Microsoft Lumia: Image of the week

As expected, Microsoft has officially re-branding for Lumia devices. Finally logic has prevailed and the legendary Nokia has been forever (although you never know) separated from the carcass of a smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia Lumia Microsoft will be renamed in future models. With Lumia Say hello to Microsoft, the Redmond company announced the re-branding we expected after multiple small changes which have been implemented in your web pages over the past few months.

Thus, Nokia logos disappear from selected ranges and will be replaced by those of Microsoft and its Windows squares. In this article on Nokia blogs explain the transition and added that the first Microsoft Lumia arrive ‘soon’, without specifying particular dates.

Nokia maintained its image in the lower ranges

Nokia are not only high ranges, and indeed an important part of your business has traditionally been the input products. Microsoft will keep the Nokia brand phone input, and set the example of the recent Nokia 130 ensuring that it will not be the last.

Although Microsoft will continue to launch new Nokia phone, surely your business Lumia smartphones now will be renamed Microsoft Lumia . Lumia Nokia nosing? That will soon be a thing of the past. We’ll see how this change affects their brand sales which, remember, were not all bad in its latest financial results with 9.3 million Lumia phones twenty-two.