Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review – Apple’s First Home Audio Device 2017 (BUY NOW)

Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review - Apple's First Home Audio Device (BUY NOW)Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review – Apple’s First Home Audio Device

This is Apple’s first home audio device, the iPod Hi-Fi. Announced in 2006 by Steve Jobs, the Hi-Fi was a speaker system with a built-in dock designed for iPod using what was then the cutting edge technology of its time, 30-Pin.

Now looks-wise, this was built to match Apple’s design aesthetic which back then was mostly gloss-white. Now because the Hi-Fi was designed for iPods, it came with every adapter you would need to connect but on the back, there was also a aux input so just in case you want to be a rebel, you could also connect you Zune.

What makes iPod Hi-Fi Unique?Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review - Apple's First Home Audio Device (BUY NOW)

What kind of made the iPod Hi-Fi unique though, wells yes, you could plug it into a wall to power it up just like the HomePod. But, Unlike the HomePod, the iPod HI-Fi had built in handles and the reason why it had these, you could actually also power this through D batteries. So Apple at the time mus have had some crazy vision of people rocking this outside in public.

Comparing iPod Hi-Fi with the HomePod:

Now, when comparing the iPod Hi-Fi against the now current HomePod, things get a little crazy. First, the announcements were scary-similar. They stressed audio quality, “A ported base reflex design so you can see the ports coming right out the front. We get great base out of this thing and it does not distort when you crank it up” (Said Steve Jobs).

That is automatic base equilization in dynamic software modeling so as we turn the volume up, it’s free from distortion. And in classic Apple fashion, how current products are not meeting people’s needs?

Steve Jobs Said:

“But the problem with these products is that none of them really offer home stereo quality. Other companies have worked to make smart speakers, that you can talk to but they don’t sound so great when you listen to the music.” Where it gets super crazy though that the iPod Hi-Fi was released at the exact same price as the current HomePod: $349.Apple iPod Hi-Fi Review - Apple's First Home Audio Device (BUY NOW)

“Really more in the iPod economy space at $349. The HomePod is gonna be priced for $349.” Said Steve Jobs. So it’s pretty clear the iPod Hi-Fi and the HomePod have a ton in common and that got me thinking could I turn the original iPod Hi-Fi into a HomePod?

Testing the Original Apple HomePod with Siri:

So, we tested this Original Apple HomePod with Siri. With the fair warning, this is in no way practical and anyonein their right mind should not try this but for science we tested. So, clearly hooking up something like an Echo Dot to an external speaker is the simplest and most practical way to do things. But we ain’t looking for practical.

So the goal there was to get Siri working through the iPod Hi-Fi and the first thing we tried was the very cheap, inexpensive Bluetooth 30-pin adapter. We thought it would look cool, it woule match the iPod and kind of keep that 30-pin vibes going.

At the Last iPod Hi-Fi sounds great:

The problem was though, after we connect and listen to a (mobile ring tune) that works great that means music will play through the iPod Hi-Fi but if you tried it with the Siri, it won’t work with it instead your phone speakers will responds rather than iPod Hi-Fi.