Google Play Books ‘Bubble Zoom’ makes it easier to read comics

Google Play Books 'Bubble Zoom' makes it easier to read comicsGoogle’s new Bubble Zoom feature will make reading comics on your phone easier!

That feeling of reading a comic book on a smartphone is quite bad. Anyone who reads comics on their smartphone can tell you that reading dialogue can be difficult, especially on smaller screen sizes.

The design of any comic book is 7×10.5″/Page on a smartphone screen, that does not translate pretty well at a 5-inch screen. Of course it’s hard to read the full page and see the text, which leads you to lots of zooming and panning.

Fortunately now Google it handling this problem the way it seems to be handling every problem lately. With the help of Machine Learning, Google has taught its expert of computer to detect the speech bubbles in comic books.

Without affecting the underlying image. Hopefully this thing let you see the full page while still reading the text only. Google named this feature “Bubble Zoom“.

So, Bubble Zoom is available now in Google Play Books for your smartphone. We could make a guess an iOS version is coming soon. Till today, Bubble Zoom is a “Technical Preview” but all the famous DC and Marvel collected comic books are supported. Google says it hopes to eventually bring the feature to all the comics and manga ever made.

Google announced the feature at the San Diego Comic Con, and it is celebrating the event with a 50% percent off on “select” Marvel and DC comics—just use the code “SDCC2016” by July 24th.