Battery with 600,000 cells to test large-scale energy storage

battery cells 600,000, Calidornia battery cellWhat do more than 600,000 battery is a facility of 2,000 square meters Edison Company? Well maybe a lot more prosperous future for alternative energy in the world of Technology.

The Tehachapi Energy Storage Project just open in California by Southern California Edison (SCE) in collaboration with the Department of Energy of the USA as the first part of a plan for cleaner energy integration in the global network of the area , where there important alternative energy facilities, including wind.

Pilot for a more efficient integration of renewable energy
The main disadvantage with producers that are wind or solar energy is that production can not be managed the same way as in a classical nuclear or thermal. And the future, even with zero energy cost, is there.

Batteries (in this case manufactured by LG Chem) are the only current way to store that energy from SCE and tested for two years with this giant installation of 32 MW / h to collect superfluous energy renewable installations to optimize around integration into the global network that provides electricity to a small area.

To be able to store electricity on a large scale is doable is a long way, but we are glad that the first steps will seriously and giving.