• Anurag

    what if share option is not appearing on long press
    Only cut copy options are avaiable
    What do i do

  • Adrian

    Thanks so much – this worked!

  • Mehul ahuja

    This trick no more work in android 7.0 pls make a video on it soon n pls do a reply

  • Wow worked, sharing. Your awesome

  • Hi, unlock google moto g4 plus pack 1 december 7.0.1?

    • Use this method, download the right Google Account Manager for your device and you’re good to go. Remember if a google account manager apk does not work for you try to use any other one from the list.

  • Georgia

    What if there is No Google? ? Like I did everything but No Google part please help

  • Georgia

    What if the phone doesn’t have the Google option in the settings. I have a Moto G4 play. That belong to my grandmother and she can’t remember her information at all to get it unlocked I’ve been at this with different hacks for like 6 days now. It be great if somebody could help me out. Thanks!

    • Hi, In Moto G4 Play there are 2 ways you can get access to the Chrome.

      1. I described in the post.

      2. At the “Add another network” section, type “1234” and Press it long for about 2-3 secs until you see “CUT, COPY and SHARE” Options. Notice one thing here, In Moto G4 Play With Cut, Copy, Share you also have “:” three buttons. Tap on it and select “ASSIST” and you’ll get access to the Chrome browser directly. After that follow the steps after Step No 8 from the method above.

  • Gia

    I’m having a hard time getting it to work it keeps on saying oops couldn’t set up your device contact your it department can u help me please

  • Abel

    It worked! I am amazed, just quick question it says the phone could be supervised due to this application Test DPC, If I deleted it then it will go back to the block email? or now I can delete it.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Maria

    Wow it actually worked. I’m very pleasantly surprised. Would this work for other phones as well? I have an HTC that I have the same problem with. I can get to google on it, but I’m not sure if the same apk would work or would I need a different apk?

    • Maria you can search for any device on the search bar of this website and you’ll get the best method related to the phone model. We’ve also posted guide to unlock FRP on HTC Phones, you may check it. It depends on the Android Version of a phone, we can use the same APK if the Android Version is the same for all the models. But sometimes we need to use a different APK if the supported does not work well.

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