Apple Computer – Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

Apple Computer - Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977Apple Computer – Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. But what you may not know is the story of the iPhone actually dates back all the way to 1977. Not only is this month the 10th anniversary the iPhone, it is actually the 40th anniversary of the “Apple 2”.

Tech Inside of Apple 2:

The Tech inside this was mostly design by Steve Wozniak, but in classic Steve Jobs form, he actually took the spotlight and debuted in 1077 at West Coast Computer Fair and yes, Apple did build and sell the original “Apply 1” a year prior, but really this was the first Apple product geared for the masses.

Apple 2 was totally different than computer we see today. Unlike Apple products today, Apple actually wanted “Apple 2” to be really accessible to the users so they can upgrade parts. Users can add iO not like anything we see today with Apple, where they charge users hundreds of dollars for RAM.

Megahertz Processor In Apple 2?Apple Computer - Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

Now for reference to how far things have come today, Apple 2 had a one megahertz processor. And for contrast, user could need about 2,000 of these to equate to computing power inside most phones today. Something interesting with the Apple 2 is there was no floppy disk drive on this machine.

So the way you accessed data or really did pretty much anything was through add on peripherals. But the attention to details on Apple 2 is kind of crazy. What immediately stands out to us is the Apple computer logo right smack in the middle and we are willing to bet that this was more than likely intentional because of how OCD Steve Jobs was.

Power Supply for this Computer:

One the left side of Apple 2, we have the power supply followed by the speaker below that. Hopping over the keyboard, we found “BELL” written on the G key. We actually not sure why there is a BELL text on it.

So we did a quick Google search, and found “The BELL key was actually activated by typing control G. That’s a holdover form old typewriters and teletype machines that actually had a little metal bell in them.”

Keyboard of Apple 2:

Moving on to the keyboard. The Keyboard of Apple 2 has some nice Clicky, tactile response, very similar to a mechanical keyboard. In addition to the Bell key there’s also a REP key. Which we would assume means repeat, but also unlock any computer keyboard we see today.

Interesting Fact:

We actually used to have a disk drive that we thought would be a great idea to turn into an SSD, throw it in then give it away. But that left us without an option for the Apple 2.

But not to worry we have the Apple 2 C as well, which does have floppy reader built-in and will allow user to play any game maybe “The Glorious Oregon Trail”. We tried this game with Apple 2 C using the Floppy Diskette. Honestly that was the darkest Oregon Trail game we have ever played on Apple 2 C.

Apple 2 C (Faster-Forward from 1977 to 2007):Apple Computer - Apple 2 and 2 C The Original iPhone Back in 1977

Now from there, let us fast-forward form 1977 to 2007. When the Apple 2 first came out, it was often referred to as an (Appliance Computer) just like those things in our kitchen.

Steve Jobs really wanted people to associate the Apple 2 just like they would have blender or a toaster not in the way that would make you food. But more so that it was insuitive and would make your life easier.