How to Hard Reset “ZTE Blade L110” Smartphone Complete Method

How to Hard Reset "ZTE Blade L110" Smartphone Complete MethodHow to Hard Reset “ZTE Blade L110” Smartphone:

In this guide I’ll teach you how easy it is to restore the ZTE Blade L110 (Android 5.1 Version) to its factory settings from Android Recovery Mode with the help of HARD RESET method.


This operation can be used to fix issues like running slow, Freezing, to clear the memory space or to remove a file or virus or if you unfortunately forget your Security Code, Password, Pin Code or Pattern KEY. Use this Hard Reset method to get rid from all these kind of problems.


I would like to tel you, Before performing this method, make sure you have the Google Account login details “GMAIL ID & Password”. Because if you have Android Version 5.1 Lollipop or 6.0 Marshmallow on the phone.

You will be asked to input the Google account login and password details after you perform a software repair or hard reset. If unfortunately you cannot provide this information during the setup process, you will not be able to use the device at all after software reset or hard reset.

5 Easy Steps to Hard Factory Reset ZTE Blade Phone:

1. Power Off your phone.How to Hard Reset "ZTE Blade L110" Smartphone Complete Method

2. Once your phone completely powered off, Press and hold “VOLUME UP Button + Power Button” at the same time. Keep pressing until you see “ZTE LOGO” on your phone’s screen.

3. Let go the buttons once you see the “ZTE Blade” logo on the screen of your mobile.

4. Now you’ll the “Chinese Menu” as “ZTE is a Chinese company brand”. Don’t need to be panic, just press “volume down button” keep pressing until you select the last option from this screen.How to Hard Reset "ZTE Blade L110" Smartphone Complete Method

5. The last option from this menu its actually “Factory Data Reset” which is written in Chinese language, therefore we couldn’t understand. Simply press “Power Button” at the last option from that menu.How to Hard Reset "ZTE Blade L110" Smartphone Complete Method

Now wait a few minutes, Until you phone will restart. After about 5/8 minutes your phone will be complete hard reset to factory settings. Here all you must to is the Initial Setup of your “ZTE L110 Blade” phone.

Last Words:

I hope this guide for Hard Resetting the ZTE Phone Blade L110 is helpful for you. If you still need any help regarding this, Please comment below for further help.