5 best Android apps released in 2015

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What’s up guys George here back with the Top five Android Apps released in 2015

5 best Android apps released in 2015

1st App : Block This! (Block Unwanted Ads)

5 best Android apps released in 2015


Let’s start with the first app which is “BLOCK THIS!(Free)“, Very useful app for blocking unwanted adds in your Android Apps and Chrome Browser, This app is basically “Add-away” for the unrooted of the Android universe, all you do is press the start button and block-ads begins blocking all ads in every app and inside the Chrome browser. So far it works really well it offers a premium service but for me the standard version work just fine.

2nd App : Polarr (Best Photo Editor App)

5 best Android apps released in 2015

App No 2 : App number 2 is a full-fledged photo editor called “Polarr(Free)“, Polar is not only well designed but it has almost every hoto editing feature you could possibly want, all in a really clean package. It has a lot of really interesting features to tinker with even letting you change the values with the Gyroscope. If you’re in the making your photos look perfect then “POLAR” is definitely worth checking out, As it is one of the better photo editors on the “Play Store”.

3rd App : Accomplish (To-Do App)

5 best Android apps released in 2015

App No 3 : App number 3 is a super clean and quite useful “To-Do” app called “Accomplish(Free)“, Accomplish works a lot like other To-Do apps but its design and usability as above most of the rest, It’s easier to you to see the tasks you need to get down on a calender rather than just a To-Do list like most other tasks apps. The best part of accomplish is the beautiful reminder that pops up each time you have a tasked to do.

4th App : Star Wars (Fan Boy Dream)

5 best Android apps released in 2015

App No 4 : App Number 4 is “Star Wars(Free)” This app definitely has to go to the official Star Wars app, you can choose “Light Side, Dark Side, Droid” Features in this app to theme it different ways. You can get official news updates all the time notifications. The best feature is the “Great Kid..”(Selfie thing) it’s crazy like a fan boys dream if you like Star Wars go get it now and enjoy your day.

5th App : QUADA (Square-Shaped Icon Pack)

5 best Android apps released in 2015

App No 5 : App number 5 is “Quada Icon Pack($.99)“, Quada is a beautiful square shaped icon pack that’s flat but not too flat and the design of each Icon is minimal colorful and beautiful so if you’re looking for a brand new set of square icons you can go with this brilliant app.

5 best Android apps released in 2015
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5 best Android apps released in 2015
The Top 5 Best Android Apps released in 2015

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