How to Remove Blackberry Error: bb10-0015

How to Remove Blackberry Z10 Error: bb10-0015How to Remove Blackberry Error: bb10-0015


If you are receiving this Error “ bb10-0015” in BlackBerry after you remove the battery. With this easy guide you can remove and fix this error from your blackberry phone.

Commonly this error appears in “BLACKBERRY Z10 Phone”, if you are also facing the same Error in any BlackBerry smartphone you can use this method to solve this error.

Step by Step Guide to Remove and Delete bb10-0015 Error:

1. First Download Autoloader: Autoload-STL100-1- in PC.

2. Install Autoload-STL100-1- FIRMWARE FILE in PC or Laptop then open it. It will take several minutes to properly load the Blackberry firmware file.How to Remove Blackberry Z10 Error: bb10-0015

3. Once it open, connect Blackberry phone with USB Data cable to your PC and Press and Hole POWER BUTTON until it shows GREEN LIGHT. Once the GREEN LIGHT appears means Blackberry device is connected in Download Mode.How to Remove Blackberry Z10 Error: bb10-0015

4. Now all you need to do leave Blackberry smartphone for about 15 minutes, Do not disconnect it from PC. The FIRMWARE Software will FLASH the device.How to Remove Blackberry Z10 Error: bb10-0015

5. Once flashing completed, cell phone will restart automatically. You can disconnect the phone now from USB cable.How to Remove Blackberry Z10 Error: bb10-0015

So, we have removed the “ bb10-0015” error from BlackBerry phone successfully. Just complete the initial setup and you are good to go without any Error or bug in your phone.

Blackberry Revealed The Blackberry Passport Phone

Excuse the apparent obviousness of the owner. Logically Blackberry is not going to get an iPhone, nobody doubts it. What I think is newsworthy is the second point. Take a look at the new Blackberry Passport Phone that yesterday exposed by the Owner of Blackberry. Don’t you guys perceive something special about it?

Obviously hard to ignore the quadrature of the device, the highlight of the Passport Phone is the Blackberry is gonna try this time: the best mobile with qwerty keyboard for productivity , leveraged its software and services, so you guys can play war games easily through this product

RIM’s Dilemma

In life and miracles of Blackberry we outline a path, that of the previously called RIM, which was cut short in his meteoric career from the professional sector to the consumer by the confluence of touch phones with a great experience and ecosystem with messaging systems multisystem.

With Blackberry 10 and its first devices planted what was to be his grand strategy to react: a system with a very new interface , especially touch phones in high-end as the Z10 or Z30 and the claim, as I recognized managers of the Canadian company to “pick up disillusioned with the lack of innovation Apple iPhone”.


We know how this movie ended, Blackberry with an even greater crisis and acceleration, mass layoffs, output markets, steps back and not complicated to get the sale to its main suitor, Lenovo horizon.

Passport, a blackberry for those who like the blackberry with Passport Phone what you have put on the table is a return to the sources, a faithful and caring for your market first, professional. Instead of thinking “how like us they do not want physical keyboards” have decided to go for those who do are the natural target audience.

There are several things I like, a priori, the device: screen, battery, qwerty keyboard, the integration of Android apps via Amazon store… but mostly I like Blackberry has forgotten to make an iPhone after conclude, rightly, that Apple is not going to be winning Apple.