GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

Wanna try the very tiny Giga Brix BXCEH-2955 that Provides extremely useful components in a very small size.

GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

Gigabyte Mini-Computer

Can a box of small dimensions become a powerful computer? It can easily carried in any pocket or purse, We are not talking about any kinda notebook: Yeah We’re actually introducing the minicomputers, with the equipment that use ultra-compact system and using peripherals found on any PC like : keyboard, mouse and LCD(Monitor Screen).

There are several models for example Intel has the NUC, We also tested that model some days ago in England, In recent weeks we tested the Model Brix BXCEH-2955, Gigabyte, a minicomputer with aluminum enclosure. Its dimensions: 56x107x114 mm and with the weight of: 550 grams.

It has a unique configuration and we analyze which features are very important in this version, Intel Celeron 1.40 GHz Windows 2955U Pro 8.1 64-bit Processor, 4 GB RAM, 134 GB Hard Drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. And of course its other versions support up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 2 TB of HDD.

This Mini-computer can be purchased diskless for 205.839 US Dollar. If we add a rigid 500 GB and 4 GB of RAM will have to add another 92.959 US Dollar. Gigabyte also offers in England another variant with a Core i7 chip and a suggested price of $11,000.

GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

The distribution of ports and connectors on the BXCEH-2955 is intended to have them placed equally on the faces of the desktop. In the previous vertical side has two 3.0 USB ports and a headphone output. On the other side of the faces has also got the two USB 3.0 ports, an RJ-45 connector for MiniDisplayPort output, HDMI output, input current and a security slot.

The minicomputer can easily connect to a smart TV through an HDMI cable, so there are transmitted pins on both side for audio and video. When we turn on the computer interface looks exactly like any Windows device. We can  connect a mouse and keyboard, and these can recognized instantly and installing additional drivers is not necessary for these devices.

Beyond this, and as expected, the device works same like a PC(Personal Computer), because it is in every sense: the only difference is the size of the motherboard and cabinet, allowing a very compact device, which can be very suitable for smaller places, It can be use for the office work PCs as well.

Manufacturers claim it is purposeful and desirable, because it would not suffer damage internal components due to the high temperature. It is expected that this product, like any PC, can remain permanently on. Moreover, it does not leave much time connected a USB flash drive, as this is not very friendly with the heat.

The Brix BXCEH-2955 brings a metal bracket and screws to hang behind a LCD or Monitor. Gigabyte have 3 years of warranty for this product.

Lollipop Android 5.0 : Tips and Tricks

We show some of its most useful options as we await the new version in 2015

If you have a “smartphone” with Android , you have already installed the operating system update . Lollipop 5.0 is here to stay in our lives but not for long. Android Lollipop 5.1 is already cooking and will be available in early 2015. Meanwhile , notes the following tricks to not feel strange when managing your own device and make the most of .

Google has changed some things. A new interface design, changes in the notifications panel, etc . Still, the system is equipped with more security and, as we will not go back in time, you have to make the change. Therefore, we give some clues to their new, more useful and fun features .

A play!
If you are one of those who spend several hours by public transport daily, kills your time with the game that has been dubbed ” Flappy bird “. Just follow this path: Settings – Phone Info – Android version . Pressed repeatedly in the latter option and then the Lollipop circle appears. If you click several times, it will change color. When you leave a couple of seconds your finger touching the screen, you can start playing.

Lock screen
You know you do not need to call you unlock the screen? Simply slide your finger from left to right. If you want to do, do the same but from right to left a photo.

And if you slide up and down, you can access the phone settings more quickly to activate airplane or connection via WiFi, and more so.

Battery saving
This option is especially useful when your phone is minimal. Slide the top and click the battery icon. This will show the hours you have left and the applications that consume more battery power . If you is low, click the icon of the three buttons and active “Battery Saver” , then an orange top and bottom band they will show on the phone.

Lollipop Android 5.0: tips and tricks to get more out
They have improved but your new display can not be to your liking. You know that now is a locked phone . To read them, just click on them or unlock the screen. Then the little icons are displayed in the upper left edge.

If you want to change it, follow the path: Settings – Sound and notifications . In ” With locked device “Thus you can adapt to your liking by choosing” Show all notifications “or” No show notifications “.

Lollipop Android 5.0: tips and tricks to get more out
If you are a fan of Facebook and WhatsApp , but not Twitter , for example, and you do not want it shown notifications popular microblogging network when you smathphone is locked, select ” Notifications of applications . ” Choose the ones you want to block or prioritize clicking on each of them.
Mode ‘Do Not Disturb’
You have a meeting? Do you go to the cinema to watch a movie? Changes the way your phone to your needs. Tighten the volume key and see the display shows you the options “Nothing”, “Priority” and “All” . If you have a meeting with your boss, you better select the first option for an hour. If the meeting is lengthened, active ‘indefinitely’.
If you go to the movies but expect a call or a message, select ” Priority “and set you enter only calls and messages” Everyone “,” Contacts Only “or” One prominent contacts “.

Lollipop Android 5.0: tips and tricks to get more out
You can change the time of these modes by selecting the “+” or “-” buttons to select time and 15 minutes, 30 or an hour instead of ‘indefinitely.

The silent mode is an option that no longer exist in this release. Something that has raised some criticism. If we add the connectivity errors in this version (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), the excess memory and battery consuming or failure notifications , ” OK Google “and some “app” that suddenly closed , among other faults, not unreasonable that Lollipop Android 5.1 is on the way.

What is Cloud Computing It’s features and examples?

It is a term that is defined as a technology that offers services via the internet platform. Users of this service have access to free or pay all depends on the service you need to use.

The term is a trend that responds to multiple integrated features. One of the examples is “cloud” service is provided by Google Apps that incorporates a browser to store data on their servers. Programs must be online servers and can access to services and information through the Internet.

Features of Could Computing

One of the main differences Could Computing is no need to know the infrastructure behind it, becomes “a cloud” where applications and services can easily grow (scalar), run fast and almost never fail, without knowing the Details of how this “cloud”.

This type of service is paid according to some metric of consumption, not for used equipment itself, but for example in electricity consumption or use of CPU / hour as in the case of Amazon EC2. Among other features we can mention:

  • Auto Reparable: In case of failure, the last backup application automatically becomes the primary copy and a new one is generated.
  • Scalable: The whole system / architecture is predictable and efficient. If a server handles 1,000 transactions, 2 servers will handle 2000 transactions.
  • Governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines various policies and what are the expected performance times and if peak, create more instances. For AWS still wonders if the SLA is suitable .
  • Virtualized: Applications are independent of the hardware on which to run even more applications can run on the same machine or an application can use several machines at once.
  • Multipurpose: The system is created in such a way that allows different customers to share infrastructure without worrying about it without compromising your security and privacy

Examples of Cloud Computing

There are several large companies that are dedicated to providing these services, promoting easy access to our information, low cost, scalability and many features that makes us think of the comfort they give us, among them include:

  • Google Apps : offers the service of business applications such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Docs, etc.
  • Amazon Web Services : the services offered are the Amazon EC2 ™, Amazon S3 ™, ™ SimpleDB, Amazon SQS ™.

Microsoft Azure : provides operating system services, hosting, systems development.
Rackspace , a famous web hosting company, is behind Mosso a company which offers basic hosting package and from this is scaled as needed (without migrating servers).

Recently Rackspace acquired JungleDisk , a popular client for Amazon S3 and in the future will be integrated with CloudFiles, another service Mosso .

Integrating services and views against

The Cloud Computing provides an interesting picture regarding the integration of technologies, RWW refer to a new era that integrates three layers: SaaS, Cloud Computing, Core Technology where explain the importance of such integration.

Moreover Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project leader claimed to be against the use of “cloud” :

One reason why they should not use web applications is that you lose control … it’s as bad as using proprietary software.

Both views are valid think the first is a way to integrate the options have to take advantage of current technology and respond to trends. However, Stallman are right with your posture because with this kind of trend all information to third party services it provides, somehow losing control.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Among the advantages of Computing Clound can be mentioned:

  • Access to information and services from anywhere.
  • Free and paid services according to user needs.
  • Companies with ease of scalability
  • Processing power and storage machines without installing locally.

Among the disadvantages we can mention:

  • Access all information to third parties.
  • Dependence on online services.


Masters in Business Accounting Information – MBA and BBA Degree

Masters in Business Accounting Information

Masters in Business Administration is for anyone looking to improve their market value, give more impact to projects and companies in which it is located or greater trust in virtual communities haunting.

Online Education and MBA will remain, due to complex educational and employment system in which we live, always remember that first of all you are what you do. Everyone has incredible talents, have lived unique experiences and have a particular genius in their work areas. Is an important responsibility to grow creatively communicate better bases.

MBA and BBA Degree

Imagine arriving at a job interview at a closing sale, to present a lecture. If you run into an excellent performance, people will seek, investigate, want to know more about you and your environments, sure. Therefore advantage of these opportunities and try to create a digital presence as strong as the experience you offered them.

To achieve it is good to have a space that summarizes all of your personal experience. Simple, synthesized and easy to find. And that allows you to administer your own.

Online Education For Business and Accounting Degrees

Among the key recommendations is Ghost with NodeJS, a project that is focused on strengthening publications, brand and content creation. The option is to download the project from your site, build your web application and deploy it on your server.

Although important , if not know how to program, they will offer an “in-house” space within their servers and you can buy “themes” in the Marketplace , to start in minutes without ever having faced any line of code. Additionally we will provide analytics to know visits, conversions, etc.

There is also Jekyll with Ruby, if you’re a fan of GitHub sure you will like it much as you can put together a spectacular free blog combined with the Pages module .

A third option is DjangoCMS with Python. Here exploit the benefits of Django, the framework, to create robust web applications , focusing on content. If you’re a fan of this language, is an excellent choice.

How to Apply for Masters Degree Online?

Finally, WordPress is also a mature platform with many improvements in their latest versions. We recommend know all its architecture, community and good practice, so you have a positive experience. Now, remember link them to a web domain .

We recommend generate one that has to do with the identity you want to promote, in the best case, your name ( ) , but is optional.

If you are not convinced and still look complicated, is , a site where you can connect all your professional identity quickly and agile. Here you can share a small “brief” and your links to your social networks. It is not as manageable as above, but it is a viable option.

Degree Information for MBA Online

Having a social traction with communities in your industry is a vital factor. One tip is to open a site in Facebook Pages.

Use it to generate, share information, activities and events in your area. Manages Twitter and professionally púlelo. Although you can use it without problem personally, not bad also approach it to areas that you love.

LinkedIN is a social network you should spend a lot of time. Fill in multiple languages and use it to expose all you have. Many HR departments prefer to know your professional summary in this way.

GitHub and Behance are developing and designing communities respectively. If your profile is here, it is important to have a user and display your work.

MBA University of California, Berkeley

Learn to build, record and write content for your area. Although there are countless places to promote debates, analysis and information on any topic, most people only consume online. But there is a small percentage of people who are dedicated to creating. When one part of this segment stands fast.

Engaging content has great benefits. Consolidated- all your knowledge, learn to synthesize and know what people really need.

You will force you to read, to think, to investigate, to help. And remember, if the visits are important, so is the conversion you generate (conversations, invitations, opening businesses, etc.). Did you consider opening your YouTube channel? We hope so.

Masters in Business Accounting

Forget that mentality that have a Fanpage is only for celebrities, you have to not generate a brand because you have nothing to show that this alternative is superb. Having a portfolio is synonymous with leadership, to take account of the community, to share, to propose.

By now, people stand and doors open thanks to these small details. Be one. Show us your portfolio in the comments and tell us how it has benefited you. It will be a pleasure to read you.

How to Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat on Sony Xperia SP Easily

Sony Xperia SP: How to Install Android 4.4.4 KitKat – SONY Xperia

Yesterday news broke about this model is that Sony informed us that it has decided not to upgrade to Android 4.4 Xperia SP model , a somewhat controversial news that the terminal can perfectly run that version.

But not to worry, since Rooting we tell you how to update your Xperia Android KitKat SP unofficially and can install any of the ROMs to the developer community has created this terminal.

Process step by step First is imperative that you make a backup of your applications and data in case something goes wrong during the process also need to be user root , if you’re not using this fantastic method to publish to be. It’s easy and fast.

When you meet all the requirements you only have to follow this series of steps :

Install a menu recovery custom , CMW Recovery is the one I recommend and we will install, to install activate the USB debugging is enabled via Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging .

We connect the phone to the PC, downloaded and unzip this file and run the file Ejecutar.bat and press option1. When finished we will have our recovery installed.

Once we installed our menu recovery and we can only select a ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat and install. To install any ROM do the following :

We put our ROM and GAPPS within our SD card.

We light the terminal mode recovery this is done repeatedly pressing Volume + while on until the terminal vibrates.

We executed the famous Wipes, for it select the options Wipe Data / Factory Reset and Advanced> Wipe Dalvik / Cache.

Install the ROM via the option Install zip from SDCARD , seek our ROM and select it. Then do the same with the GAPPS.

Reboot your terminal and ready, we installed a new ROM with which enjoy Android 4.4 KitKat, now we can only restore the backup we had done previously in our applications and data.

Also here I facilitated a few ROMs for Android KitKat ‘s famous forum HTCMania with a corresponding thread in which it is explained that contains each ROM and works and does not work in each.

Cyanogen Mod 11   – Android 4.4.2
Cyanogen Mod 11S – Android 4.4.4
Xperia ROM – Android 4.4 – Look Xperia Z2


Now all you is keep trying ROMs and stay with the one you like , also thanks to this method if you do not like Android 4.4 you’ll be able to install any ROM Android 4.3 JellyBean. If you have any questions or recommendation of any ROM not hesitate let us know via comments!!

What is NFC and How Easily You Can Use It?

Since Google decided to provide NFC your Nexus S, the Near Field Communication has become an object of study for everyone, even Apple is planning to include it in its iPhone 5 and Nokia will begin to do so in their 2011 models. But what is it? What is NFC??

Is a wireless technology that operates at low frequency with a radius of 20 cm and a speed of 424 kb/s . As a pass or transport but with much more speed ticket, you have to hit virtually the sender to the receiver to work. This can be inconvenient, but also an advantage as it will be more difficult interfere with communication so system security thanks enough.

Applications can be varied, from the exchange of information in the style bluetooth , to identify as examples of pass or compost or to access restricted areas, get movie tickets without waiting … But what I find most interesting is to use NFC as a payment method . As we passed a credit card for dataphone, we could bring the phone to a NFC receiver and ready.

Already been tested in Spain NFC payments and the thing seems to work and enjoy. If we ignore the fact of identity theft with relative ease, you remember that is transmitted by radio frequency, assuming that there will be some restraint systems appropriate, we may be before the technology definitely become the mobile phone in a method of quick and easy payment of use .

How to use ‘Whatsapp’ from your computer easily

The popular instant messaging app “WhatsApp” created for smartphones is now available for your desktop, PC, Computers via a browser, with some limitations.

The desktop version of WhatsApp now available. Although not an app that simply get off your computer and go. Let us explain:

WhatsApp for desktop is a mirror of the app you have on your phone, ie require a connection to the network on your phone.

“This means that your messages will always live on your phone,” said Jan Koum, founder of WhatsApp, in a post on Facebook.

However, this service is only available for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry users , so if you have an iPhone, forget it, we’re out of this service.


To connect your browser to your account WhatsApp need the latest version of the app, followed by visiting this link in your browser Google Chrome, scan the QR code andyou’re good to go.

“Unfortunately at the moment we can not provide service to our iOS web users because of the limitations of Apple,” says Koum. If you guys already downloaded it and using this service, So tell us how you doing.

Yahoo intends to simplify Its redesign website

Although the current home page of Yahoo was released just a year ago, the tech giant is now internally testing a new web remodeling. In fact, all the rumors aim at Marissa Mayer, CEO, intends to present next month.
If you look at the catch that has been filtered by , the new page start Yahoo has been simplified, and in his left leg now appear only access to email, video and new collection of digital magazines Mayer has been promoting.

The main body of the web also is redesigned based on their news feed and disposing of classics such as weather information or the horoscope.

With this redesign Yahoo makes clear what his priorities will be from now fail to present a faster, cleaner and more orderly less chaotic web.

This redesign comes after quarterly results that have left a sour taste in investors. On one hand the company has earned 5.323 million, but then those benefits are due solely to its actions in Alibaba, while their incomes remain practically flat.

Marissa Mayer is not getting to the transformation of Yahoo finished bear fruit, but as we’ve seen that will not stop keep trying. In the end, only time will tell if Yahoo gets set straight and return to become a reference technology company.

Android 5.0 Lollipop 17 Most Important Developments

Within several days, Google will begin to send OTA Android 5. 0 Lollipop. The hype around this release is large no wonder because it represents the most important leap that have got given the Mountain View and its mobile operating method.

A very important change that includes a few ideas that were emerging in the last versions with new ones going to reinforce several communications: Google’s future is within the simplicity as well as connectivity between different devices. Let’s observe what this replace keys are.

Substance Design: mostly image renewal

For several years, Android has acquired the stigma involving design. Not quite sustain and software layers were a patch to repay these gaps. It’s taken years yet now, finally, Lollipop would be the culmination of what began this past year with KitKat.

A simple, clean interface, where the information is a priority on the image elements. All elements are usually divided into layers according to their rank as well as the applications we have witnessed so far while using design guidelines impressed by its convenience and how effectively they look.

Here the primary reference how could it be otherwise is Google: adapted all the applications which come by default in the system to adjust to the new layout lines. The other developers are performing it slowly and although there are a few “optimized” applications don’t always meet all the criteria.

Notifications as we light the screen

As we light the screen we observe everything has transformed to such simplification touch screen phone or tablet. News have suffered any facelift, we now default on the unlock screen so we can easily access the own applications faster.

Greater organized controls vitality

The notification bar is renewed and today also controls vitality and each app notices themselves are usually arranged in a couple different panels not necessarily clogged. Small changes which reinforce the message of wanting to make easier the machine and the obtain of items about the screen.

When drift finger to get notifications only depart you. A new finger gesture will always make power controls show up. Better use involving space as shown only as essential. On small window screens is something that needs to be noticed much.

Sailing Notifications

When most of us enter certain track record processes, such being a call, we will use a pop-up notification allow us to grab the phone without closing what we should were doing. Very useful if we’d a full screen application such as a game or if you use hands-free at some time and we don’t want to jump straight to the phone app.

Besides the slight redesigns, we find rather significant changes using some applications, especially Google services like Googlemail. Recently we found was the upgrade and change than the current version KitKat is substantial.

It just isn’t the only program the settings selection, Hangouts, the dial to produce calls… There are usually many changes collectively, of course, on the icons of different applications. Now it remains to become seen whether developers as well as other manufacturers are used to this way involving understanding Android.

The default key is renewed

Google does not want to drop the race to be able to specialized developers just like Swiftkey or Swype keyboards and renews the particular default one that has a new interface which eliminates lines involving keys and tunes its Lollipop style. Simpler and hoping to become good competitor.

Engage & Go
Want to create a copy at some time from another gadget? Tap & Go we can make it via NFC. When were setting up a brand new phone or tablet, we can approach it one which we have already configured to send out all information and save a while when you perform backup.

An Android to unite every person
For a though now Android is not only a territory for mobile phones. Google has spent years hoping to get into the TV SET and retry travels Android TV with devices such as Nexus Player. Ask our smart TV through this platform content and applications on Google Play.

To this particular we must put Android Wear being a platform to help manufacturers to generate wearables and Android devices in the car. Lollipop wants to unify the experience across devices as disparate to supply continuity to our use without having to worry about setting up anything.

Android by means of conquering TV as well as car
So far as we have seen with palpable smartphones and tablets but it really remains to be observed whether Google has got the muscle to obtain our cars as well as TVs. Two areas which might be not exactly easy since both all dedicated to their own standards as well as a common understanding seldom occurs.

The most interesting aspect of this unification, well adapted to each user interface, is found in the efforts being made by Google so that our actions jump derived from one of screen to another by giving the information we start to use in each as well as transparently for not concern yourself with having to go open available as one place or a different.

Preparing for the particular 64-bit
Every year we now have a new era of processors and although we now have seen a small preview of what’s ahead with the Snapdragon 615 Qualcomm or the brand new K1 Tegra is clear that soon begin to see more 64-bit casino chips in mobile as well as tablets.

Lollipop Android 5. 0 comes with support for these processors and today remains to be observed if they can change lives to the architectures we’ve seen thus far. Better or worse performance? Some such as Nexus 9 and suggest ways in the benchmark.

To view Dalvik, hello ART WORK
Another important change can be found in the virtual unit. Android Dalvik adios to, now help to make ART in default COMPUTER ITSELF. One goal of this change involves simplifying the machine architecture and streamline the main system.

The difference involving the two can be found in how the code is executed. In Dalvik often made ​​at some time that was essential (JIT Compiler) while ART is done before the consumer need (AOT Compiler) to enhance the user experience as well as the system go easier.

Performance comparison involving ART and Dalvik. By means of Android Police.

Another key aspect of system optimization is Volta Project, better use on the battery to capitalize on use. This will also have enhanced autonomy (ART in fact be key here) as well as the possibility of developing a saving mode no matter if you enter the maker.

Optimized Face Acknowledgement
Android has obtained a reputation being a focus to bring in malware to mobile phones. The truth is that Google has been improving in this area to allow a lesser number of malicious applications as well as warn users over the dangers by demanding permits apps any time installed.

In Lollipop use a few new features built to make our most secure terminal. From the outside, the most remarkable change can be found in the recognition devices. So far we now have not seen almost any Android device that has a good fingerprint sensor TouchID model but new strategies Google offers people to unlock our androids are extremely attractive.

The face recognition system has been renovated and is now more complex as well as useful than before. Instead of having a picture and evaluate it, this time he’ll almost certainly do in Google call ” on going basis “. That is, to make a dynamic and more complex reading to identify faster and efficient if it’s us or not necessarily. It remains to see if it’s effective or if you possibly could still avoid using photographs.

A wearable to be able to unlock your mobile
A current modes now have to add the particular unlocking by distance of Bluetooth equipment. Think of any watch that has a bracelet or Android Wear activity paired while using phone. If Android detects it can be close enough, it will allow us to be able to unlock the screen.

The system is well posed as the devices connected by Bluetooth that we usually close each of our phone or tablet. It is furthermore a well posed as you steal or drop it. Again, it remains to become seen how effective it can be.

Share your Android with others
Throughout previous versions involving Android, we saw how the multi-account support going to tablets. Now we also provide it on smartphones and let us to create different user users applications, accounts as well as various data involving them.

Not merely that, we also use a guest to enable you to configure with a couple of applications to what we should pay for a minute to others. Well raised to maintain our personal information to gossip.

Stability Enhanced Linux
More deeply we are using Security Enhanced Linux. For the user this signifies fewer concerns within security applications that attempt to make malicious use of our data. An excellent shield with 100% success but will strengthen the machine.

Its role is with an environment sandboxing to be able to restrict application entry potentially compromise the security of one’s mobile. It is not only useful for the final user, it is usually an attractive software for corporate environments that are looking to integrate Android being a professional tool.

Encryption by default in the gadget
Finally we use a default encryption. Encrypt data that has a secure key just isn’t new to Android, has now since a couple of versions, but this can be a first time people come activated on the first minute in the new terminal. For all those coming from KitKat must activate the alternative manually updated the moment a lollipop.

The bloatware on Google Play, no default
Tired you like all those apps that install operators and manufacturers problem? Yes, these are usually updated through exclusive platforms. Lollipop With just this: all apps preinstalled by means of third parties can be deleted or kept up to date through Google Enjoy. It is a vital step forward towards a more unified and fewer problematic for Android users.

Photography, FRESH mode and superior photos
The camera API is sold with some very fascinating developments in Android 5. 0 Lollipop. You can now shoot photos in RAW and have absolutely greater manual manage of parameters such as exposure time, ISO pace or burst variety. The chosen formatting is DNG all of which will gradually reaching apps for editing.

As much as we could observe some samples to compare with respect to a JPEG. As well as editing, Google says it will also have improved aspects such as noise reduction, superior lighting, less saturated colors… We’ll observe it influences the particular evolution of touch screen phone cameras.

When will my phone be updated Lollipop?

Undoubtedly would be the question most often is already listening on the particular Android world. While is Android 5. 0 replace my Lollipop?. Engadget Android have prepared an entire list of all devices that manufacturers have announced they will update software. Several earlier, Motorola, Samsung or LG or others to become 2015 as Sony as well as HTC.

Microsoft Lumia: Image of the week

As expected, Microsoft has officially re-branding for Lumia devices. Finally logic has prevailed and the legendary Nokia has been forever (although you never know) separated from the carcass of a smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia Lumia Microsoft will be renamed in future models. With Lumia Say hello to Microsoft, the Redmond company announced the re-branding we expected after multiple small changes which have been implemented in your web pages over the past few months.

Thus, Nokia logos disappear from selected ranges and will be replaced by those of Microsoft and its Windows squares. In this article on Nokia blogs explain the transition and added that the first Microsoft Lumia arrive ‘soon’, without specifying particular dates.

Nokia maintained its image in the lower ranges

Nokia are not only high ranges, and indeed an important part of your business has traditionally been the input products. Microsoft will keep the Nokia brand phone input, and set the example of the recent Nokia 130 ensuring that it will not be the last.

Although Microsoft will continue to launch new Nokia phone, surely your business Lumia smartphones now will be renamed Microsoft Lumia . Lumia Nokia nosing? That will soon be a thing of the past. We’ll see how this change affects their brand sales which, remember, were not all bad in its latest financial results with 9.3 million Lumia phones twenty-two.

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