GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

Wanna try the very tiny Giga Brix BXCEH-2955 that Provides extremely useful components in a very small size.

GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

Gigabyte Mini-Computer

Can a box of small dimensions become a powerful computer? It can easily carried in any pocket or purse, We are not talking about any kinda notebook: Yeah We’re actually introducing the minicomputers, with the equipment that use ultra-compact system and using peripherals found on any PC like : keyboard, mouse and LCD(Monitor Screen).

There are several models for example Intel has the NUC, We also tested that model some days ago in England, In recent weeks we tested the Model Brix BXCEH-2955, Gigabyte, a minicomputer with aluminum enclosure. Its dimensions: 56x107x114 mm and with the weight of: 550 grams.

It has a unique configuration and we analyze which features are very important in this version, Intel Celeron 1.40 GHz Windows 2955U Pro 8.1 64-bit Processor, 4 GB RAM, 134 GB Hard Drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. And of course its other versions support up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 2 TB of HDD.

This Mini-computer can be purchased diskless for 205.839 US Dollar. If we add a rigid 500 GB and 4 GB of RAM will have to add another 92.959 US Dollar. Gigabyte also offers in England another variant with a Core i7 chip and a suggested price of $11,000.

GIGABYTE Brix BXCEH-2955 Mini Desktop PC

The distribution of ports and connectors on the BXCEH-2955 is intended to have them placed equally on the faces of the desktop. In the previous vertical side has two 3.0 USB ports and a headphone output. On the other side of the faces has also got the two USB 3.0 ports, an RJ-45 connector for MiniDisplayPort output, HDMI output, input current and a security slot.

The minicomputer can easily connect to a smart TV through an HDMI cable, so there are transmitted pins on both side for audio and video. When we turn on the computer interface looks exactly like any Windows device. We can  connect a mouse and keyboard, and these can recognized instantly and installing additional drivers is not necessary for these devices.

Beyond this, and as expected, the device works same like a PC(Personal Computer), because it is in every sense: the only difference is the size of the motherboard and cabinet, allowing a very compact device, which can be very suitable for smaller places, It can be use for the office work PCs as well.

Manufacturers claim it is purposeful and desirable, because it would not suffer damage internal components due to the high temperature. It is expected that this product, like any PC, can remain permanently on. Moreover, it does not leave much time connected a USB flash drive, as this is not very friendly with the heat.

The Brix BXCEH-2955 brings a metal bracket and screws to hang behind a LCD or Monitor. Gigabyte have 3 years of warranty for this product.