Microsoft Kinect commitment to create artistic experiences

Microsoft Kinect Cubes, Cubes kinect, Kinect Micrsofot Exprerience, Cool Kinect, Awesome KinectFrom its inception until today, Kinect has registered as an artist more ways than making voice assistant or serving as an intermediary to use our body as a system of control. Kinect didn’t got much prominence. Perhaps it is fitting that Microsoft is going over this facet and Redmond are going to decide to go for it.

We have seen many projects using Microsoft Kinect as support for artistic creations of all kinds before. However, projects were rarely monitored by Microsoft itself. Now with Cube’s aim to encourage this type of use and disclose your system for recognition as more than just an accessory to speak it when we are playing Xbox.

Bailes connect virtual


Cube is a cube with four faces, in the words of Microsoft, reveals several people who are not in the same space. In this case it is two people who are face to face with the bucket and through a system of four Kinects (one per side) to project real-time music and images as body movements.
The idea is to create a common virtual space where we go putting music and visual effects by moving our body with more people.

The feeling that creates the cube is quite immersive and no, it is not done with four big screens but with projectors and plastic panels to display images in each of the faces.

Microsoft’s goal with this project is clear, position in the creative world and take a picture wearing or dragging for years: the archetypal man with suit and tie Office lover. Give a creative image and open the doors to Microsoft Kinect due to their limited success in Xbox consoles.

At present the debut of this Cube has occurred in the festival Decibel on electronic music, innovation and technology in Seattle. See if in Redmond are encouraged to continue to replicate and if such proposals more often.