
  3. In the next step you have to enable USB Debugging on your android phone. In case you don’t know about enabling the USB debugging, follow the steps below to enable it.USB Debugging Android
  4. Just after you successfully enabled the USB Debugging mode into your phone. Connect your android device to your PC with the help of a USB cable.
  5. If your device is connected with the computer, then extract the files of the android-multi-tool zip file which you previously downloaded in Step 2.
  6. Get inside the folder and run the Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file as shown in the figure below.Android Multi Tools V1.02b free Download for PC Latest Version V3.0 2019
  7. Once you open the “Android Multi Tools” you will see a Green command prompt terminal window. As shown in the figure below.
  8. We need to be very careful here, selecting any wrong function may have dire consequences. For example, by selecting the number 5 or 8 number will remove all the data, pictures or everything from your phone.

Use Android Multi Tools V1.02b To Unlock Android Device:

Follow the steps in this video to unlock and recover your android phone. This video is not in English language. So don’t worry about the words focus on the steps to use this android multi tool V1.02b correctly.

There is another video which is hard resetting the Micromax A35 from India using Android multi tools:

Just follow each and every step carefully and you will be able to successfully unlock your Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Micromax, LG, Alcatel or any other android phone easily.

Details of each helpful function and option of Android Multi Tools:

1. Check Device Feature:

Check device feature helps you to identify if your device is connected to the PC or not. In case your phone indicates successful connection with the computer but the Android Multi Tools V1.02b is not connecting it.

In this situation, you should check your USB data cable or turn on the USB debugging feature on your phone. Furthermore, make sure that you have installed the Android SDK into your PC.

2. Reset Face/PIN Lock Feature:

Reset Face/PIN lock feature is very helpful. Resetting the Face ID is quite a bit difficult in android devices but with the help of android multi tools it becomes very easy.

This will remove the Face ID from your phone or tablet. It works on all the android versions from Android Kitkat 4.1.x to Android Pie 9.0.x.

In simple words, Face lock or Face ID lets you unlock your android phone using your face. On the other hand, it’s another way to unlock your Android phone or tablet by just letting it ‘see’ your face. Fortunately, you can also bypass this by using the Android Multi Tools latest version.

3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock:

Reset Face/Gesture lock is one of the best feature in this tool. The Gestures are basically connected with the Pattern lock of your phone. This option also helps you to remove Face ID or unlocking the Gestures.

Good thing about this reset feature is that you will not lose any of your data during the resetting operation. This works on Android 4.1.x or higher versions. After unlocking the Pattern lock or Face ID using this feature, you should turn it off from the settings of your phone.

4. Reset Gmail

Resetting Gmail account was not easier than this. Gmail account is the most essential part of your phone. It helps you to run the PlayStore, lets you download free or paid applications. Gmail account also helps you to store or save your important data to the Google account.

Additionally, if you forgot the details of your Google account. If it keeps telling you to enter the right details and you don’t have any way out. Fortunately, Reset Gmail feature will help to remove the previously submitted Google account from your android smartphone.

5. Wipe Data

Wipe data feature is used to delete and remove all data from your smartphone or tablet. Before you select this option, always make sure to back-up your important data and files. As once this option is selected and operation begins, it is going to erase/delete/remove all the data/files/images/videos/contacts from your phone.

6. Reboot

Rebooting your phone is not a rocket science. Every phone has a power button to reboot it, then why this feature is available on android multi tools?  Well, if you ever heard about ADB shell then you also know the importance of rebooting using a third-party source or software.

By using this option you can restart or reboot your smartphone and boot into the normal mode. Of course, you can use this feature to exit from the ADB shell.

7. Check Device On Fastboot Mode

Check device on Fastboot mode feature will help you to check your android phone’s connection status. In order to activate Fastboot mode in your device, you have to connect the smartphone on Fastboot and make sure that the Fastboot driver is installed in your device.

8. Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode

Wipe Data/Cache using Fastboot mode is the best feature when it comes to remove and wiped data completely from your device. In case your device got frozen or it is stuck on an infinite boot loop or your device is performing slowly. Generally, this problem occurs when you install a new ROM or software in your device.

9. Exit Fastboot Mode

This very feature enables you to exit from the Fastboot mode and reset your device properly.

10. Go To Command Prompt

This very option enabled you to exit from the “Android Multi Tools” and let you go back to the normal command prompt.

11. Software Info

Software info option helps you to get the information about the ROM and Software installed into your android device. This also contains the firmware version.

12. Hardware Info

This option not only defines the hardware info of the connected android device but also shows the information regarding the camera, WI-FI, the IC number, the touch screen and more.

13. Report/Contact Me

If you face any bugs or any type of program related problems. This feature will let you connect with the developer in order to solve these problems correctly. You can also submit a report related to the bugs or issues you are facing using this feature in Android multi tools.

14. Drive Download

Drive download lets you download any software which is not currently installed in your PC or Laptop.

15. Help

By using this option, you will have a complete help guide to understand each and every option of this software.

16. Donate

One can easily make a donation to the developer of this multi tools software with this option.


In the final analysis, before performing any of these operation to your device. We recommend that you should make a backup of your device in case of any data loss.

Fortunately, there are tons of free software’s just like Android Multi Tools V1.02b and v3.0 and guides are available on the internet which can help you do this. As it is always good to backup all your important data before trying anything new or resetting your android phone or tablet.

Android Multi Tools V1.02b Download [Latest Version V3.0 2020 100%]
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Android Multi Tools V1.02b Download [Latest Version V3.0 2020 100%]
Android Multi Tools V1.02b is the best tool to unlock android phone. This works for Samsung, LG, Huawei and many android phones. Reset your phone in 2020.


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