Yahoo intends to simplify Its redesign website

Although the current home page of Yahoo was released just a year ago, the tech giant is now internally testing a new web remodeling. In fact, all the rumors aim at Marissa Mayer, CEO, intends to present next month.
If you look at the catch that has been filtered by , the new page start Yahoo has been simplified, and in his left leg now appear only access to email, video and new collection of digital magazines Mayer has been promoting.

The main body of the web also is redesigned based on their news feed and disposing of classics such as weather information or the horoscope.

With this redesign Yahoo makes clear what his priorities will be from now fail to present a faster, cleaner and more orderly less chaotic web.

This redesign comes after quarterly results that have left a sour taste in investors. On one hand the company has earned 5.323 million, but then those benefits are due solely to its actions in Alibaba, while their incomes remain practically flat.

Marissa Mayer is not getting to the transformation of Yahoo finished bear fruit, but as we’ve seen that will not stop keep trying. In the end, only time will tell if Yahoo gets set straight and return to become a reference technology company.