How to Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650 with Buttons

Microfost Lumia 650 Hard Reset, How to Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650 with ButtonsHow to Hard Reset Microsoft Lumia 650 with Buttons:


In case if you forget security code or maybe you’re having slow performance of windows or hanging issue. And for some reasons you are facing Software problems in your phone. So you need to Hard Reset your device to get rid of all these problems.

Steps to Hard Reset Lumia 650:

1. Power Off the Phone.
2. Press the “Power Button” until you see the Microsoft LOGO.
3. Once you see the Logo quickly press “Volume Down” button.
4. After that you’ll see “Exclamation mark” on your screen.
5. Here Press 3 buttons in the sequence like this : Press “Volume Up then Volume Down, Power button and then again Volume Down”.
6. Last step : When you see “Gear Logo on your Screen” wait until the format complete.


After the format completed, You need to the initial setup of Lumia 650 phone. So just select your language and complete the full process. And then you can use your phone without any lagging or slow performance and any software problems.

Last Words:

This guide is for Hard reset Microsoft Lumia 650, Will post the Soft Reset for Lumia 650 soon. I hope this helps you to Reset your Lumia 650 Phone. If you still need help comment below.

Microsoft Lumia: Image of the week

As expected, Microsoft has officially re-branding for Lumia devices. Finally logic has prevailed and the legendary Nokia has been forever (although you never know) separated from the carcass of a smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia Lumia Microsoft will be renamed in future models. With Lumia Say hello to Microsoft, the Redmond company announced the re-branding we expected after multiple small changes which have been implemented in your web pages over the past few months.

Thus, Nokia logos disappear from selected ranges and will be replaced by those of Microsoft and its Windows squares. In this article on Nokia blogs explain the transition and added that the first Microsoft Lumia arrive ‘soon’, without specifying particular dates.

Nokia maintained its image in the lower ranges

Nokia are not only high ranges, and indeed an important part of your business has traditionally been the input products. Microsoft will keep the Nokia brand phone input, and set the example of the recent Nokia 130 ensuring that it will not be the last.

Although Microsoft will continue to launch new Nokia phone, surely your business Lumia smartphones now will be renamed Microsoft Lumia . Lumia Nokia nosing? That will soon be a thing of the past. We’ll see how this change affects their brand sales which, remember, were not all bad in its latest financial results with 9.3 million Lumia phones twenty-two.

Microsoft Kinect commitment to create artistic experiences

Microsoft Kinect Cubes, Cubes kinect, Kinect Micrsofot Exprerience, Cool Kinect, Awesome KinectFrom its inception until today, Kinect has registered as an artist more ways than making voice assistant or serving as an intermediary to use our body as a system of control. Kinect didn’t got much prominence. Perhaps it is fitting that Microsoft is going over this facet and Redmond are going to decide to go for it.

We have seen many projects using Microsoft Kinect as support for artistic creations of all kinds before. However, projects were rarely monitored by Microsoft itself. Now with Cube’s aim to encourage this type of use and disclose your system for recognition as more than just an accessory to speak it when we are playing Xbox.

Bailes connect virtual


Cube is a cube with four faces, in the words of Microsoft, reveals several people who are not in the same space. In this case it is two people who are face to face with the bucket and through a system of four Kinects (one per side) to project real-time music and images as body movements.
The idea is to create a common virtual space where we go putting music and visual effects by moving our body with more people.

The feeling that creates the cube is quite immersive and no, it is not done with four big screens but with projectors and plastic panels to display images in each of the faces.

Microsoft’s goal with this project is clear, position in the creative world and take a picture wearing or dragging for years: the archetypal man with suit and tie Office lover. Give a creative image and open the doors to Microsoft Kinect due to their limited success in Xbox consoles.

At present the debut of this Cube has occurred in the festival Decibel on electronic music, innovation and technology in Seattle. See if in Redmond are encouraged to continue to replicate and if such proposals more often.

Microsoft own Chromecast for devices with Miracast


Long time now Chromecast becomes a small reference in accessories for our digital lives, and we are already seen  manufacturers tried to launch alternative for it. Microsoft is the last to do so, and today has unveiled its Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

This HDMI dongle has got a format almost same like Chromecast, but combines the HDMI port on one end with a small wire and coupled to provide default charging through a USB port, a small advantage over Google device, which we who seek that little cable USB to Micro USB.

Microsoft’s solution allows it we connect to a TV, monitor or projector from that time to deliver content via streaming if the source is a device that supports Miracast. Many PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 8.1 and Windows smartphones (Phone) offer that option, but so do Android devices that can benefit from this option.

As eleemosynary devices we can see the contents of our original screen that screen large format, allowing us to enjoy the wireless broadcast easily. In Microsoft highlighted the fact that when using the Miracast technology ” will not be limited to certain applications or contents display anything from your device “.

This tool allows you to boost the use of laptop, tablet or smartphone as a second screen, as once we issue the contents can move on to something else in the source device. Peripheral Microsoft has a higher price than Chromecast, however, as will be on sale in October for $ 60 , but maybe that mirroring extended interesting for potential users.