What is NFC and How Easily You Can Use It?

Since Google decided to provide NFC your Nexus S, the Near Field Communication has become an object of study for everyone, even Apple is planning to include it in its iPhone 5 and Nokia will begin to do so in their 2011 models. But what is it? What is NFC??

Is a wireless technology that operates at low frequency with a radius of 20 cm and a speed of 424 kb/s . As a pass or transport but with much more speed ticket, you have to hit virtually the sender to the receiver to work. This can be inconvenient, but also an advantage as it will be more difficult interfere with communication so system security thanks enough.

Applications can be varied, from the exchange of information in the style bluetooth , to identify as examples of pass or compost or to access restricted areas, get movie tickets without waiting … But what I find most interesting is to use NFC as a payment method . As we passed a credit card for dataphone, we could bring the phone to a NFC receiver and ready.

Already been tested in Spain NFC payments and the thing seems to work and enjoy. If we ignore the fact of identity theft with relative ease, you remember that is transmitted by radio frequency, assuming that there will be some restraint systems appropriate, we may be before the technology definitely become the mobile phone in a method of quick and easy payment of use .