Soft Body Robots Just Put The Right Suit

When Will Smith fighting robots, is usually associated with large structures or strong humanoid forms. But something as soft as the foam can also be the body of a robot using a skin or bespoke suit created by researchers at Purdue University. They made Soft Body Robots just using the Right Suit.

With this development, the technology is not in the robot itself but on the skin or coat in dressing, so any element can potentially benefit from this textile material that has included a flexible polymer that is capable of contracting and heat relax by applying an electric current, Depending on the placement of the lines of polymer can achieve a movement or other.

Researchers also have sensors integrated into the suit, which opens the way to winning touch in future developments.

One objective is in space. This development is being conducted in partial collaboration with NASA, who sees in this technology the foundation for future robotic suits for its astronauts combining low weight and possibility of modification of their properties and functions in real time and in response to needs.

Also future rovers to other planets complex areas could benefit from either soft or rigid, and incorporates movements demand.